Vape Review of Strawberry Cookie Butter E-liquid by Vaper Treats (60ML)

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Strawberry Cookie Butter E-liquid by Vaper Treats (60ML)

Vape Review of Strawberry Cookie Butter E-liquid by Vaper Treats (60ML)

Vape a classic dessert treat with a bottle of Strawberry Cookie Butter by Vaper Treats. Embrace a sugar rush of crisp, butter drizzled and strawberry garnished cookie that will keep your tongue begging for more. A haze of freshly baked cookies arrives on the inhale providing a quick fix for the sugary junkies among us. With graceful arrival, a butter drizzle embeds itself deep into the palate leaving a timeless impression. Finishing this delectable draw is a garnish of freshly picked strawberries perfectly fusing this perfect dessert vape juice. Buy a bottle of Strawberry Cookie Butter E-Liquid by Vaper Treats (60ML) today!

Vape Review of Strawberry Cookie Butter E-liquid by Vaper Treats (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Strawberry Cookie Butter E-liquid by Vaper Treats (60ML)

well howdy doody there's youtubers and
vapors and swimming Soulwax
CeMAT with northern Cali papers back to
you with another ages review so how do
you fucking duty how is everyone it's me
Matt back to you guys with another
ejuice review trying to keep him coming
on a daily basis maybe even more if me
and powder both on top of the game but
that we have for you by beeper treats
huge shout out to our own boy Chris
Callie for making this review possible
this is a juice by paper treats and this
juice is strawberry cookie butter
choocha so basically what strawberry
cookie butter is it just says she could
find this on East cigarette Empire calm
for 1795 so huge shout out TN Stewart
for always mentioning that website bro
you always come through some crazy
prices same with you mr. Tony Glock come
through some pretty crazy prices as well
as a shout out to you but uh so this is
a warm cookie top with butter and
strawberry drizzle so flavor description
seems a little bit weird when you think
about it doesn't specify what kind of
cookie it is it doesn't specify if it's
a chocolate chip cookie if it's just as
plain old sugar cookie if it's a peanut
butter cake he doesn't specify the
cookie at all but it's called strawberry
cookie butter so but that's what it
specifies it's just butter cookie and
strawberry this juice actually comes in
a 2 milligram it's not the 3 milligram
it's 2 milligram how the juice are sorry
not the juice how the nicotine levels
work is 2 4 & 6 so a little bit
different there's no three but they give
you a four so I guess in case I mean a
little bit more than a 3 because they're
going on a different angle of it so
we're going to start this off quit
blabbering so if I can watch something
give this juice to smell kind of see
what I'm smelling in there
it has like a really fucking nice
strawberry smell to it I have to say
like how do I explain that strawberry
smell like one-hit wonder that unique
strawberry I'm not explaining like cross
between a fresh and candy strawberry I
don't know
just fucking it's got that unique that
strawberries really strong in this the
smell I'm getting a little bit of notes
of cookie kind of like a bakery in out
there a little bit but not much
let's give it a taste okay and I get the
cookie more when I actually taste it
today on the back now it's a strawberry
you definitely get that strawberry first
kind of give you would imagine if they
drizzled the strawberry on top of the
cookie don't probably be the one of the
first things you taste let's go and fire
this up
got some six wrap Kanthal fuse Clapton's
I put on here I don't even fucking know
what their own notch I just throw them
on this bitch the ship will fucking fire
anything as you can see they are doing
their fucking job they're doing their
job nicely as well I don't know it's
pumping I mean if I were to imagine it
like wat wise like it feels like it's
going like I get 90 hundred Watts I mean
that's what really when you're at a low
own to use clapping because I know these
are probably super low like a point one
like you need to crank it up to like 80
to 100 watts to get any fucking thing
going out of this coil so here we go
start off with the taste test
as you can see vapor productions fucking
nice on this shit like I'm gonna know
what the mix is like it's a dark bottle
I want to say it's like at least it's
got to be at 8020 I mean look at this
vapor action watch
point out paper for days it's ridiculous
the clouds do sink a little bit though -
almost at the same time let's give them
few oh they're singing nicely I want to
say probably like a 70/30 close to 90 20
for sure
a very production it's nice on it though
so no throat have whatsoever there
shouldn't be in a two milligram either
because it's technically you drop down I
didn't get any peppery sensation either
when I actually tried it like the little
drop on my hand and liked it
there's no peppery sensation whatsoever
I mean you can get a small peppery taste
and still have a smooth vape but if
there's no peppery taste whatsoever you
know it's going to be smooth
talk about the flavor though the flavors
unique on it something I haven't tried
yet for sure like it's got that same
really fucking good strawberry that
one-hit-wonder has I don't know if I'm
getting it's definitely the undertone of
the cooking the butter is very well
mixed I'm not solidly just getting a
cookie I don't think I'm sorry getting
butter either it's like definitely mixed
oh that's nice smashing strawberry
strawberry so good so mass no don't get
much cooking butter though that
strawberries really nice so if I were to
rate this juice to overall I want to
give it a 7 I do recommend it I give it
a solid thumbs up at 1795 on e cigarette
Empire calm right now so if you have a
discount code for yourself or anything
like that maybe you can use that as well
and you get a cheaper price but
otherwise it's a good deal right now
it's a 60 ml bottle if I forgot to throw
in two milligrams you like strawberries
I would probably definitely check it out
I should burn out off strawberry beets
but it all depends on what boat you're
in but anyways like I said I recommend
thumbs up 1795 e-cigarette Empire com
I'm gonna get this review wrapped up you
guys go and like this video if it helped
you out in some way go and share the
video if you decide to we always greatly
appreciate it and stay tuned for the
next review NCV squad oh and throw us a
comment down below subscribe anything
else you want to do but shout out to the
NCV squad you guys have a wonderful
night and I will see you guys on the
next juice review peace out adios

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