Vape Review of Sonrise E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog 10ml

April 16, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Sonrise E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog 10ml

Vape Review of Sonrise E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog 10ml

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Details 10ml E-Liquid 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths About Cosmic Fog Founded in sunny Orange County, California, Cosmic Fog Vapors was formed with one mission in: "Craft only the most unique, thoroughly tested, highest quality e-liquids the vaping world has ever seen". Their excellent range of eLiquid have become a hit in the USA and Europe, with ejuice recipes respected and renowned around the world.

Vape Review of Sonrise E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Sonrise E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog 10ml

hi guys Joe from apology okay again here
and say we've got another juice with you
so as most people know me I don't want
to get my flavors from the independent
guys the people that do this out out of
their own goodness the heart the ones
that are avid vapors that want to share
their flavor palate and their their
profiles with all the people and make a
little bit money on the side which for
no problem with and but today a little
snip out picked up a few different bits
and I saw a liquid they're quite fun to
the description of and there was a nut
first so I grabbed it so today we're
gonna be reviewing neon cream by cosmic
fog will put their lost pop collection
which is he got all the information on
the side and then I got this nice hollow
graphic label on that which is quite
nice it's fitting a ball and it says on
the bottle and if you can focus on what
please you can just let see it it says
vg+ so in my mind I presume that that
was going to be I'm actually liquid upon
having a vapor form not right then I
checked out it's a 60/40 which is weird
so obviously plus fiji isn't a lie he's
more revealing than PG it's just not why
i expects it to me so the flavor profile
for this one is orange raspberry and
lemon lying all mixed into one in a
subtle cream and the knocking it's like
rainbow sherbet ii creamy type of flavor
and it's okay it's it's not the greatest
favor of ever ever had it's not the
worst by far and the only form is it's
not all that the orange get the sure but
you get even the creaminess and get what
the raspberry lemon lime not quite there
for me and then wanna prove the this RDA
the loss from we're told fall of all
cooperating the Clio which I'm gonna do
a bit of a comparison between now just
to see what it's like so like I said on
the IBA the flavors not being great but
I'm gonna show you available option and
I'm gonna go through the favor and maybe
production on the Clio as well so in 465
it's still putting out a good look with
and I'm not gonna say super long I'm
wearing this at a pint 7 on 35 and a
half watts it's not it's not wildly out
there but they still put out some good
good vapor so yeah it's quite a platter
with that she's just not quite there
it's really upsetting that because it's
got the potential to be absolutely
what a bit of liquid has come out now
but you get that lead rippers it's just
things let's get the cleat on here now
this has been sat there working for 10
or 15 minutes so it should be whipped I
shall be okay open the air falls up this
is running it should be a point to
return doubts about clouds much better
office is gonna get not gonna hire white
but the flavors are still not there but
getting a much better flavor from the
clean top and goddess is gonna have to
do a build on a lower resistance just to
see if there's any difference there it's
still orangey it's still sure but still
creamy but this just that lemon and lime
the raspberry just not there swallow
escort but it's not great and probably
giving a six maybe a seven hour Porsche
and this is these are the reasons why I
stay away from the premium name brands
because more often than not the roulette
down is very few of them but you can
pick off and he's very bit anything so
that was brilliant and again it's a
normal lap down and go it was an offer
because they're looking pay full price
for it but again it's okay it's
available I probably could use as an
all-day bait but again I'm just
disappointed in it so I said yeah give
me a six and go out try it see if the
vehicle that you have a blast of it it
matters to me that doesn't like it like
I said it's these views a completely my
opinion ohm and they're not professional
I don't get paid for it and it's just
what I feel is good and what's not it
might be completely different to other
people and but overall said okay liquid
I'm looking forward to see what else is
out there
the vapor at small Vox I'm missing Baker
on this weekend and I'm very jealous
from one that's out there but know a
great time and as always my name's Joe
this is the big balls okay baby Bob

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