April 24, 2018


Strawberry Vanilla Custard is just like Grandma used to make. Not only have we captured that homemade taste, but we have captured the exact essence of the dish. Every inhale enchants you with the sweet and mildly tart flavour of just-picked strawberries that is followed by a touch of vanilla. The flavours mingle and intertwine, blending into that delightful taste of fresh custard that stays with you through the exhale before tapering into tendrils of vanilla. → At 50VG to 50PG, the ratio is an exact balance - and we mean exact. Our strict laboratory conditions guarantee only the highest quality. → E-Luxe has full TPD compliance, with careful quality checks throughout our processes, because you deserve the highest standards. → We only use the finest ingredients, locally sourced from right here in the UK and EU. When you choose E-Luxe, you choose guaranteed unparalleled quality - and that's precisely what you get.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of STRAWBERRY VANILLA CUSTARD - PREMIUM E-LIQUID BY E-LUXE LONDON

hello thanks for joining me again I've
got a mess over here so sorry before we
go much further I want to give a big big
thank you to all my new subscribers my
old subscribers my subscribers yet to be
I don't have a drink around what we're
doing today is a strawberry vanilla
custard um just I wanted to do a
strawberry banana or a strawberry
blueberry but I don't have banana nor do
I have blueberry they're on my list of
orders to order rather so something like
a 30ml I'm gonna make it out of my into
my unicorn bottle 30 minute 30 min I
don't have a new flavor testing atomizer
on hand but Kelly you know who you are
you're sending one out my way you should
have it here in the next couple of days
so a big thank you to you find sir
what am I looking for you may ask
he's my my test setup
all right I found it while I'm putting
in some fresh carton something I wanted
to ask y'all I'm still shocked that
there's so many of y'all that want to
hear what I had to say I was thinking
about doing this just let me know what
you think if I get more positives than
negatives then I'm definitely going to
do it but it's just an option that I'm
leaving open for right now but I'm
thinking about doing fan funding what
that means is y'all could help me grow
the channel help me get more liquids a
little bit quicker and everything like
that base liquids we're just kind of
like a GoFundMe but not because it's
just for on here in what I would do is
any anything y'all sent I would actually
put right back into the channel I'm not
looking for handouts don't take it that
but you know if there's stuff that you
owe you know if you all would would like
to help let me know if that's a viable
option now I'm ready to roll
I'm pointing over here in the cameras
over here I'm ready to roll with some
strawberry vanilla custard now I am
using TFA's strawberry little bottle
tsunami little ball TIFF a strawberry
right they are two totally different
flavors and I'm actually using a flavor
vanilla custard this is really really
good it's a really really good custard I
actually enjoy their vanilla custard so
I'm gonna use that
and 4% in a 30 mil I'm gonna use for for
don't worry I'll put it up here okay put
it right here 4% strawberry right 4%
strawberry and I'm actually gonna go
with like a 2% little custard because
custard is a very very strong note it's
1.2 mil of that guy now if you'll follow
me on Instagram thank you if you don't
then you don't know what I'm talking
about but I got some beep wizard now
from what I'm told that's - it's a like
a smoothing agent in liquids all right I
haven't used it I did talk to fresh Oh
three about it he said like a half a
percent at most one percent that right
there kind of you know I said what I got
I got this sighs that's freaking huge
and that's a flavor art product
apparently I'm that's like two lifetime
supplies just so far we're at 4% or 1
point 2 mils 4% 1.2 mil about
strawberries and I said 2% of vanilla
custard so that's point 6
smaller needle rather um no syringe yeah
whatever it's fine this will be just
fine just a little over uh shit
everywhere just a little over a half now
as I said it's a very very very strong
flavor so that's all I'm gonna do for
that uh no I didn't use drop side it is
a dropper bottle but I don't like doing
drops just because and I will be
ordering any herb maybe I'll stop at
this store tomorrow and get a scale I
might do that let's top it hard before
you can get a scale then I'll show you
all what it looks like and this guy here
is the PG nicotine it's 48 so just a
little bit under two milligrams there
milliliters uh I do actually have a
another company that offered me a
discount for buying you know when I buy
their their DIY throat um liquid I also
actually inflicted on spending about a
lot of money six-two some bucks at ecig
Express to get a gambit yes gambit of
liquids of flavor you know flavor bases
just for y'all
I hope this turns out okay and yet again
they're changing my schedule at work
starting next week I will be working
what they call day shift it is not a day
shift from 11:00 in the morning till
11:00 at night so unfortunately I would
not be able to join a show on Saturday
mornings but Wednesdays every other
Wednesday I should be able to join him
if he wants to have me on so if you want
me on fresher show on Wednesdays pop him
a note if he wouldn't mind a fresh show
three I'll put a link to his channel in
the description of course and this is
going to be the van cussed 4% straw 4%
ripe 2% cost that's all it matters and
I'll put this up on the yellow are don't
that is a definite I will put this up on
ELR for y'all and I'll put a link to
that down below now again I just use the
mainly label so I know I know fresh has
a label maker I'll keep my eye out for
one because I think that would be much
better then using these because these
tend to wear off there's a smell like
much anything unfortunately I think this
is gonna be a steeper no it's very
strawberry those two strawberries that I
put together help calm the other one
down or pick up more more strawberry
notes it really tastes like I don't get
any custard yet which isn't surprising I
didn't use very much
custard Isis coils heat I am getting a
little more custard it it's good I'm
getting a little bit of vanilla in there
that's pretty good give me a minute I'll
see if my wife will come in hopefully
she does kind of noisy what's up making
flavors and I what what flavor is do you
taste strawberry it's strawberry hey
dude you go go
I don't know I taste strawberry anything
else maybe you're a little hint of
vanilla maybe a little bit of hint of
I know but it's delicious thank you
whoa whoa whoa fool what do you think
that's really good
you're getting really go with your
liquids he's getting really good it's
about time that is a strawberry vanilla
custard now we'll see if I can let that
steep out for a few days I'll let you
know on mark show thanks for joining me
you know my normal spiel join kiss aw
check out baby militia check out juice
for troops I'm a member at my vape
aureum why aren't you
boom boom boom thanks for joining me
remember vape safe and maybe maybe with

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