Vape Review of Spellbound E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

April 23, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Spellbound E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

Vape Review of Spellbound E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

A mesmerizing blend of juicy nectarine lightly sweetened with refreshing sugar cane juice. Spellbound e-liquid is sublime to the very last drip. Details Multipack (3 x 10ml Bottles) 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg nicotine strength About Illusions Vapor Based in Canada, Illusions Vapor's raw, contemporary, urban edge is distinct to their e-liquid range with their flavours being untameable and downright defiant.

Vape Review of Spellbound E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Spellbound E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

hey guys welcome back to London vapor
and an e liquid review the liquid we're
going to take a look at today is the
last of three that I was kindly supplied
by illusions vapor from there chaps at
sue range and it is spellbound illusions
vapor are a canadian-based e-liquid
manufacturer and if you want more
information on the company or their six
currently available in liquids head over
to their website illusions vapor calm
and take a look let's head into the
review as usual amusing Mako shorty with
nor point 5 i'm jewels on vxr 200 i'm
going to start at 30 watts
and as you can see vapor production is
excellent these are an atv g range of a
liquids and the flavor on this one is
another one of those unusual that you
don't expect in an e liquid straight
from the inhale on this one and this is
another flavor that can be easily
confused but I'm pretty certain I know
which way they've gone right on the
start of the inhale you're getting a
very peach like flavor popping up
straight away but that immediately drops
off into a more earthy more pithy flavor
and to me it's a nectarine for those of
you that don't know what nectarines are
they are actually members of the peach
family but they've got a slightly
sweeter more earthy flavor to them than
a piece of the peaches rather juicy
rather in-your-face sweetness but the
nectarine has a more subtle sweetness to
it and you get that earth your flavor
and that's what I'm picking up on the
inhale of this liquid but as you
progress past that coming up at about
halfway through the inhale there's
another flavor in there that it's been a
long time since I've actually tasted it
but it's not very common in liquids at
all and the only reason I know what this
flavor is is because it's been reduced
that I reviewed a while back and that
juice was that was deja vu du by wick
liquor it's a sugar cane or rather the
juice of the fluid that comes out of a
sugar cane because you've got that
unmistakable once you know what the
flavor is the unmistakable sweetness
there and that bit of a mouth-watering
quality as well it's not a harsh
sweetness is not a muted sweetness it is
actually quite nicely balanced up
against that nectarine but you get that
nectarine and that sugarcane mixing
together right to the back of the inhale
turning into the exhale and you've got a
really nice pleasant exhale on this one
nice and smooth no harshness no hint of
any nastiness in there at all
and your aftertaste is a good five
seconds of G of X whole let's pop it up
to 40 watts and see what changes
and at 40 watts you're still getting
that nectarine right of the front nice
and earthy but it's got that sweetness
to it which is nice and pleasant and
then you've got the sugar cane popping
up to join it about halfway through the
inhale all the way to the back of the
inhale turning into the exile like I
said really nice smooth pleasant exhale
on this one no harshness there at all
and your aftertaste is a good 5 to 10
seconds really another different eliquid
and it is nice to see more of these
different flavors coming through now
because to meet the e-liquid industry
has been stuck in a rut for a while and
it needs flavors such as this to perk
interest up again who's this liquid can
appeal to well you guys that like your
peach bapes you guys that like your
nectarine vapes if you've had them
before but you guys that like your
fruits are definitely going to find
something in this liquid because it's a
really nice solid nectarine flavor in
there you guys look like you're sweeter
vapes will appreciate this one because
that sugarcane flavoring in there is a
nice balanced sweetness but it comes
into its own when mixed with that
nectarine and again and I'm saying it a
lot these days but you guys that are
looking for something away from the norm
something different this is one to
definitely take a punt on no argument at
all really pleasant change in an
illiquid really like level so there you
go that was the review let's have a look
of what you need to know now as I said
at the beginning of the video illusions
vapor or a Canadian eliquid manufacturer
and if you want information on the
company or their six currently available
e-liquids head over to their website
which is illusions vapor calm your vocal
sizes on this range you are looking at
these really rather lovely 30 milk white
glass bottles with the glass dropper the
childproof cap and its hamper evidence
seal as well you're labeling you've got
your spellbound name at the top there
with your illustration underneath and
underneath that you've got your bottle
size you've got your PG BG ratio and
you've got your nicotine strength and
underneath that you've got sure you've
got the illusion vapor chap
to name under there as well as we go
around the bottle you've got your
ingredients your contact details and
your warnings there and as we go around
to the other side you've got the same
repeated again in French so you get
double the warnings on this one but
really really lovely bottles your PG VG
ratios on this range you are looking at
a TV g2 20 PG your nicotine strengths
available r0 milligram 3 milligram six
milligram and 12 milligram add your
prices excluding shipping and again this
is a bit complicated because these
liquids are not currently available in
the UK at time of recording so these
prices are from Canadian retailer wicks
and wires calm for a 30ml bottle such as
this one you are looking with the
current exchange rate approximately 12
pounds 77 for a 30ml bottle but wicks
and wires do offer worldwide shipping
options so you'll but you will be able
to pick them up and illusions vapor have
been confirmed as attending vapor x
value kate the return at the NEC in
birmingham in october so if you're
attending that event you can go over to
the illusions vapor booth and try the
liquids and possibly purchase and there
as well so there you go folks that was
the review for illusions vapor chapter 2
spellbound if you found this review
useful please feel free to like and
comment on the video and maybe give it a
share as well and if you haven't already
please also feel free to subscribe to
the channel for more reviews coming up
in the future thank you for watching and
I will catch you next time

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