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Squeezee is the hottest selling premium eliquid line on the market with simple and clean flavors! Blended is a downright delicious blend of ripened strawberries and tart blueberries mixed with creamy ice cold milk to create a satisfying smoothie. Enjoy the easy to use, no-break Gorilla bottles…and vape until your hearts content! Sometimes the best things in life are simple! This Product Features: Large 100 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Squeezee Blended BEASTLY BECAUSE Squeezee’s flavors are simply awesome and you can’t beat the price for a full 100 ML’s of eliquid! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SQUEEZEE BLENDED

hey what's going on buddy it's me Tim
boxing blood back for another review
today I'm going to be reviewing a new
juice so let's get into it this juice so
let me give you a little backstory
um a couple days ago like two or three
days ago I went with my girlfriend Lexi
to go and get her a new tattoo so she
made an appointment and everything and
we show up at the shop that she's like
hey just hang out for a little bit
were early and me being a supportive
boyfriend that I am I walk outside to
get to half of APIs and I noticed that
right next door there's a very small
babe store so I'm like well I gotta
check this out so I walk inside very
very small store they had a very not had
a rather small selection of juices
rather small selection of products tanks
boxes that shit and I happen to notice
they had a line of like a display case
of certain juices and I asked about them
they looked good they sounded good and
that's buying one so this is all out of
this oops sorry
this is a lot of the same line the line
that I'm talking about so this is the
squeezy line so the name of the brand is
squeezy and this flavor is actually
called blended so a few facts about this
this is a strawberry blueberry smoothie
flavor it is a hundred milliliters it
cost me thirty eight dollars in my
opinion that is a little overpriced I
can get some pretty good 100 milliliter
bottles like Jam monster but without the
destroying your coils a good hundred mil
gotten hundred mils for anywhere between
20 and 30 so 38 is a little overpriced
for taxes almost 40 bucks so that's a
little over price my pain but
going to see if it's any good I have
baked on this a little bit as you guys
can see but really not too much so a
couple facts about this hundred
milliliters strawberry blueberry
smoothie 38 bucks
it says hi VG for the blend and I had no
idea what it was talking about that
could be anything almost I mean there's
max VG's which are like 70 and above so
one on their website and the blend of
this juice is 70/30 leading towards VG
so that's about a good blend that's
around the blend you want you want to
like at least 70 at least 70 VG I go
anywhere between 1775 when I blend
juices but when I'm looking for juices
in particular I go for at least 70/30
so that's what we're looking at today
squeezies blended um got it in three I
always get juices in three normally as
you can see it is a little bit bubbly
haven't really been shaking it that much
but when you do shake it that's normally
what happens this is a looks like it was
clear and it's a little bit of a light
yellowish kind of color which means it's
been steeping a little while so that's
good uh anyway let's get into it so
today before I get into the smell on the
finger test I decided to really open up
and give this juice a chance so I'm
going to be reviewing on my new TF v12
cloud beast king by smoke you guys
haven't seen that review yet I uploaded
it a few days ago maybe a week ago check
it out
my review for the cloud beast king so
we're going to have the cloud beast king
setting atop the smoke HP of 220 love
box and if I'm not getting enough flavor
out of this we're going to switch over
to the kangertech check box once XD I
have this juice fully primed into both
of these freshly primed into this put in
brand new cotton in this one just to be
able to drip this
the squeeze bottle so we're ready to go
we will be doing as much as we can with
this product though with the cloud abuse
King and a top of the H bricks so anyway
let's get into it you can clearly smell
the it does smell like a smoothie I'm
smelling much more strawberry it smells
like a blended strawberry it smells like
strawberry smoothies I'm not feeling a
lot of blueberry right now but I'm sure
that will change it's definitely very
subtle with this flavor I don't expect
the taste like strawberry on the inhale
blueberry on the exhale I expect it
takes them both sorry I expect to taste
them both at the same time in a smoothie
kind of thing with a little bit of like
milkiness to it or frothiness to it that
could be hard to capture but I am
smelling some smoothies it does smell
like a smoothie it smells like a
strawberry smoothie
I'm sure blueberry will come a little
bit more as we vape it so it's like a
finger test definitely tasting it more
now definitely a smoothie easily a
smoothie um pretty impressive I mean I
hope to be impressed because it says
it's a premium a liquid and it costs me
fucking 40 bucks or this thing and it's
good so far it's tasty definitely
getting some nice berries a strawberry
and blueberry this time it's coming out
a little bit more so a thing that I
expected to be nice and fluffy like a
smoothie not too strong I expect this to
be mellow that's just what I expect like
I said I have been vaping on a little
bit and it's just going to come through
clearly now so let's start vaping this
with the setup like I told you about
at point one three ohms normal mode
hitting it 130 watts here we go
blended it's definitely mild like I
anticipated doesn't stick around too
long on your tongue at all um but
definitely you are tasting some smoothie
you can feel the smoothie feeling so to
speak in the back of your throat it
feels like you just drink like a
powerful berry smoothie like a sugary
smoothie and it's right there in the
back of your throat for sure you can
feel the harshness coming out but it's
really not that harsh that's nothing you
can't really get used to
I wouldn't recommend this for newer
vapors um it's because it's kind of
harsh coming out normally the problem is
harsh going in you feel that but it's
not enough to like make you cough up or
anything um but on the exhale you're all
you are feeling more tingles more like a
like a sugary of scratchiness in the
back here through so it's very sugary
what it is milky and clean and so far
it's not that um let's see what else I
can tell you hitting off of the RDA
