Vape Review of Sun Drip Coil Sauce by Double Drip 10ml

April 21, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Sun Drip Coil Sauce by Double Drip 10ml

Vape Review of Sun Drip Coil Sauce by Double Drip 10ml

Sun Drip e-liquid by Double Drip is probably our finest ever creation. Fresh pink grapefruit, juicy tangerines and sweet ripe apricots come together for a smooth, vibrant, and unforgettable experience. Taste the sun! Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength About Double Drip Made in the UK by industry-leading experts Vapour Labs, Double Drip is their latest range of maximum VG e-liquids designed for great clouds and amazing flavour. The Double Drip range of "coil sauce" are so good, you'll want to double drip again and again! They are the perfect e-juice to go with any sub-ohm setup.

Vape Review of Sun Drip Coil Sauce by Double Drip 10ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Sun Drip Coil Sauce by Double Drip 10ml

hello fellow vapers and time for another
eliquid review and today we are looking
at Sun drip by double drip call source
so that let's have a quick look around
that bottle 8020 VG PG free milligram
warnings etc nice little boxes there
inside you get your 10 mil bottle with a
tamper evidence seal and child safe cap
as well as a little pamphlet from the
people at vapor lab because if they per
level vapor lamps vapor labs be sure to
read that if you wish and once you've
read it feel free to recycle it as well
the bottles are 10 mil nice little full
label on there looks rather nice indeed
lovely jubbly
so we're vaping this on the Motoko
serpent BF on top of the smile
battlestar 200 watts at 48 watts with a
build coming out at Northpoint to 5 ohms
so let's take it for a - and see what it
tastes like straight away with this one
there is an unmistakable throat hit
there and it seems to be a little I
don't know I wouldn't say it's like a 6
milligram throat here and I would say
it's more of a higher PG throat here it
just seems to make everything curl up in
your mouth and you get just a bit right
the back of your throat there and so
that is the first thing that first thing
I am noticing with this e-liquid there's
like a peachy apricotty smell going on
there and kind of like a yoghurt there's
a bit of citrus floating around in the
nice clam production I'll give it that
it is it's kind of like a like a summery
cocktail wouldn't say it's like more of
a passion fruit there's no passion fruit
in obviously I could not like a tropical
and cocktail it's more of like just your
typical summer fruits something nice and
fresh yeah there's an aura like a very
sweet orange in there there's like an
apricot or a peach going on there as
well and I would say something I've done
if not like the citrus enos is coming
through from like a grapefruit or a pink
grapefruit it's a nice taste need liquid
the harshness is kind of died down a bit
I've kind of gotten used to it through
vaping it just now and but yeah when I
first faked it it was it felt not quite
harsh quite harsh or be an overstatement
it just tasted or just felt like it was
a little bit too harsh on the throat but
I've kind of gotten used to it now so
what do I think to this flavor it's nice
it's not amazing I think it could do
with cool ordering if and you know loads
of e-liquids that I taste like what
meant to be like a summer cocktail
something like that this I would see as
a cocktail and this I would see would
need a little bit of a mint though or a
bit of cooler drink just to freshen it
up a bit just to bring it out of it's
shell and to make it like a fresh summer
cocktail just to give you that summery
feel there to make it more pleasurable
to vapor when you're absolutely sweating
your backside off so yeah that is my
review we're going to take a final two
so right I would like to thank the
people at double drip coil sores for
sending this through for the purpose of
review our wait links in description
below for more information
i've been the devil vapor and you'll be
watching del Webb is bait reviews

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