Vape Review of Strawberry Custard E-Liquid by Dinner Lady - E-Liquid Reviews

April 23, 2018

Vape Review of Strawberry Custard E-Liquid by Dinner Lady - E-Liquid Reviews

Vape Review of Strawberry Custard E-Liquid by Dinner Lady

Treat your taste buds to this school dinner favourite, Strawberry Custard e-liquid by Dinner Lady is bursting with sweet strawberries smothered in smooth creamy custard. Sumptuously offset with undertones of mouth-watering caramel butter, this deliciously nostalgic flavour is the perfect all-day vape. The proof's in the pudding! Details Multipack (3 x 10ml Bottles) 10ml E-Liquid 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength About Dinner Lady Dinner Lady has taken the e-liquid market by storm with their uniquely innovative range of flavour blends. With a staunch ethos based around developing the highest quality juices using the purest ingredients, their 2016 Best Stand win at the Birmingham Vaper Expo came as little surprise to the vaping community. The unquestionable excellence and accessibility of Dinner Lady e-liquids is reflected by an ever-growing fan base of beginner and seasoned vapers alike, who flock to get their favourite school-day flavours from the Dinner Lady.

Vape Review of Strawberry Custard E-Liquid by Dinner Lady - E-Liquid Reviews


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Strawberry Custard E-Liquid by Dinner Lady

hello everybody and welcome back over
those fates
I am Travis and I'm gonna be your host
tonight and we're looking at something
that's been long overdue we are looking
at strawberry custard from dinner lady
so you know for whatever reason dinner
ladies sent us all the rest of their
flavors in this line in the dinner lady
line they sent us lemon tart they says
cornflake tart
they sent us rice pudding but they never
sent us the strawberry custard I asked
them for the strawberry custard but they
never sent it
so it made me a little confused if you
guys know me and you know over those
babes you know Josh mean the channel we
love strawberry custards it's like one
of our main go-to profiles when people
start vaping and they don't know what to
vape I direct them towards strawberry
custard I think it's a staple of the
vape game and I loved it so I was
curious you know I'm very curious but
never got around to getting any of it
you know just just kind of never
happened but my good my good good buddy
from the UK Scott Preston he had a
bottle sitting around and he offered to
send it to me so he did that and now I
get to review it for you guys and let
you guys know what I think about
strawberry custard from dinner lady why
don't we go close look at the bottle the
bottles are great this one's red cuz you
know strawberries the lemon tart for
instance was yellow and if you guys
don't remember my my review the overdose
babes review of lemon tart I highly
suggest you go check it out it was Mike
one of my top two juices of 2016 I
thought it was fucking amazing
absolutely wonderful totally kick-ass
all around great liquid so if you're
curious about that go watch our review I
totally recommend it even if you're not
a huge lemon fan I'm not a big lemon fan
but that they man that really changed my
mind about
lady looking at some strawberry custard
let's baby thank you Scott for sending
it out this is in six I normally vape
three just so you know that and
dinnerladies we've had a six from them
before and I gotta say that the dinner
ladies six is a very heavy six it's it's
obviously a true six it has the six
milligrams of nicotine in there because
it's it's heavy in the chest no not so
much the throat it's not like it chokes
me or anything but it is a little heavy
in the chest and if you've had a you
know if you vaped outside your normal
milligram ratio before you know exactly
what I'm talking about
let me drip a little bit in here it's
got a very nice kind of dark amber color
you know it looks good the juice looks
good you guys saw the bottle looks dope
so yeah this I have tried this this is
not my first impressions I'm not gonna
mislead you guys in that way when Scott
sent it out I was so curious that I had
to break into it and try it and me and
him have been corresponding back and
forth about our opinions of this juice
and it seems to be a pretty pretty
widely held consensus between the two of
us that it's not good it's just not good
it's it is man I was so surprised
because every other liquid that dinner
lady has made I've been a big fan of
even rice pudding which is so far
outside my flavor profile that that it's
ridiculous but I still enjoyed it you
know I could appreciate it for what it
was I it's not something I would babe
but I can see it being you know I can
see that it was really good this is like
the opposite you know I know what a good
strawberry custards like and this is all
wrong the strawberry is all wrong
it tastes extremely artificial like
almost you're not like burnt plastic but
Paisley it's got that plastic vibe to it
just it's all wrong the strawberry is
all wrong the custard is barely there it
is definitely not a you know like a eggy
rich custard it's more like a cream it
comes across creamy I guess that would
be me being very generous to it you know
I'm not trying to slam dinner lady I
just told you that one of my flight and
one of my favorite flavors of 2016 was
lemon tart and not just 2016 one of my
favorite flavors of all time so I so I
do enjoy this company's products and I
think they're very capable of making
excellent liquids this just isn't one of
them you know it and it's really
baffling to me because if this is like a
staple man you know what I mean like
even bad companies a lot of times have
good strawberry custards but in this
case this great company has a terrible
strawberry custard and I kind of
understand now why they never sent it to
us because it's the black sheep I mean
without a doubt going into this review I
honestly thought the rice pudding was
was like the weak spot in the line
because it wasn't my favorite but but
definitely strawberry custard is the
weak point in this line you know and
every line has them it's not like the
whole line can be fucking blockbusters
and and I'm totally aware of that you
know as I'm sure a lot of you guys are
too and I don't want to slam these guys
because I think they did good stuff but
this liquid is a Miss for me I
definitely say I would avoid this one
they have much better liquids they
really do and I recommend picking up
strawberry Taher lemon tart way before
you even look at this it vapes it does
have a good vape to it you know I mean
but it's just the flavors all wrong so
I'm gonna have to go ahead and give it a
one you know it has very few redeeming
values for me as a vape product I don't
recommend anybody picks it up and yeah I
definitely would not buy this ever again
you know and I didn't buy this one like
I was saying Scott sent it to me but I
would never buy this product and I
wouldn't recommend anybody else buy it
either and you know I'm sure
there's gonna be some people in the
comments saying hey that's my favorite
fucking flavor of all time and more
power to you this just isn't for me
that's you know and that's all I can do
and for anybody who gets upset about my
reviews I can only do me you know I can
only tell you my opinion of something
and I'm not trying to slam anybody and
I'm not trying to make anybody feel bad
it's just my opinion man you know that's
so all right there really ain't much
does it left to say let me take another
toke off of this and just so you know
I'm using the mini gun mod see that's
just not good that's just not good it
leaves a bad aftertaste no yeah it's a
mess so I'm using the mini gun mod the
Nixon v3 which is a terrific flavor addi
that you can pick up on the cheap and I
have a fuse Clapton's in there so you
know it is what it is
thank you guys so much for watching
thank you to Scott so much for sending
this out man I really enjoyed you know
even if I didn't like the liquid I did
enjoy getting a chance to take a look at
it and to let you guys know what my
opinion was so thank you so much please
keep the coils tight

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