about the same you get that sweetness
and sugar eNOS in the back of your
throat this thing gives you a kick on
the exhale let's kind of take a town of
taking my breath away otherwise it's
smooth it's not bad so far let's do a
retro hill back on this thing
retro held not as clean as I want to be
um definitely tasty definitely feeling
that smoothie on the back part of your
tongue while it's coming out your nose
it's a clean flavor it's a smooth flavor
but the retro Hill is still giving me
too much scratchiness it's really not as
much as not as clean as I want it to be
but it's a refreshing act a veteran
right it's refreshing for sure
yeah I could just pull out of this thing
all day with this kind of juice just
Chuck clouds with this pretty much no
problems because I've gotten used to the
hardiness as opposed to what my coughing
is trying to imply ah but yeah on the
one now definitely feeling it in the
back your back part of your tongue um
I'm feeling the blueberry a little bit
I'm definitely feeling the strawberry
more men tasting a little bit more but I
am getting that blueberry like I said I
preferred it to be blended together like
a smoothie not taste strawberry on one
part and blueberry on another note but
I'm tasting them both at the same time
and they blend well together to be
honest they do a whole bunch of
different kinds of stuff um so you're
supposed to get sweet strawberries fresh
sweet strawberries and then blueberries
for tartness and I'm definitely getting
that tartness it really adds the
smoothie kick to it it really feels like
a smoothie with that blueberry tartness
I'm just reading what the description is
supposed to be off of the website and
I'm totally agreeing with it I totally
feel it um whatever they're describing
is what I'm feeling um so let's rewind
start back over and get into reviews get
into ratings sorry so let's keep it
strictly on the cloud beast king for
especially this part of the video I'm
going to be checking the body so let's
check the body and keep in mind this is
designed to push gigantic clouds and
I'll factor that into my decision
Wow whoa the body is great
now just because not excuse me oh wow
not just because we're on the cloud
Beach King I've had body issues with
this before but for sure the body is big
it's thick white its pluming um
definitely not perfect but um gives you
a good amount of vapor that is why I
prefer these blends good amount of
flavor and vapor one more time for the
body well I'll just going to get in that
in the tent it's not bad by the way with
this I'm reading at point three three
ohms at eighty four and a half watts and
we're still getting good body bodies 9
out of 10 for sure I'll bet your health
later smooth milky clean just still not
exactly what I want Oh too sugary
definitely not an all day vape to begin
with maybe you can work your tolerance
up to an all day vape it is definitely
not an all David for me right now it's
too much it's too powerful but I like
that it's powerful at the same time when
I want a nice big sugary sweet vape a
little bit of tartness this is a good
one right now um definitely it's hitting
you in the back here third especially on
that retro Hale so the retro hell is
going to get an eight and a half out of
ten because it's clean but again not as
soon as I want it it's just giving me
too much harshness in the back of my
throat too much sugary sweetness in the
back of my throat eight and a half out
of ten for the retro Hale let's go to
overall flavor and back with the review
my thoughts it's clean overall
definitely you can tell it's a smoothie
it's not overpowering like most normal
smoothies are not too bubbly or anything
it's a queen it's good it's refreshing
but it's very tough on the back ear
throat I'm getting all that like sugary
scratchiness that I was talking about
before it's that is the only part of us
use that really lingers around that's
how you can feel this after what you
really don't feel it along your tongue
anymore after you take that believer
most flavors can linger for a little bit
this one you exhale it you feel it for a
little bit and then just fixing that get
through it normal tell me it's gone but
really it's not that bad it's a
refreshing use and yeah there's really
not much else to say it's a it's
definitely a good juice is it worth 38
bucks absolutely not
you can probably find that online for
cheaper let's see what it's worth on
here yeah I mean this is kind of an
overpriced juice but it's a hundred
milliliters like even for me like I
talked to one of my friends like me
chive had him on here before then we
treat and he really likes this juice so
I told him I have no problem cutting it
in half with him giving him half the
bottle because there's no way I can
finish this bottle on myself it's going
to take me a long time to get to release
50 milliliters of this juice so it is
harsh it is a little overpowering but it
is tasty
so guys overall I'm going to give
squeezies blended strawberry blueberry
smoothie flavor an 8 out of 10 just
because like I said it's very good it's
delicious but it's just way too
overpowering to get anything higher than
8 oh it's just way too much so I would
suggest they dial it back a little bit
dial back on the harshness in the back
here through maybe do if they're doing
like two parts of one thing and one part
of another maybe do one in one just take
a little bit of something out of there
it's just too much in the back here
but it is still a very good flavor um
like I said for me personally not an
all-day babe but it's still a very good
flavor all right guys so this has been
my review for squeegees blended flavor
start by banana smoothie if you want you
can pick up a bottle but I'm sure you
can find something else that's a little
bit cheaper look for deals on this juice
like this juice is $32.99 on vapor
Authority calm this is the first time
I've ever seen this in stores I've never
seen it anywhere else until we've picked
it up two days ago two or three days ago
but um yeah it's definitely a nice vape
but it's way too much alright guys thank
you so much for watching this review
don't fit like subscribe comment
recommended videos all that good shit
thank you guys so much for watching and
like always I will end you want to bake
stay posted uh the custom juices that
Billy and I ordered and the ones that I
made along with the Nutri a collaborator
with both of them we made two different
juices that both on the way soon as they
get here I'll be reviewing them thank
you guys so much for watching I'll end
you wanna babe take it easy guys

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