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Available in high VG! Particle X is blue raspberry cotton candy that has been spun to perfection, it has just the right amount of sweetness and tartness! If you're in need of some monster sized clouds and out of this world flavor then Space Jam’s High VG flavors have you covered! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Space Jam High VG Particle X BEASTLY BECAUSE Space Jam is now available in High VG! If you're in need of some monster sized clouds and out of this world flavor, Space Jam will surely blow your mind! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SPACE JAM HIGH VG PARTICLE X

hey folks are we all doing today well
Cody over at Space Jam eliquid got in
touch with me and said hey we want you
to try our new high VG line and I said
yes I want to try that so he went ahead
and sit on over to juices and you know
focus there we go particle X and meteor
milk so we're gonna go ahead and try
particle X first all right all juiced up
let's smell it real quick mmm raspberry
sugar raspberry maybe cotton candy
raspberry cotton candy got her all
juiced up we're gonna vapor at 0.2 1
ohms 70 watts here we go
yep raspberry cotton candy
and is that not a good one
actually drip a little bit more that
sure raspberry cotton candy it's not a
complicated vape at all maybe I'm not
extremely familiar with raspberry I've
had it a few times and I know it well
enough to say when I taste it but I've
tasted a few raspberries that tasted
like to have something else mixed with
them so I don't know if this is a
straight raspberry aftertaste is those
are there blueberries in this
the vape is raspberry raspberry cotton
candy but I taste blueberries as the
aftertaste let me take a look at the the
website real quick and check the
description yes on the website Space Jam
juice calm it says natural and
artificial blue raspberry sponge sugar
flavor and there's a picture of a
blueberries raspberries they look like
strawberries and cotton candy so I was
right the blueberry is more towards the
end of the vape there's just a wisp of
it and it's but for me anyway it's a lot
stronger than the aftertaste but who is
texting me during a review anyway
the flavor is predominantly raspberry
sugar goodness it's just it's it's
really really good
raspberry cotton candy with a blueberry
towards the end of it really nice next I
really really dig this flavor this is
right up my alley
yes so if you like raspberry blueberries
or cotton candy or anything in between
you're probably like this big all right
now on to where are you here you are
meteor milk all right got a juiced-up
with some meteor milk actually let me
smell this a nice natural strawberry a
really sweet natural strawberry mixed
with with cream I'm guessing all right
baby time here we go
whoo okay strawberry ice cream take a
few pools for that to come through it
was kind of clean at first now it's
definitely ice cream and man was that
last pool not straight pure strawberry
ice cream that's got to be the most
realistic strawberry ice cream flavor
I've ever tasted the cream Wow that the
cream really comes through that the ice
cream really comes through the
strawberry comes across as natural at
first and then it gets super sweet
towards the end so natural strawberry
really nice natural strawberry and then
super-sweet towards the end probably mix
of candy to natural and then that ice
cream at the very end comes through and
it's the aftertaste is all three natural
strawberry sweet strawberry like candied
and then the ice cream it's a nice mix
I'm gonna go to the website two for this
one to see if I was correct
let's see medium milk this perfect blend
of natural and artificial strawberry ice
cream strawberry syrup strawberry
flavorings strawberry syrup and
strawberry flavorings will take you to
new meteoric Heights yeah that's okay
the strawberry syrup is where the
sweetness is coming from really nice
strawberry ice cream flavor I'm digging
this one typically I don't like
strawberry flavors or uh no no I love
strawberry flavors typically I don't
like ice cream flavors as all-day vapes
because that cream kind of gets heavy
and a little knowing after a while this
I could definitely do at least for a
little while that that ice cream is so
pure so realistic it's that's the nicest
ice cream flavor I've ever tasted in any
juice congrats to space gin this is a
good one
oh yeah that's good all right over at
let's see premium vape they
have these for sale at 1795 per 30ml and
they have both particle and meteor milk
you can however use coupon code VC 15
that's BC 1 5 to bring a total down to
15 26 per 30 ml that's a pretty good
deal considering these juices are really
good I like them both also Cody's sent
for other bottles to other particles in
two of the meteors I was thinking about
doing some giveaways but FedEx and UPS
in my area are douches about sending a
juice the charge for shipping this cost
more than buying it I don't want to pay
that much for shipping and I don't want
you guys to pay that much either so just
go buy the juice link down in the
description below go get this this is
some pretty good stuff Cody thank you
for sending the Sun over I appreciate it
and thank you for watching
see you guys later

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