Vape Review of Summer Blaze E-Liquid by I Love VG

April 19, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Summer Blaze E-Liquid by I Love VG

Vape Review of Summer Blaze E-Liquid by I Love VG

Summer Blaze E-Liquid by I Love VG is an e-liquid that features the flavours Lemonade, mixed Fruits. Available in 3 x 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.


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Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Summer Blaze E-Liquid by I Love VG

good evening ladies and gentlemen and
apologies for the half I don't think I
suit them I'm not too sure what
basically I just had a shower and
couldn't be floated in the air again so
hat gate hey yeah if you want to see
more hat say yes hat gate if not say get
the fucking cap off you dickhead
but anyway I'm just being a scholar
through some comments on the old youtube
channel I come across a comment from a
guy I met at Expo and he is mister I
love VG and he said have you done the
reviews yet to which I was like fuck
they're still in the review queue and
I've already reviewed stuff that I
should review before that so I do
apologize I really do you have my full
100% undivided attention and today guys
we're going to do a juicer of you yeah
so summer blaze by I love EJ now I did
reply to the guy and was like yeah I'm
vein telling while Iver
I'm at early vape about love this
already but we will show you a bottle
very very TPD compliance but we just a
little handy thing very very teeny D
compliance if I do say so myself very
plain to the point I will VG logo with
the noir point three percent nicotine
ten mil and nicotine pair dose 21.5 mcg
so very very plain very plain package
and doesn't appeal to kids anything like
that it's all good I really like the
packaging I must say and you've got all
the necessary ones on the back that need
to be there so we're going to get some
focus and actual out the hand of course
we fucking on there we go
and yes so there's all the ones and if
you are thinking fish you're looking
very bright you're looking like you know
you've actually sort your shit out
because I bought a bulb so the backlight
here is fixed yeah sounds act like a
professional reviewer for once stock
never know so I have predicted device
and a device that I have predict is the
recoil RDA on the captain we are rocking
Ares dual fuse Clapton's at no point 1 6
ohms summer blaze already dripped off
let's give it a bash ooh that needs more
power I would say that only on 72 watts
will bump up to 90 bits of fruit it's
got a killer either in the background as
well more power here we go oh it's
fucking elephant you it about four
different dark fruit that I just face to
it as well so these are 70 bg-30 PG
obviously 3 milligrams of nicotine and
eventually the packaging before if you
do that they do the two bottles
I really do like the packaging very very
TPD compliance with this product
contains nicotine and on the back same
thing again with the correct warnings I
wouldn't say that appeals to kids at all
very very impressed the packaging there
I go VG very impressed indeed well done
a lot of companies now coming out with
still stupid ideas I see him on today to
come on fucking nitrous bottles like
what really what now very good packaging
I do like that
very very CBD compliant could not appeal
to children doesn't appeal to food
anything like that you couldn't even say
that appeals to food it's just like
stuff cliff and down boy I love VG 70
therapy a 3 milligram nicotine like a
stay and that's a pretty decent flavor
I'm trying to work out what it is it's
definitely a dark fruit fizzy lemonade
style vape I'd say
you put more on there it's said it's got
a little bit of cool either on the back
end that doesn't kick in until after the
fruits have gone so it's quite a nice
way to be fair there's a lot of apes now
that hit with the cool are the fish and
in my opinion they subdue that and uses
the do that it takes all the flavor away
so if you get the fruit first and you
know okay okay then a little bit of fish
comes in and then bang at the end some
cool are there but not too much - louder
and we'll say that's a pretty damn nice
used after either it's a dark fruit fly
beneath it's a little bit reminds me
slightly of wicked haze by nasty juice
only slightly so similar flavors to it
and so with this flavor what I'm getting
on the breakdown is like a black currant
prominent black currant really that's
what I'm getting from the first flavor
with there's a lot of dark fruit behind
that I get black or you might get
something else obviously with all these
juice reviews remember you know taste is
subjective but black columns on the
initial hit on the inhale um I wanted to
say like sherry you're so nice very
slight tiny bit you know it's one of
them blink and you'll miss it it's black
currant with I get maybe a slight hint
of cherry behind that one you get a fizz
and then that punch it to the eyelet at
the end but like I say it's not one of
them cool artists it takes your breath
away but you get some beats you're like
fucking out you know brain freeze for
days and all that it's it's a very
refreshing vapor - very son of eight so
summer blaze nice you know you asked see
what you did there
and yet the cool are the pleasant
absolutely must say it's perfect to be
fair you nailed that one on the end
there's not too much cold which is what
you want and it complements do the
flavors quite nice and that would be a
really really good summer vapor hot day
you know you'd open about summer blaze
damn nice use that yet you definitely
get that phase leads into the cool are
that it's a pretty complex flavor to be
fair from the guys I love eg I think
that one could potentially be a new vape
a site like that yeah fucking pairs when
I'm coming from money the shades and but
yeah I got black columns maybe I might
be wrong but maybe a little slight
slight and I'm talking like a pinch of
maybe cherry beyond that black columns
leads into a nice refreshing fizz and
then finishes off of that lovely cool
are that like I say just enough cool
ardor so I would put that quite high up
in my flavor profiles of even working
out don't eat pizza and then try and do
a juice of you and yeah I would put that
quite highly in my flavor profile its it
reminds me of the old score precise and
things with paper fix used to make the
score precise in the big bottles you
can't get any more well not for a few
weeks anyways we're making it to attend
well yeah definitely one that I would
they be personally that's in my flavor
profile fruity menthols fruity coladas
this one is definitely a cool order it's
not a menthol before you say and it's
got a Malaysian taste to it it's
definitely got a Malaysian taste to it
and influences for Malaysian juices and
for the seventy therapy beta production
today look at this
very pleasant indeed so guys when I
clear this you know I thought me be easy
as well and yeah pretty down good juice
if I don't say so myself
so sorry you talk so long guys there are
a couple more that I was given from the
guys I love VG I've got one here in
particular about this lines of travel so
there's the the 50 drops I was also
given that very candy from the guys that
I love VG so they will be up review I'm
going to transfer much through some
juice reviews and so I would usually
juice review queue to be fair because
that is its if starting off when I
apologize I being busy I am off tomorrow
I've just got the backlight fixed latest
a so I can do reviews of a main time now
so that's all good
and again apologies for hacking but I
could save you like it leave a comment
below who knows it might make a return
people may like the caps
I might start rocking them all the time
who knows but yeah like I always say if
you like what you've seen give me them a
thumbs up and keep hitting that
subscribe button guys as we are flying
now we just did over four-and-a-half
thousand subscribers it means the
absolute world and yeah so take care
hope I did that one justice guys thanks
very much to the guys I love VG but
kindly giving me them for review Expo it
is appreciated and like I say I will
eventually get around to the viewers and
Esther them but I'm going to make a
start on them so be prepared for a juice
review malison yeah so take care and
I'll see you all very soon bye vana

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