Vape Review of Strawberry Milk Nilla Nilla Vapers by Tinted Brew E-liquid (60mL)

April 18, 2018 9 min read

Vape Review of Strawberry Milk Nilla | Nilla Vapers by Tinted Brew E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Strawberry Milk Nilla | Nilla Vapers by Tinted Brew E-liquid (60mL)

Tinted Brew presents Strawberry Milk Nilla, another delicious e liquid in their line up. A crunchy vanilla wafer cookie has been paired with a creamy and sweet strawberry milk for an unforgettable all day vape. You'll definitely get the sugar lips when you vape this flavor! Each box of Strawberry Nilla Milk comes with 1 x 60ml bottle and 1 x custom pink chubby gorilla bottle for ultimate portability. Don't sleep on this flavor and pick up your 60mL bottle of Strawberry Milk Nilla vape juice by Tinted Brew today!

Vape Review of Strawberry Milk Nilla | Nilla Vapers by Tinted Brew E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Strawberry Milk Nilla | Nilla Vapers by Tinted Brew E-liquid (60mL)

what up YouTube man exam from flip chase
of vapor views and before we begin I am
testing out a new camera I do have my
DSLR all set up so let me know in the
comment section if you guys see a
difference in video quality or in audio
quality as well I am back and now I did
say in the last video on that if you
guys didn't see too many uploads for me
it was because I am I'm doing this
social experiment of prepping for that
and I'm more than likely going to do it
this weekend coming up
alright so without further ado today we
got juice review guys and trust me when
I tell you I got plenty of hardware that
it's really redonkulous alright I'm
going to have a good look at Nilla
vapors okay hold on a second I got to
fix my light okay yeah that's a little
bit better alright so we're going to
have a good look at Nilla vapors now
visiting buy tinted brewery liquid um
got a problem with the packaging I'll
let you guys know when we get back from
the ink curls give you guys a vape I do
have a nice beautiful new mod if this
will focus check it out I don't know if
you guys could see the screen but
there's a JW custom sx e ESX 550 I'm
sorry it's really bright you can't see
the screen fucking amazing amazing only
go ahead and get you back alright so
stay tuned until after the intro we'll
go ahead and try to use two flavours out
we got a strawberry milk and original so
stay tuned guys we'll be right back you
guys in that
okay guys we are back and let me know
how we're adjusting with light and video
and all that good shit alright these are
from scented brewery liquid this is
Nilla vapors okay and I said before I
got an issue with it I got an issue with
the packaging we really don't need this
kind of packaging in the industry John
if you're watching I love you to death
man but do something with this packaging
because I got these out of the when I
picked them up from the delivery I got
them out and I put them on my desk there
you go
I got them and I put them on my desk so
my five-year-old son comes up to me he's
like Oh Papa look Oh cereal cereal and
I'm like no that is not cereal so I had
to take him and I had to do you know
what I had to do with them I had to get
rid of them and put them somewhere safe
giving you guys another vapor heb look
at that son of a bitch right there
that's the SX 550 J by JW Kustoms you
didn't want to review for that but um I
got to show that shit off that's just
alright so let me get out of here let me
go to tinted brew okay so we're going to
I'm on tinted brews at website right now
like I said John if you're watching I
know you're watching please do something
about this because this is my son was
attracted to it you thought it was
cereal so if you can you know please do
something with the packaging the bottles
are nice there's nothing wrong with the
bottles they're just pink bottles they
don't have any any what smile call it on
there don't have any kind of thing that
you don't want nothing childlike or
anything really nice bottle they are 60
ml bottles you got all your warnings and
so on and so forth so you got bottled in
California max you're manufactured by
tinted brewery liquids so very nice this
one with a 30 mil unicorn bottle and
it's a nice pink one
our gorilla bottles these are just your
standard gorilla bottles so it's nice
that they actually gave you a 30 mil
with that alright so I'm on attended
brew right now this does come in zero
three and six milligrams nicotine and
it's $24.99 for a 60 ml now depending on
how the juice is I will let you know
right now but obviously going to go
ahead and start with the strawberry
because I could open it and smell it and
it smells exactly like strawberry milk
okay so I'm going to go ahead and give
this one a good shake the mod of course
like I just showed you the SX 550 J by
JW customs I've been using it for I
would say about a good week right now
and this thing is just fucking it's just
nothing short of amazing so I got the
new supreme aroma miser supreme +
supreme + with the Mac matte black
finish really nice I do have a review
coming off of that so stay tuned
Nilla vapors let's see it's supposed to
be a strawberry milk okay strawberry
milk another homeland in the Nilla
vapors line up crunchy vanilla wafer
cookie paired with a sweet creamy
strawberry milk all comes together for
an all-day be sure to give you sugar
lips each box comes with 160 ml bottle
of no vapors and one custom 30 ml pink
chubby gorilla bottle so $24.99 not bad
that's depending on how you're looking
at it already so 0 3 & 6 milligrams
nicotine also for the other one the
original and I do have a few atomizer C
I'm gonna go and take this one off been
using using the supreme rdta plus I
think if the supreme plus okay
and it's been giving me really good
flavor alright so I got the drug uh okay
that's on here and let's go ahead and I
think I got point 2 4 ohm let's go ahead
and give this one a good smell you guys
are doing good I'm really excited to go
ahead and get that social experiment
coming within again and the Schwarz this
is a very clear liquid it's nice this
one actually smells like fresh
strawberry milk like this shit
see that I've done it before in other
videos but it actually smells really
really nice
