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Available in high VG! Meteor Milk is a classic flavor executed to perfection! Juicy strawberries and creamy milk seems to just melt away in your mouth, not too strong but not too mellow! If you're in need of some monster sized clouds and out of this world flavor then Space Jam’s High VG flavors have you covered! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Space Jam High VG Meteor Milk BEASTLY BECAUSE Space Jam is now available in High VG! If you're in need of some monster sized clouds and out of this world flavor, Space Jam will surely blow your mind! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SPACE JAM HIGH VG METEOR MILK

howdy fuckin duty how the fuck are you
thanks for tuning on in clicking on in
on the video today we're reviewing space
jams newest flavor me newest flavor
meteor fuckin note and this is the high
VG line right here unlike all the rest
the 50/50 Cheryl I mean yeah this is a
what is it some max PG right it's a high
VG - ugh - the high VG I mean
alright 70/30 mix I want to say it's an
80/20 first remote control to thin it
might be along the lines of like a 75251
think it's quite there on the 80/20 yet
wasn't say though I must of the line
before it was a 50/50 pressure a lot of
people are seeing Space Jam or familiar
with Space Jam I mean personally I've
never really tried to need the other
flavors kind of punk was always stuck on
the suicide Bunny and I cut wood and
everything but this flavor you guys was
sent to us by premium vape supply calm
so a huge shout out to premium vape
supply for seven star way for the review
will not change our opinion as always
you guys we try to get really good juice
to you guys first on and you're gonna be
shocked when you're like getting this
guy's right a lot of the juices get its
cuz the juice that we get as long as
it's good we push it to the front line
so that further adue start the off of
the smell test smell this up supposed to
be while strawberry oh yeah so it's
supposed to be a sorry good lighting
cooking I'm just going on and just
smelling it so what the flavor
description was off premium vape supply
in the short some is a nice uh like Airy
strawberry soft-serve ice cream and then
you have strawberry sweet drizzle on top
of that so I know it's kind of seems
like overwhelming right there maybe like
why would they put strawberry rose on
top strawberry ice cream but we're only
trying this shit this is fucking bomb
smells bomb like a nice creamy fucking
it's extra like like like a milk smell
to it though - yeah it does it kind of
has like a milks but oh yeah cuz it said
the strawberry ice cream was dipped in
milk which was kind of weird but I see
where they say that it was dipped in
milk because like I just said you get
that Dairy Milk smell the TFA dairy milk
smell yeah you really like we just said
the neapolitan review it's nice though
it's not bad smells smells good oh yeah
like like Nina the strawberry in there
yeah yeah no no no no no you can smell
the creaminess and the strawberry how
you smell a lot of strawberry
definitely smells really creamy and
movie that's for sure it's really good
and you get the strawberries like
sweetness here up at the very end it's
really good taste like that you like the
nice subtle strawberry and then you get
this kick in sweet strong at the end
which is this year really good I'm gonna
fry this up on the zombie mech mod got
the phase RDA on top just a simple small
setup you guys I just like it cuz it's
got like the nice flush 20 to fit almost
flush I want to say it's got a simple
single clapton on there almost there
single simple Clapton on here reading
out to a point three and then I got a
Samsung 25 iron here it's wet pad add
the honors fire it up shit's good that
we were just faintness it's really tasty
boys try to like vape a little bit of
everything and kind of get an idea for
it at first
this shit's fucking that is good fuck at
spot on to the description and that you
know what I'm there it honestly is spot
on to the description book yeah tell you
I'm gonna it's not lacking flavor it's
just the flavors like it's there like
it's bomb definitely like it's
definitely like they say it's like a
creamy sauce or freaking strawberry ice
cream it's delicious oh yeah like on the
inhale I'm getting a nice like that's
like a nice creamy inhale and then on
the exhale you get that nice subtle
strawberry soft-serve ice cream and then
kick it at the end you get that really
nice sweet and it's like the nice
strawberry sweet syrup it's really good
it is really long they did a really
awesome job on this flavor
highly recommend trying this stuff out
the throw head on it's like excellent -
like I give it like five throw it safe
to say it's pretty good huh
really smooth really smooth maybe even a
little bit under five maybe like a three
or four but it's still right there it's
nice it's still nice and satisfying way
for sure and like the flavors fucking
cake is so good vapor production - yeah
fuck yeah I would give this juice like
no job for fucking like a solid nine the
summit ends really good of your fucking
strawberry feeling like I am I would
really recommend you to go check out
this juice but it was 18 dollars off the
premium vape spiral problem you can get
10% off using discount code after
checkout and Callie doesn't matter if
it's all uppercase or all lowercase and
if you pick the stuff up you won't be
fucking amazing and I take this shit
read it by this juice that's for sure so
let's wrap this up you guys Pat made up
and we like toys safe fingered the fuck
out of that like button
make sure you finger the fuck out a
subscribe button if you have not
subscribed yet and shoot us any comments
questions or anything down below you
guys we always love them and always
appreciate all the comments and
questions and
see on the next review guys guys so

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