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By Nataly Komova

Available in high VG! Yamato will you have you convinced this is a blueberry muffin straight out the oven! This blend is an absolute must if blueberry flavors are your go to! If you're in need of some monster sized clouds and out of this world flavor then Space Jam’s High VG flavors have you covered! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Space Jam High VG Yamato BEASTLY BECAUSE Space Jam is now available in High VG! If you're in need of some monster sized clouds and out of this world flavor, Space Jam will surely blow your mind! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SPACE JAM YAMATO

hey guys you are back with the hot wheel
jape stirrer and today I'm giving you my
thoughts on the Space Jam yamamoto
it's not a bad illiquid umm it's listed
as a strawberry cream with a hint of
kiwi but in my opinion it's more of a
strawberry kiwi with a hint of cream
it isn't a TV g20 PG blend it's an okay
juice if you like fruit it's not
something that I would vape all day it's
something more than I would vape you
know just for a sweet flavor maybe you
know as you're going to bed and want to
relax a little bit it's a little bit too
sweet for me to vape all day I would
like there to be more cream in there I
myself I started vaping this on the
cloud beast and I found that it was just
too too intense so I switched it over to
my baby beast it's not too bad with the
octuple coil I'm vaping it at 80 watts
with a normal draw it's like I said it's
an okay flavor it's not my favorite I'm
not much of a fruit guy myself
I bought it primarily for the creme
aspect and I just don't get that I mean
there's a hint of cream on the exhale
but you know the way they advertised it
I thought it was going to be more of a
cream on in
which I am a big fan of I love
strawberries and cream other than that
I'm not much of a fruit vapor like I
said I don't recommend this as an all
day vape it does come in a 16 milliliter
bottle it's about 21 dollars and I have
it at a 3 mil neck you know it's just
not my cup of tea but it's not a bad
vape if you're into fruit vapes by all
means get this I will warn you that it
does have a huge throat hit so if you
like throat hits you'll like this Space
Jam does have some other flavors that I
want to try I'm just having difficulty
finding them right now they have a
blueberry muffin that I want to try that
sounds really good but this for me I
myself I would not get this juice again
but that's because I'm not a huge fan of
like Kiwi and things like that you know
I've been vaping this mainly so I could
do the review like I said it's not a bad
juice it's just not my thing but if
you're into fruits by all means you know
go ahead and and get it if you're if
you're really into fruits you will enjoy
it like I said I wouldn't in vape it all
day it is ain't it it's a really really
sweet vape and I'm just not a fan of
extraordinarily sweet vapes
um but I mean I didn't actually dislike
the juice it's just not my thing
but by all means if you're into fruit
vapes more power to you and I'm just I'm
really not I have more of you know the
desserts like the apple pies the muffins
the waffles the creams the custards that
that's more my speed
you hear me talk about it all the time
in my videos I absolutely love the the
muffin man apple pie you know that that
is my all-time favorite vape and I've
actually found that it's better in the
cloud beast and I'll go into that more
when I do the head to head video on the
baby beast and the cloud beast but yeah
I'll show you what the bottle looks like
just give me one second here
this is what the bottle looks like it is
eight I have it in a shroom 3 milligram
Nick it kind of looks like that the the
the suction tip here would glow in the
dark but it does not but like I said if
you're if you're into fruit vapes this
is the vape for you it is a highly
fruity vape it is a very sweet vape now
like I've known I noticed when I went to
buy it buy it that it came in 15 mil and
60 mil I think the 15 mil is like $14
and the 60 mil was 21 I a it comes in 3
6 and 12 I do believe I have it in a 3
milligram Nick as I am a sub on vapor if
you do vape sub-ohm you don't want any
more than three possibly six I myself
wouldn't go any more than 3
but yeah that is my thoughts on the
Space Jam Yamamoto strawberry Huey I'm
not gonna say strawberry cream because I
really didn't get the cream off of it um
I got more of the Kiwi than I did the
cream so I'm going to call it strawberry
Huey remember smoking is dead because
vaping killed it I will see you guys out
there on those clouds have a good one

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