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By Nataly Komova

Space Jam only uses the finest ingredients in their e-juice, sourced from throughout the space-time continuum by highly trained teams of time-traveling Material Seekers. Andromeda is the original flavor made by the Space Jam Mix Master. A unique blend of fresh wild blueberries filled with an exotic pomegranate. VG to PG ratio: 50/50 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle Space Jam Andromeda 15mL BEASTLY BECAUSE This exotic flavor and brand of E-Liquids is out of this world. If you're in need of adding some adventure and excitement to your vaping, Space Jam will surely blow your mind. This is one Beast of a juice blend!! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SPACE JAM ANDROMEDA

welcome testifies I'm ace I'm done and
we're going to be reviewing Space Jam
and rounder or Andromeda heavy right
we'll go with Andromeda and we're
reviewing Andromeda even though John the
screw now eh I want to know what you
know you hazard against already know
that it's fruity because you've told
yeah well I said that because it has got
a bit to kick to it I think quite a
hearty kick so having said that it's not
a totality fruit it's raspberry jam
tarts or eyes to see well I love the
smell of it and actually of the taste of
e1 bang God
blueberry and something else we bought
it before to the channel built by a
different company so blue and granite
it's it says in the title run it
pomegranate blueberry pomegranate so
absolutely stable of the steam yes sir
it's what's the rise to poppy under me
there was the original flavour in Space
Jam range and has consistently proved
itself to be one of the most popular
flavors the incredible combination of
sweet tart pomegranate and swittel
blueberries are brought together in
these smooth creamy blend they will
leave your mouth watering not really 3d
I disagree with the warning because I
don't really have a wet knife off these
shoes and I disagree that it's a smooth
blend as well to me that my team II want
a Viking more because it's not giving me
a wet max yeah when it's well when I
mean highly me yeah yeah I've got
all the fruity flavors but then on the
exhale you may just feel drawing seen
there didn't have to tie oh I think
there's aftertaste but Jang did say the
other night when he was trying this he
said that he didn't call out the flavor
at first but it made him want Kate bye
she got gradually better that's just
what he said anything that was a sound
good though you kind of Heidi because
when we first Abby was trying when I
first put it on well yeah I think you
come back to me about two days later and
then I was like yeah it's not too much
but I think that was a bit more
artificial tasting than that I think
that's because that was a hundred
percent VG oh this explains that you
keep them raises bettering that sorry
what 3 yes 0 3 6 12 18 and 24 milligrams
of nicotine so you've got the full time
crime journal victim range with that
yeah there's everything 15 ml bottles
I'm 30ml for the 15 minute bottles UK
average price again he's annoying pound
and for the 30 minute 16 let me press
for that few people with oil and lungs
it also does it's 24 mg as well so
that's cool he's got good Horowitz your
knee that us Finnick 18 strengths good
thinking John no these are the juice
from me know the description it should
be exactly yeah oh my god
it's it's to my family fruit so lot of
cars are waiting to the shop about these
from green dog bike mechanic
and I asked for them I said have you got
anything blue real and they said well
you want to try the space gem and as
soon a trolley I fell in love with you
this has got to be my log my second
favorite juice ain't there I really do
like you strange you're not and I know
it shouldn't tell you psyche but it's
got a taste of peanut butter on Jesus
really I know it makes that sense but
you reckon that's the jelly what do you
think there's like a there's a bag
directly you could pack bit all the time
I don't know they want to give them
another blast
probably coming back with all the time
no sure makes my mouth draw what you say
you're picking out a flavor or the two
flavors you actually can you define them
or does it easy just a mashup he's been
to Marshall I think it looks a bit of a
mash-up between the table I think two of
them I'm picking more blue Breo yeah
the pomegranate well I think that's
where the job Innes comes I think I
think this sweetness comes from the blue
brief the bitterness comes from the
common runny that's what I meant
so dinner I don't know I mean you you
eat pomegranates that I do as well I
think he's got a bit to draw necessary
anyway contacts details different eye so
I think that's perhaps where that comes
from belief or innocence if that's
correct then they've got the juice on
nailed it on the I do very much
I think there's still a fakeness but you
gotta get that it's not the real thing
well so if you look at it like that
you're never gonna get the band yeah
yeah sure to go
pressured refuse yeah exactly of that
see I'm up to J so now we love the Sam
so a taste Idid like done but I thought
that because he was a hundred percent he
just walk it was him he was artificial
tasting yeah he was still not you still
by P haven't bought it again seen to
though you know your baby daddy yeah
black fallen are now brush stolen the
reason album ball teeth cause hair
expensive it's gonna caught up a few
fingers to fight well will t enjoy
school it's cold my perfume the call
that's the wrong those pretty as well
but now I think of eating the background
yeah it's not horrible
No so editing probably she seeks I'd go
I just to be Jackson yes you moved so
that's C from us then please like share
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it's your districts bad with us

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