Vape Review of Strawberry Whip Dripper E-Liquid by Element Black Friday Exclusive

April 24, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Strawberry Whip Dripper E-Liquid by Element Black Friday Exclusive

Vape Review of Strawberry Whip Dripper E-Liquid by Element Black Friday Exclusive

By Elena Ognivtseva

Strawberry Whip Dripper is a 10ml Element E-Liquid filled with strawberry, cream and shortcakes flavourings. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band. Prominent Flavours:Strawberry, Cream

Vape Review of Strawberry Whip Dripper E-Liquid by Element Black Friday Exclusive

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Strawberry Whip Dripper E-Liquid by Element Black Friday Exclusive

what up my fate Mannix how's it all
going I am back in my tiny little shack
and I'm here today to do another little
juice review and this is for element
eliquid x' element a liquids it is very
very very nice ATV g20 PG is there
dripping range and this is a strawberry
whip a strawberry whip I like my
strawberry flavors always have always
will like a good strawberry flavor and
this one is absolutely rockin it is my
favorite strawberry based e-liquid I
have ever tried that is right as a ever
ever ever tried it is beautiful it is
beautiful so let's say let's have a
little a little toot on it shall we I
believe element eliquid are a USA based
company over there in the states but
they are set up all over the shop in
Australia here in the UK and obviously
in the US of A it is blended so so well
it is incredibly smooth and ahh the
flavorings are just they've just got the
pairings are so right just so right let
me ask so it's some kind of rocking it's
60 watts on a nought point free own coil
let's bump that up a little bit
let's try 280 mm yeah this juice likes
it hot it likes it nice and warm it
really does perform so I get a bit bit
foggy up here it really does perform
well in when it's really really nice and
warm so yes definitely a dripping
e-liquid and it's not too sickly sweet
of just just all day vape it's just an
all day vape ah I'm gonna be buying a
lot of this I can tell because it has
really impressed me is really lovely but
that's not to say that it doesn't
perform well at um lower wattage is so I
say lower wattage is I've got it on the
istick 50 watt here in the unwell crown
tank or you well ground tank however you
like to pronounce that but um yeah I'm
kind rockin at 50 watts on this and
review coming for this tank soon oh it's
just it works well in this as well it
really does perform well um this was
sent on to me by the wonderful beautiful
people at vape club okay that's vape
club Dachau to UK yeah again big shout
out to them big thanks to them to
sending me all these juices to try out
um you know I wouldn't have ever gone to
this one I don't think um you know until
someone's all recommended me a David
babe club said it's you know it's a
really nice juice and he wasn't lying
because it is absolutely wonderful I
don't know I don't know what more I can
do in this review then vape on it you
can watch me blow smoke and the screen
get more cloudy and we just rave about
how nice it is but it really is nice and
that brings me onto the price point so
let's just have a little check here they
Club 1199 for 20 mils is it worth it
absolutely all the ding dong day and if
that's a bit too much for your vape
budget hands I would say you know this
is the kind of juice where if you've got
a special occasion coming up and you
just want it you know like a nice box of
cigars or something you know I've never
done that I've never done a cigar thing
but you know how people would always
crack out a lovely cigar at
Christmastime my granddad used to do
that or any of that kind of stuff
um this is a kind of juice for that if
you've got a stag weekend if you're
going to a festival if you've got
anything like that and you you're
thinking oh I want to take something
nice to vape with me you know probably
because what we makes will be around you
smoking and doing what have you and
you're thinking
you know boom love it you were just you
just won't give a shit about anything
so yeah this tank was full about
probably about thirty minutes ago and
I'm killing it absolutely killing it
it's just got like a hint of pastry to
it like this kind of soft pastry type
hint but not like a kind of dense it's
kind of really smooth and because it's
so well blended everything is really
smooth all the way through and the
strawberry really pops on the exhale
it's just kind of only in how well you
kind of just get hints of it as you
exhale especially if you're doing a deep
lung here it just you just kind of get
it all and it's so so good mmm yes so a
few more details on this juice so um
it's specifically designed for use with
drippers and mechanical mods this
strawberry whipped flavor by element a
liquid is enough to send your
imagination into hyperdrive as it
inspires images frolicking through
summer fields and the Sun beating down
in your face as you run through the long
grass with a carefree abandonment it
also tastes really good
in case of summer imagery isn't enough
for you the flavor is so accurately
recreated if you close your eyes you
might forget where you're vaping and
eating real freshly picked strawberries
element eliquid
can make such high-quality juices thanks
they're exclusive use of was that farmer
USP grade ingredients and these premium
dripping juices all have a higher
concentration of vegetable glycerin and
less nicotine which helps to produce the
purest and most densest clouds possible
sir that's a lovely little description
there I would say they've got it bang-on
I mean you know I haven't decided to run
out in a field and close my own eyes
invade this and imagine now I'm eating
the freshest of strawberries but that
doesn't matter cuz
yeah so that's where you can pick this
up and I've added down it works well in
law what ideas I've had it in a kanga
subtank mini the the new su box soo bahk
sub box however they're calling it
trying it out in that and I've tried at
around 25 watts and it's still very very
nice and it works sufficiently on that
but yet again you know if you've got a
kind of any sort of tie hair holes or
twice to juice holes you know that
eighty Fiji it's probably not gonna wick
too well is a thick juice and it is much
better on your drippers yeah that's all
I can say yeah again vape club coat UK
wonderful people they've got a
ridiculous range of juices as you I've
said many times in all my other reviews
but yeah definitely check them out
they've got loads on offer and yeah let
me get another so that was me gushing
over a juice in two camera but yeah I
hope you got something from that hope
you do pick this one up because it is
very very nice yeah again looks a bit
like that nice cheers for aldea
comments as always team always
appreciate it love chatting to you guys
thanks to all the new subscribers you're
all of lee all wicked I hope you are all
enjoying whatever you may be vaping on
and yeah beautiful till next time peace

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