Vape Review of South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus E-Cigarette Cartridges (15-Pack)

April 23, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus E-Cigarette Cartridges (15-Pack)

Vape Review of South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus E-Cigarette Cartridges (15-Pack)

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Want the best out of your E Cigarette starter kit? Choose from a vast variety of cartridges built to expert compatibility through a classic D808 threading. These cartridges provide impressive flavor and a light cloud production to most efficiently produce a familiar experience most like smoking without the tar or ash. Each cartridge provides a unique flavor experience combined easy to use construction and 0.8 ml of pre-loaded vape juice. Get your E-Cigarette Cartridges today!

Vape Review of South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus E-Cigarette Cartridges (15-Pack)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus E-Cigarette Cartridges (15-Pack)

okay so here we are taking a look at the
South Beach Smoke deluxe starter kit his
packaging it all came in really nice
sturdy no problems at all this one of
the things I like is that they arrive
undamaged all the boxes are in good
condition there's no damages to any
other cartridges or anything so let's
take a look inside
now I've ordered a couple of extra bits
with this order but you can see here we
get the two batteries the standard
battery and the Super Max battery nicely
packaged in foam no damage at all get
your membership card and your user
manual if you need it
USB chips sorry mains charger with USB
connector very useful and then we also
get probably the most useful gadget I've
found from South Beach Smoke USB charger
for the battery
I have multiples of these and they're so
useful I have one at home one in the
office I even have one in the car with
the car adapter so there you go
everything well packaged nice box lovely
branding I really liked the branding and
I also bought because you get the chance
when you order your your starter kits to
pick which cartridges you like so I
chose the assorted one and I have ten
cartridges in here with the flavors of
classic tobacco tobacco blue tobacco
gold menthol peppermint vanilla
chocolate cherry peach and pina colada
now you can find out more information
about these flavors and what they
represent and what they're similar to in
terms of traditional tobacco cigarettes
on the website so click through and take
a look but in here we have two packets
of five lovely its packaging again it's
sealed this is the main thing
everything's kept fresh each one has end
caps on within the packaging as well
again keep it fresh keep it sealed so
I've actually added a couple of the
cartridges already onto my batteries
here so on the South Beach Smoke Super
Max battery we have classic tobacco 1.2%
then if you can read that and here on
the traditional one I have Cherry 1.2%
now putting these things together is
really easy you can get them you know
these are just like pills you just pop
them out of the
packaging and then the cartridge is
literally just screw on it's so simple
such a simple system screw it on as such
and that UART you're ready to go if
after a while you've been smoking the
cartridges you replace the cartridge
that's fine if your battery runs out and
needs charging literally unscrew here we
go we take a little useful charger screw
it into the USB connector plug in the
USB wherever you are now that can go as
I said into your PC at home into your
laptop into your work PC or even into
the car adapter as well everything's
really easy to use you don't need to
carry masses of things around with you I
would suggest that you buy a couple of
batteries just because it's always handy
you don't want to run out of battery and
not have a charge in near you but you
shouldn't do that either but there you
it's a great little kit it's a great way
to get started great selection of
cartridges and you can test them all now
to see which one's your favorite and
then go from there so thanks very much
take a look at the website for more
information and we look forward to
talking to you soon online

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