Vape Review of Soul by Clarity E-Liquids

April 20, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of Soul by Clarity E-Liquids

Vape Review of Soul by Clarity E-Liquids

By Nataly Komova

Clarity Liquids bring a quality tasting ejuice, infused with the taste of freshly picked strawberries. Simple and sweet, this is one vape that you will not be forgetting anytime soon. Prominent Flavours: Strawberries

Vape Review of Soul by Clarity E-Liquids

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Soul by Clarity E-Liquids

today I bring you clarity and fruit
salad by the Zen vapor hey there ladies
and gentlemen
KJ and AO is back in the house this time
with an illiquid review of clarity and
fruit salad by the Zen vapor they're
manufactured in Delaware I want to give
a big shout out to Don Thompson thank
you so much for sending these my way to
review greatly appreciated
alright the price breakdown you guys
30ml bottles are $11.99 60 ml bottles
are $19.99 120 ml bottles are $29.99 200
ml bottles are forty $7.99 and if you
decide to order let him know that KJ Ann
do sent you his way I'll write the
shipping this is gold back in the day I
don't believe he had first-class
shipping and he definitely does now I
did a fake check out I put a 60 ml
bottle in my cart and it came out to two
dollars and seventy seven cents for
first-class shipping Priority Mail seven
dollars in four cents not too shabby at
all and the ratio of these liquids
differs for each one Saul mentioned them
as I go along nicotine strengths
available are 0 1 point 5 3 6 9 and 12 I
believe you have to pay more if you want
9 or 12 for more nicotine there are two
flavors I'm going over ones clarity and
one is fruit salad both of them I would
say the flavor is a little bit slightly
above moderate as far as the intensity
goes there definitely all-day beeps as
long as you like the flavor profile
you're going to enjoy them all day long
they definitely come to you pre steeped
there most definitely coiling cotton
friendly I have not had the chance to
run these too long have been so involved
with hardware reviews but here is a
picture of what fruit salad looks like
after at least 10 mils have been dropped
on it
you could purchase these and other
flavors by visiting apresentava
nana that's what hit my face first all
strawberries are there they're sitting
back behind the banana and sealing the
deal like putting it all together is
definitely like a nice creamy custard
that goes with it let's do a taste test
okay I'm the taste test the banana hit
me first but it almost came across a
little more like the candied banana but
also a little bit of authentic banana
too as it's melting in the strawberry
hit me second the custard is like all
around at all times like when I'm
tasting these flavors the custard
presence is there but as it's soaking in
the custard is more evident that's the
way I see it all right so I have clarity
loaded right now in the dead rabbit RDA
I have some alien coils right now and
I'm on the drag mod resin addition and
I'm at a hundred watts
here we go
totally smooth on the throat smooth out
the nose exhale nothing burning or
peppery from the nicotine very smooth
liquid right here all right let's see if
I could figure this out a little bit on
the way in it seems like a realistic
enough banana ok that's mostly what I'm
getting maybe a small hint of the Zen
custard but mostly banana and a kind of
realistic one I'm not really getting
that candy banana at that point on the
way out the banana is up first and it's
slightly realistic but slightly candied
if that makes any sense I mean it's not
like totally like runs but it's not like
it's not candied either but it's
definitely realistic at the same time
it's like a kind of like a hybrid you
know about a quarter way through the
exhale the strawberry notes are coming
through and that's mostly like well
actually from the start I'm getting the
Zen custard okay as I'm tasting the
banana before the strawberry hits I'm
already tasting the creamy Zen custard
it's definitely there the strawberry is
finishing it up right after that and
they're all blending together in a
totally awesome flavor I love this
and I don't normally like banana beeps
but normally that's because they're too
much like runs and like I said this has
almost a little bit of an element of
that type of taste but it also has that
realistic banana taste so that's what
makes it pretty awesome in your mouth
I'm definitely getting more of a
realistic banana I'm getting a tiny bit
of strawberry but the bananas definitely
a little more powerful than the
strawberry the Zen custard is there it's
creamy you're left with like a creamy
banana with a slight bit of strawberry
in your mouth that's what it's doing to
me at least all right so what am I going
to rate it Andy you ask right well I
know where I'm at does it match the
description giving it a one does it
taste like the real-life counterparts
I'm gonna give it a half a point only
because there is a slight candied effect
to that banana and does it have quality
flavouring extracts giving into one
blended and balanced while giving it a
one good nicotine giving it a one overly
sweetened definitely not and that brings
us to a total KJ Andy oh flavor rating
of four and a half out of five folks
that's what I truly feel it deserves and
that being said let's go on to the next
and final flavor right about now the
next flavor I'm gonna go over is fruit
salad and I want to also let you know I
mean I've done a lot of Zen reviews they
are gorilla bottles childproof safety
caps very responsible labeling I wanted
to mention that at the beginning but I
totally spaced you know but yeah I love
his labels they're straightforward to
the point
nothing nonsense about it all right so
