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Available in high VG! Thermal is a heartwarming fruit smoothie consisting of crisp apples, tart kiwi’s and citrusy oranges! If you're in need of some monster sized clouds and out of this world flavor then Space Jam’s High VG flavors have you covered! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Space Jam Thermal BEASTLY BECAUSE Space Jam is now available in High VG! If you're in need of some monster sized clouds and out of this world flavor, Space Jam will surely blow your mind! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SPACE JAM THERMAL

howdy fuckin new T what is up MCB
squad-based BAM through to host friendly
neighborhood vapors Matt bet here to
bring you another ejuice review huge
shout out to Space Camp for making this
review possible we got third slow your
newest flavor a thermal dip one of their
new high VG flavors so this is a max PG
flavor that are coming out with that
it's called thermo like Pat set it's
basically a kiwi apple orange smoothie
flavor 70/30 mix so it's not even really
nice VG I guess it's over 50/50 but says
Apple Katie orange smoothie flavor or
the NYX animals here strengths come in
zero three six twelve and eighteen this
is all coming off of Space Jam juice dot
column as well so like that sounds
pretty good 70/30 mix what was the
pricing I mean look at Slocum price so
change no let's go to say 60 ml 60 melt
my butter you know where is it
how the fuck do you add this to damn
cart not acknowledge cause it's Space
Jam so it's probably on the pricier ten
whatever like it's probably around like
what like spend a lot of them teen mega
common but riding on love you know I'm
guessing but if you know the price down
below if you know a place to get this
puff board to bleed from you could Hou
will smell like the Kiwi the Apple it
and then the orange in there to that
sort of a nicely blended it it smells
nice small three of them are really
overpowering the other at all they're
really nicely blended a lot of sweet
here in this though yeah set the flavour
they probably could meet the flavor a
little more bold go over all that here
to set
so keeping this shit nice and moist it
was all to ride out got a fresh build
some fresh cotton on here
so I did that a kind of did a number on
my clothes it's got quite a bit of
sweetener in it was 24 hours of vaping
but could be where's the smells tasty
zombies in the June 24 I got a six wrap
use clapping built in there but I built
myself with some 26 gauge Kanthal for 32
gauge 316 stainless steel outside on the
a timebomb vapor sub own version two box
pumping it like three and a half old and
me I got twisted messes box non-human
RDA with some fuse clapping's in here
built by Matt I'm going to point one 286
look Paul wrote on it's definitely a
three so if you're one of those people
that like a really nice smooth juice
this is not the throat hit for you for
me I don't really mind I prefer an under
Nick juice something that's a little bit
smoother maybe like a two milligram Nick
or whatever but this one's not bad it's
not bad well yeah it's not like it's
over the harsh or anything it's just
it's a 3 milligram some people like a
really smooth I don't mind either or I
prefer some of their juice but I can
still bake this not a problem it's
really good though hmm then basing on
this stuff like like in since like this
morning to get one this to work with me
I can I could definitely say it's
definitely all Davies all week though oh
no that's not no week bacon oh yeah uh
bacon on this said last night you could
kind of see it if I get enough to light
over here for you to see this
I'll be back enjoy a nice chunk of the
bottle though just today so
please yeah you can see that see how
much I've gone through I've gone through
like I started a bit not that much not
the same as me on so uh probably the
same ideas that simms me i it's good um
it's this all day babe I don't consider
an all week baseball definitely switch
it out rotate to something else
it's really good though I mean it's
tasty it's definitely night songs and it
definitely falls under the list and song
fucking base out there that have like
orange and I'm like I can only need a
good like I cannot I could count like
all of them on one hand
like bony ones I could think of is like
the trip up freaking it's like an orange
like push up and then like okay learn I
each other the night ruby eyes your
vapors are actually got some sitting
right there the floppy tree mystical and
that one was in bed and then there's the
fucking to scroll up cherry fucking
orange one that I was okay this one is
definitely like I'm gonna say this one
is definitely like number one now for
orange beeps in my opinion at number one
out of all of them knob I know you don't
think so now the chattered vapors was
way better the trims on this way better
of the driba
yeah but you're about Taylor vapors the
moment that like kind of flowing stones
in it'll pay money because it was
supposed to be like a push up or
whatever that won't look right man that
was like just like scream words cream
yeah but if you're talking about orange
baits though yeah it felt for an orange
amazing it'll better if I were to get
together this in an orange a kind of
very good but it's a nice blend of Kiwi
Apple strawberry that smells like a
fucking like apple juice or something
like a Kiwi apple juice almost to me and
stuff like a little bit of orange it's a
nice fruit mix I mean if you're one of
those fruit flavoured vapors and you
really like different proof mixes I
highly suggest you checking this out
hopefully someone can give us a price
point down below so I can figure that
off Space Jam that's that's pronoun the
higher price point planet I though this
what I'm thinking it's definitely this
slightly definitely like like him like a
like a like isn't like a fresh like
fruit taste on it's not like candy like
candy like fruit tastes like a bigger
brush fruit - yeah it's good it's good
on that being mentioned everything
spaceship is doing a giveaway right now
they're doing a vacation Cancun Mexico
not sure that though it is it's called
vacation a ball or not but we will put
the link down below and that link will
basically take you and explain I guess
how you can enter the giveaway and
everything like that so that will be
down below as well so if you're ever
wanting to try to go on a nice vacation
this might be your chance right now so
make sure if you're interested to just
check that out in the description down
below click that link
hopefully you become their next one who
specifically like so like what do you
want to give the juice overall overall
I'm gonna give it a solid give it a
solid 10 7 out of 10 as another sound
good give it a solid gift thumbs up and
definitely get a recommendation when we
get the thumbs up um I mean is it worse
we're checking out all times on the
price point is that's the thing all
depends on the price point it's the
thing if it's expensive news
listen I better enjoy that I enjoyed
their last flavor what better me your
milk that shit Wireless fire
that shows that will buy it up and I
like that yeah I pay like fuckin eating
my crew that I mean like that shows
gifts made of money anyway so I guess
we'll wrap this up make sure to check
out that giveaway they're doing for
kinks in Mexico like this video if liked
in some way share it if you'd like we'd
always greatly appreciate it shooters
comment down below
stay tuned for the next user review hope
you guys have a nice fucking more stunts
and as always it's your two friendly
neighborhood hosts and vapors and we're

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