Vape Review of Summer E-Liquid by The Lemonade House

April 19, 2018 9 min read

Vape Review of Summer E-Liquid by The Lemonade House

Vape Review of Summer E-Liquid by The Lemonade House

Cool off with another lemonade classic! This time The Lemonade House brings together the tart and tangy inhale of traditional lemonade and combined it with the exhale of a perfectly sweet, mellow roundness from a freshly picked peach resulting in an invigorating e-liquid flavor that will bring you back to a perfect summers day. Details Multipack (3 x 10ml Bottles) 60% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 40% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg nicotine strength About The Lemonade House The Lemonade House is a UK based vape company whose e-liquid range features a lovely tart Lemonade as their base flavour. Each flavour then combines additional flavour notes with their delicious traditional lemonade, such as Raspberries, Grapefruits, Mangoes, and Tropical Fruits.

Vape Review of Summer E-Liquid by The Lemonade House

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Summer E-Liquid by The Lemonade House

right welcome back spinach of reviews
and today we did an Aegis review on a
company called dilemonade house under
the wing of love that Baker you can add
them up at
they're on Facebook Twitter Google+
Pinterest and Instagram the video pages
on these are 60/40 nicotine steps are
zero three and a six and both sides of
three times ten they will TPD complied
in a box then a four flavors we're doing
Accord elegant fix sparkles summer and
traditional now big up to Natasha for
sender needs through the purpose of
review and we met them at both jab and
also these are the 2013 award winning a
liquid as likely by the public as well
so they won in a war for us for their
lemonade right so we're looking forward
to doing these we're going to be showing
you the packaging would sort them all
about the profiles regards to the baking
side we're going to be checking to see
if it does what it says on the tin
flavor-wise and also we're going to be
checking out the cloud so don't go
nowhere and catch us back in the mitt
right welcome back to sweet need reviews
and love with Kitty on the desktop we're
going to be doing this company out in
front of us called the lemonade house
and it's under the wing of love that big
up to Natasha as well one was down of a
jam you know we linked with them we went
on stage with them we done plenty of
stuff you know and bits and pieces for
them and in out bits and pieces to all
the crap we got to you in your husband I
really love them really lovely nice
lots of build up a Facebook group as
well divide Panera yeah they're yeah
definitely yeah yeah a big up David
Bruce's world but this one young this
one bike Jam free 2017 wall Winnie
liquid is voted by the public as well so
athletes are great organizers iboga
require the vapor be tackling exam I
which is great exactly and they're so
yeah it's a nice little range of
lemonade that we've got out in front
here and they're called elegant fix
sparkles summer and traditional and the
first one we're starting with is called
elegant fix and this is a mango
grapefruit strawberry lime and lemonade
yeah going as appetite these are 60/40
VG PG nicotine stress is zero screen a
thick and coming bottle size of three
times 10 mil TPD compliant in a bot
you'll get free bottles like that in a
little box packaging
/ what flavor that you want to buy
well the great through in that is
amazing yep yeah not really getting much
draw great or I think that's been taken
over by the grapefruit in a touch as I'm
and then a slight touch a mango but the
predominant flavor ear is the grapefruit
yeah and in a nice wave of great foods
really nice so more bad and lemonade a
bit more of an old old school lemonade
or is it officially the Nam or I'd say
more of an old school you know you
Claire the bottle of lemonade for the
grapefruit yeah that's the predominant
and it's nice I mean because normally in
a lot of lemonade's you get the
raspberries predominant or the lemon
obviously you know but this one I think
it's the grapefruit like you said it
starts with that lovely grapefruit
then you start kicking in with the lime
and and lemonade mango is there a little
bit but it's not you know the strawberry
definitely not I mean that's been here
the death Peter of the tower the main
lines eliminate the grayton but maybe
that's just there as a little sweetie
booyah because it's got a noisy we got a
nice sugar to it you know we'll see I
think you're probably gonna say that
they do Chuck a good club yeah but again
this one here getting back to it so it
starts of like a a very subtle
grapefruit but in a good way
it's not scratchy on the throat it's
very flavorful but it's not scratchy and
then it goes into this light mango
easily mid rift and then obviously in
kicks all the lemonade and strawberries
in there base I can't taste it as much
as the others it's more like I would say
sweetly booth but I'm here to cook one
to stop you yeah did Nick attainment
letters with no on the Nick year those
in afraid and the other because I'm
sorry Mitch lemonade's on deck could be
a bit more scratchy in the nicotine but
this one's not it's very very subtle and
elegant as it says a nice punch a fun
alright moving on the next one this
one's called sparkles and this is a
they sell it taste now with much lemon
age this is what you get you get the
rise with int now I'm not them pink
lemonades as such for you you can
struggle after in the bottle of this one
or you can taste it feel ugly that's
really nice and the browser is planty
and very fruity and writing your fight
and luscious by it doesn't hide the
lemonade and this one I would say is a
fizzy and I'm not good and they both
bound to see off each other really
nicely I like that one it's not quite as
sour as the first one being that there's
no grapefruit it is more about a
luscious raspberry and a fizzy lemonade
a lot more food yes lovely a lot more
busier annexes a lot all I've associated
with young stereotypes pink lemon a big
thumbs up from Iran and because of the
rice but yeah yeah
yes got a pink lemonade yeah it's really
nice which is nice I like it I can see