smells really nice I'm going to give it
a much more quality oh wow that actually
smells in case like strawberry milk this
could be a home run but like I say to do
something with this shit because we
consider like my five-year-old just he
got a it was you know he was attracted
to it and I'm like no no and I you know
I had to get that shit away so to be
honest with you you know like I said
John I love you and tinted Bruni liquid
but change that fucking packaging please
alright so got the top cap on the oven
zero ass we're at a hundred watts let's
try this biatch that's really nice I'm
getting the wafer is but I also had it I
also had it - what the fuck is that up I
also had to saturate my heck I needed
more juice on my curls let's give it
another shot so far so good I like the
taste of it vapor reduction is actually
really good - and I didn't give you a VG
PG ratio on these rightly oh sorry
70/30 mix so it's doing good for a 70/30
I would pass this as a strawberry milk
indefinitely it's got a very nice creamy
taste to that strawberry milk and I do
get a hint of those wafers like that
vanilla wafer is it I'm tasting like a
vanilla wafer on the backend it smells
really nice and tastes really good too
really really nice so this one I will
pass this one actually tastes like
strawberry milk the bottles are good
they're good to go in the bottles but
those like I said I'm sorry I'm
repeating myself but those bottles are
shit the boxes are shit just change them
in my opinion
it looks like it's like a cereal box you
know what I mean so I had my son I just
solved it three times I won't tell you
no more but I will have another vase
very good it actually tastes like
strawberry milk I'm surprised a lot of
this dream excuse me a lot of the
strawberry looks that I have tasted they
don't taste like strawberry milk at all
okay and I would definitely do something
better with these bottles because as I'm
going to tighten it down
it's just reopening again and it's
getting stuck so it does have a child
lock on it but I would I would
definitely recommend you guys to work on
the old bottles because as I'm
tightening it you see it if it's opening
again so that's not going to do that's
not gonna fare too well all right so do
something with those bottles because I
can't even close this one I don't want
to put it back in the in the box
all right so that one's there gave that
one that one's actually good
like I said tastes like strawberry milk
so I'll pass that one alright so for the
second one let's go ahead and get the
original goon and I do have the same
sort of build on there a dual alien
clapping yeah sings yet dual alien
Clapton's okay you guys can check that
out really nice give you a good flavor I
forgot where I got those coils from near
the original mellow vapors okay so let's
go ahead and get you a description for
that one let's see what we got here this
one is a rich vanilla wafer cookie
dipped in a cold glass of milk so a
vanilla wafer and a glass of milk okay
same thing and their color coordinating
them would be unicorn bottles if you
guys can check that out so the person
was pink this one's yellow excuse me and
these are sealed and I didn't open this
one but there is no forget we really
there are no mist no mistakes just happy
big fucking accident you sure if you
guys are my age and remember Bob Ross I
used to look and I still watch him
believe it or not it was a shame that he
has left he passed away you're such a
great artist and it was very enjoyable
to watch all right I'm going to give
this one a shake smell this one
this one I smell vanilla but it's very
I'm going to give that a dad on my sang
art whoo that's nice that actually is
really nice it smells really good too
really clear liquid to just a hint of
yellow which I like that very much
okay so let's go and saturate my weeks
hope you guys are doing well I'm really
excited like I said I'm sorry and put
out that much content but I will I have
a lot coming up for a review I'm going
to go ahead and review that roopu drag
box by I think it's a woody vase it's
got the gene chip in it really nice box
and I you know it's really nice like a
really nice aluminum can we drop the
motherfucker and I never drop boxes like
you know when you drop your shoes like
anyway 0.19 this is the original Nilla
vapors this is a vanilla wafer wafer
cookie in milk so we're at a hundred
watts let's do the it's like a like a
candied vanilla but it tastes like a
vanilla wafer when you think about it
but um I don't really taste the milk I
am tasting a lot of vanilla though vapor
reduction is good no throat hit and I
actually like this one too this is a
70/30 thing as before
really really nice yeah this one I get a
hint of that wafer on the end but
primarily this is a nice vanilla like
I'm getting it it reminds me of vanilla
wafer so I am getting the vanilla but
that's more predominant in this juice
than the wafer note but it is a really
good one excellent very good $24.99 I'll
recommend it if they up you know and fix
the child locks and definitely get rid
of this packaging I'm not a fan of a
packaging like I said you know with my
son and all that we don't need this you
guys already got it but that's pretty
much going to do it for me guys I hope
you enjoyed the video I'll give you guys
eight and I hope you guys stay tuned for
this because this is an extraordinarily
amazing box by JW customer man Wayne
shout at you man and you really know how
to make fucking stab wood boxes this is
nothing short of amazing and this is not
a stab wood this is he said it was more
of a nut yeah it's weird but it's
fucking it's really gorgeous I mean if
you guys check that out
so yeah I'll pass this one too so $24.99
that's totally up to you like I said
change the packaging and you guys should
be good to go but that's going to do
from you guys I hope you enjoyed the
video if you did go ahead and give it a
thumbs up and I'll see you guys in the
next one
like I said I am actually going to go
ahead and review the drag box but a
really nice really nice box mod and I'll
definitely recommend it but we'll get
into that in the next video so see you
guys in our next one alright peace

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