Vape Review of STonix E-Liquid - Cherry Almond

April 20, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of STonix E-Liquid - Cherry Almond

Vape Review of STonix E-Liquid - Cherry Almond

By Nataly Komova

A beautiful vape. Cherry Almond by Tonix is just that, bright and lively cherries intertwine delightfully with subtle notes of sweet candied almonds. A unique and rich concoction, the light and creamy notes only help to propel Cherry Almond to the top of your all day vape list. Prominent Flavours: Cherries, Almonds

Vape Review of STonix E-Liquid - Cherry Almond

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of STonix E-Liquid - Cherry Almond

hey guys welcome back to London vapor
and an e liquid review the lick we're
going to take a look at today is one of
five from the subatomic range produced
by element in liquids and it is cherry
almond now element are a us-based
eliquid manufacturer from southern
Florida and if you want information on
there for currently available ranges of
e liquids head up to their website
element eliquid com let's heading to the
review going to be using Mako shorty
with northpoint 50 dual-core build on
top of the RX 200 I'm going to start at
30 watts
and as you can see vapor production is
excellent this is a seventy-three
percent VG sample and the flavor is one
of those strange ones because when you
hear sherry almond especially for me I
think back to Bakewell tart but this
flavor from the minute you inhale you're
getting a sweet red cherry there it's
not too strong is not so muted again it
seems to be right bang on where it needs
to be but immediately after the cherry
I'm picking up a milky cream note there
that's running with that cherry and if
you progress through the in how you've
got that cherry cream mixture running
all the way back and just as you turn
into the exhale and coming out into the
exhale picking up a really nice roasted
almond flavor in there that's coming out
on the on the exhale it's taking over
from the cherry and the cream although
they're still there towards the back
note you've got that real almond flavor
right in the forefront on the exhale and
your aftertaste is a good ten seconds as
well let's pop it up to 40 watts and see
if anything changes which it may do
because there is a cream in there
I'm at 40 watts still getting that nice
sweet red cherry right at the forefront
but as you progress through the inhale
is picking up that nice delicate milky
cream and with creams they can be too
heavy this one's light enough that it
complements that cherry all the way to
the back of the inhale and then right at
the back of the inhale turning into the
exhale picking up that really nice
roasted almond flavor which is dominant
on the exhale and a good 10 second
aftertaste there as well differently
strange this e-liquid now how is it
going to appeal to now you guys that
like your cherry vapes it's worth a pump
on this one because it is a nice sweet
red cherry there you guys that like
you're nutty wipes this is one so answer
your rotation because that roasted
almond is a gorgeous flavor and that
hint of cream in there really lifts
things up a bit so it makes it different
enough that you guys that are looking
for something unusual it's one to try
out as well really unusual but pleasant
flavor so there you go that was the
review let's have a look at what you
need to know now as I said at the
beginning of the video element are a
us-based eliquid manufacturer and if you
want information and worldwide
purchasing options on there for current
ranges of e-liquids head over to element
eliquid com write your bottle sizes on
these ones in the UK you are looking at
these really rather nice amber glass 30
mil dropper bottles with the childproof
caps and the tamper evidence knows
you've got the glass dropper there as
well you're labeling on these is really
nice you've got the tonic tonic
subatomic logo there I know it says
blood orange underneath but that's the
only 30 ml bottle I've got from this
range so that will actually say cherry
almond you've got your seventy-three
percent VG your 30 mil and your three
milligram on the front and as you go
round you have got a plethora of
information there including ingredients
contact details batch codes expiry dates
and you've got all your ingredients
Etra and ii warnings and your warning
triangles there as well but really
really nicely labeled bottles UPG VG
ratios on these are 73 VG 27 PG you
nicotine strengths available r0
milligram 3 milligram and six milligram
and your pricing excluding shipping and
again it gets complicated here in the UK
for a 30ml bottle or I would have to say
UK and Europe for these 4 30 ml bottles
such as these from vape club co uk you
are looking at 14 pounds ninety-nine but
right Club do offer free UK shipping on
all orders over 20 pound and they will
ship worldwide as well but if you're in
the US or countries outside of Europe
you may actually find it more beneficial
to shop director element eliquid com to
save on your posting but in the UK
definitely worth going to vape club
because they are currently selling a
30ml bottle such as this one 48 pounds
cheaper than element are selling it
direct from their website so there you
go folks that was the review for tonics
cherry almond if you found this review
useful please feel free to like and
comment on the video and if you haven't
already please also feel free to
subscribe to the channel for more
reviews coming up in the future thank
you for watching and I will catch you
next time

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