why I mean I only tasted the bus too but
I can see why they won an award was
shooting it's really nice not overly
done not only done believing me go and
take your lovely fruits and should this
camera is really naughty
yeah can well see what I've got an award
yes definitely I mean they're nice the
burst hood oh yeah oh yeah runs like a
flat lemonade with a bit of sour
yeah that would've mangos the grapefruit
in line and this one's more of a sweetie
Leo what you eat the area nagua
suffering it's more look you know hmm
right and moving on to the next one this
one's called summer and this one is
peach and lemonade here you go in Thai
speaks lemonade yeah over the toasted up
each limb know I've been glad to show
you that nice logo on the bottle
welcome get out - it's the one thing
about TV because liars are also really
hard to show up on the camera I might on
doing my best for you Aska logo this is
all the warnings and stuff like that
it's your free milligram as it says
there and met back to the logo remember
he did eliminate that tell you what man
that it's different right in a night now
I let me just ask one question fizzy
lemonade or flatly erase creamy
oh yeah I don't know if it's the peach
making it creamy for some reason but I'm
getting a bit of a creamy peach lemonade
he smells like not as physically
smelling that Jews war huh it was fizzy
as the the sparkles yep
and not as traditional as the first one
you're not right cold so oh yeah man
never tasted and is either a peachy
cream it is yeah it's really nice but
not overly pleased you like the second
one and not flattered that like you show
this really change it's quite don't
think I've ever tasted a lemonade that's
a bit creamy it's nice but I don't mean
like a cream soda we drink oh yeah and
now I could creamy because sometimes you
can do like a coke flow or cream soda
flavor yeah you get your ice cream in a
glass pour some cream soda so that makes
that creme 18 but this would be like
doing that with lemonade - yeah but
using peach ice cream it's nice it's
really oh yeah I like it
do any lemonade votes and one or twice a
slightly different those check out this
one called summer and for a 64 is a
chart yeah trust me
mm-hmm sugar levels are really on point
it once I've really done I'm Lee done I
love it nothing's two middle ones if I
mean the first one was nice don't get me
wrong but that's more like I said more
like the sharpie bitter inari fruits
that I didn't know that and you know
right at least the middle ones are very
once creamy and subtle with the fruit
and the other one sweet with the fruit
and I think they're really nice that's
really took me by surprise i won
the depletes you like a bit clear I
wasn't expect here because there's no no
description of in the description of our
cream or anything like that no it's like
a almost like a snaps mmm like a peach
snap see - all right let's move on to
our zone and the last one is traditional
and this is a traditional lemonade so
sample being traditional I'm I'm
guessing this is going to be more like
the school lemonade with lemon sloping
the top in a jug rather than fizzy but
maybe not wear see try it smells fizzy
in the bottles yoga okay I'm not going
to argue that's physic that's nice and
it's just lemonade there's no is it all
probably a line of like our white seeds
are really fiddly and crunchy or is it
fizzy but got that salary sort of
old-school lemonade to it that the
traditional says what he did yeah it's
definitely lemon you know I thought
we'll get enough physics like you're you
know obviously until you get that
clarity bottle yeah yeah anybody excuse
up Peter yeah like yeah that Claire deal
ebonized tend to be a bit flat yeah yeah
as a rope yet
not big species like the flavor of the
old school lemonade but with a nice
twist to it
yeah hello yeah a really nice against
move on a nicotine as I said we've got
these all on three
yeah I can see what I won in a Waldo you
know think this one may have the base of
what the first one that's that works
without the limes and the year to make
it there it is more like a traditional
it's a in borderline of that you know
that the old-school jar of lemonade
without the fees but then getting some
you know co2 fees or whatever and you
know like the older was the old solos of
trading it's a bit like that you know
showing their way to know where we are
and it's been about to be directed and
but yeah it's got that sort of film to
it it's more like a carbonated flat
lemonade and I like that yes got that
old-school filter like that back up a
bigger caucus and it's got that that
Claire D lemonade filtered but we're
efficient and I can well see why they've
won awards you are great a lemonade
range the whole rain just been really I
mean this is like to just fight one of
them you know I mean I wouldn't be
distressed if any of them really yeah as
much as I like that peachy cream on on
unlike this second one as well but even
if latter you know if I'm stuck on a
desert island I be outside this one or
maybe even the first one only discipline
and also is their fairy palate
refreshing year a very like you know on
a hot summer's day unless I'm just going
to say that out of Sochi eight days with
a summer you know sitting there living I
got a lovely refreshing palate lied to
them and I think it's done really well
de but we got to Natasha for sending
these through Peter purpose levels of
review we got your husband as well and
all the gang down it of that you know
the rule not lately
they really are really are and we're not
lying when we say these are really nice
if you like your lemonade please think
I'll try some of them and no check out
arranging and being that you can get
mint in your bottles you know you're not
spending loads of money on like massive
answered my email bottles and thinking w
de you can have a little test the first
yeah and then continue to is you know to
go on and buy more check them out at friends about
a set us up on Twitter Instagram
Facebook as well as YouTube this has
been the lemonade house and we've really
enjoyed them does get a won an award at
Mike Jam this year as well
and yeah catch us back next time I'm
spitting the drip reviews

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