fruit salad it's an 85/15 bland 85 VG 15
PG and the description reads on the
inhale it's like biting into a just
picked peach so ripe and sweet that the
juice runs down your chin this is
followed by a nice sweet pear that
lingers through the exhale and add in
notes of blueberry raspberry and
strawberry and there you have the
makings of a Zen induced fruit gasm
that's what it says all right so let's
go ahead and do a smell check now right
up front I'm gonna let you know I think
you already know if you've been tuning
in my channel for a while you know I
hate peach rapes but it's not going to
change my opinion I'm here to give you
the truth
facts about it so here we go hitting my
nose first is definitely the peach and
sitting right behind it is definitely
like a juicy pear I'm also getting notes
a strawberry the blueberry and just a
little bit but I'm noticing the
strawberry a little bit more than the
blueberry raspberry maybe a little bit
there too there's a lot going on with
this just like there is with a fruit
salad right like imagine if you had a
fruit salad and you get like a little
bit of each of those fruits and you take
a spoonful at once it's right here the
peach is definitely quite a bit stronger
though than the other elements I'm just
gonna let you know and on the taste test
peach at my tongue first pear second I'm
kind of going searching because there's
a cup of quite a few fluke fruits yeah I
can't talk quite a few fruits here yeah
I'm definitely getting the strawberry
the raspberry in the blueberry you
almost really got to go searching for
them they're there but you kind of gotta
like search for them a little bit all
okay so fruit salad I have loaded in the
drop RDA my favorite RDA of all time and
I have it on the vapor Esso revenger X I
have some aliens in here as well and
here we go I'm at 95 watts
okay this one might have just a
slightest of throat hit to it no doubt
it's because of the peaches every kind
of peach vape that I've had always has
had a throat hit um this is pretty
realistic though I've had a lot of peach
vapes where there's something like weird
about them you know there's like some
kind of weird taste to them but this
doesn't seem to have that
on the way in I'm mostly getting the
peaches I'm pretty much that's what I'm
getting is peaches all right on the way
out the peach is right up front and as
I'm tasting the peach not like way
behind it or right behind it but like as
I'm tasting the peach there's like a
nice pear flavor that comes through and
I've had other pair of Apes too and
they're usually kind of gross they're
not really like pear they're usually
like those pear candies this tastes
realistic enough definitely I want to
say about between a quarter and half way
I'm definitely getting some notes of
strawberry in there as well very much at
the very tail end there's like little
tiny notes of blueberry and raspberry I
think a little more blueberry than
raspberry at least that's the way that
I'm seeing it it may be a different
experience for you but like I said you
almost got a search for it a little bit
just knowing the flavors are there it's
left in my mouth with like mostly peach
and pear peach a little stronger than
pear definitely a little bit of
strawberry I'm not really tasting the
blueberry or the raspberry at that point
though when it's left littering in my
mouth it's mostly the peach so yeah I
mean it's definitely not bad it's not
really my jam but I know there's a lot
of fruit lovers out there and if so
you're gonna love it so what am I going
to rate it well does it match the
description giving it a 1 does it taste
like the real-life counterparts giving
it a 1 does it have quality flavouring
extracts giving it a 1 blended and
balanced while giving it a 1 good
nicotine giving it a 1 overly sweetened
definitely not and that brings us to a
total KJ Andy oh flavor rating of 5 out
of 5 folks that's what I truly feel it
deserves see that's an example to show
you that I do not rate juices on my
personal preference because if I did I'd
give it like a 1 or something cuz I'm
not into peaches but if you love peaches
and you love the other fruits that I
mentioned you are gonna dig this juice
you're really gonna love it I'm really
like 99.9% certain of that all right
so that's my take on clarity and fruit
salad and onto the vapor production
tests we go right about now for the
vapor production test I am gonna go with
fruit salad the drop RDA definitely has
better cloud production than the dead
rabbit does and it's also in 85/15 so a
little bit better vapor production you
see it's getting mighty cloudy in here
all right so you know the way I do it
one this way one that way and here we go
yeah it definitely cannot see the camera
through this fog that's pretty cool all
right here's one for you guys out there
in YouTube land yeah definitely fogs up
quite nicely right so at least for fruit
salad I'm gonna give fruit salad a vapor
production rating of four and a half out
of five folks and I know already that
the clarity would be getting like a four
right around there okay alright folks so
that's my take on the flavors and the
vapor production from the Zen vapor
clarity and fruit salad go check it out
folks if you haven't tried the Zen vapor
I highly recommend it really good flavor
is decent prices you definitely cannot
go wrong if you have any comments
questions or concerns feel free to drop
me a line below and I'll answer you in a
timely manner and check it out at WWDC a
pure calm I will leave a link in the
description down below
other than that have a stellar day be
excellent to each other and most of all
remember me I am KJ Andy Oh your host
with the most you all take care and I
will see on the next video peace

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