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Solace Salts Eliquid are specifically for low wattage devices like the Eleaf iCare or the Switch Vapor MyJet. These mouth to lung devices shine bright when paired with Solace Salts as it provides an unbelievably satisfying vaping experience. Mango is simple and satisfying, its sweet and rich flavor is perfect if you enjoy fruits. Note: These are sold as 15mL bottles only VG to PG Ratio: 50/50 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Solace Salts Mango BEASTLY BECAUSE Solace Salts is ideal for low wattage devices. Using nicotine salts at the right amount provides an excellent vaping experience and is perfect for non sub ohm devices! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SOLACE SALTS MANGO

I was just going on credit from MVPs Lee
here and I got a new video for you on
some new solace alts juice as you know
I've been the Asolo salts aficionado
here for a little bit
I just really love everything that
they've put it out as far as a Nick
Selat juice if you're not familiar with
nicotine salt juice it's made from not
liquid nicotine but a salt based
nicotine so it's got more as far as like
the hid and everything that so these are
about 30 milligrams of nicotine so I
would just recommend them for use with
something like the breeze that's what I
have right here that's what I've been
using for a while now the breeze has
been a go-to I keep harping about this
breeze but seriously it's it's probably
one of the greatest devices I've ever
had hands down but the two flavors that
we're discussing today are in fact a
mango from Saleh salts and a mint from
Saleh salts so I actually have the mango
in here and the mangos rather good
um you definitely get all of that mango
flavor there's no doubt about it I've
tried a bunch of juices that have been
like a really crappy mango that tastes
very alcohol and stuff like that and
then I've tried this one and this one
definitely has that really good mango
flavor the one thing that I will say
about solace is you're working with a
really high nicotine and generally from
that you don't get much flavor you get a
lot of nicotine taste but every single
one of their juices that I've tried I
really haven't gotten like a nicotine
kind of taste off of it so I think that
they're really refined they're really
nice um overall these flavors are great
the myth I haven't tried yet but I would
assume it would be just like a regular
mint I'm gonna smell it it actually
smells pretty good um I wanted to try it
but it's kind of hard to try these when
I only have one device so I'm out
probably post a video later on about how
that one tastes but I have no doubt in
my mind that I think it'll taste good I
mean mint is something I don't vape too
often but I think that in a device like
this like I used to be a menthol
cigarette smoker so menthol seems to be
my kind of go-to when it comes to
something that has a lot more nicotine
in it it just feels more like what the
the the the precursors have passed I
don't know how to explain it but that's
really what I've got for you in this
video if you have any questions feel
free to leave them in the comment
section below and be sure to get back to
you alright y'all have a great day

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