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By Ksenia Sobchak

Solace Salts Eliquid are specifically for low wattage devices like the Eleaf iCare or the Switch Vapor MyJet. These mouth to lung devices shine bright when paired with Solace Salts as it provides an unbelievably satisfying vaping experience. El Jefe is a traditional tobacco blend that is smooth, bold, and has a sweet twist on exhale! Note: These are sold as 15mL bottles only VG to PG Ratio: 50/50 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Solace Salts El Jefe BEASTLY BECAUSE Solace Salts is ideal for low wattage devices. Using nicotine salts at the right amount provides an excellent vaping experience and is perfect for non sub ohm devices! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SOLACE SALTS EL JEFE

hey guys David my freedom smokes
today I'm talk to you about a new
eliquid line we recently picked up as
the soleus a liquids solace a liquids
are assault based nicotine liquids for
you some stuff like the eye care here
they're available in 30 milligram or 50
milligram and I know that sounds high
compared to your most real acquits but
assault based ones are measured slightly
different a regular nicotine base and
that's just because they enter your
bloodstream a little differently than a
regular a liquid will so you're looking
at 30 milligrams will be about a mid
grades will be why people say similar to
about a 12 milligram where's the 50s and
be closer to like an 18 so does give you
a lot of nicotine that's why you're
going to using a smaller device like the
I care or several the other ones I have
here like the polls the my jet stuff
like that because it's a little less
power so you're getting a little less
power or smaller hits and just getting
the right amount of nicotine for you
it's really helpful for somebody wants a
quick fix on their nicotine they want a
nice stealthy vape this one won't be big
an ox with your clouds and in clouds or
coolant oil but not everybody cares for
them so it's kind of polite especially
when you're in public around people not
necessarily below clouds all time we've
got a wide range of flavors with these
liquids a little something for everybody
we got the creamy tobacco which would be
similar to like an ry for something nice
creaminess to it not a big bag of guy
but this one's actually quite good
strawberry hard candy everybody loves
good strawberry hard candy like little
ones that come with a little strawberry
wrappers naked peach rings is actually
my favorite one on here very
self-explanatory flavor there's a little
delicious gummy featuring Fiat bills
really love those this has been my
favorite from the line another one they
have is the vanilla bean great vanilla
almost like a vanilla ice cream type
peppermint patty I actually did not get
a chance to try this when we get the
original samples in I'm looking forward
to trying as soon as I empty out my eye
care but a peppermint patty is just a
minty chocolate
treat so it's good little mint chocolate
chip type of dill then they have their
jefe which their head pays like a bold
traditional type tobacco that's such a
sweetness to it
dragon Thal dragon dolls another good
one dragon fruit was a cooling menthol
effect to it this is really good people
to like to shop with the fruits they
like their menthols dragon Thals really
good one for that and then last but not
least is a butterscotch butterscotch is
another creamy delicious candy flavor
these all beep really well in the eye
care the saliva news moment mostly I did
try some and the poles here on to the
post video is what I was using with some
of these two head came in as a sample a
while back so something we've been
looking forward to getting in we finally
have them available for everybody so I
hope you enjoy the soleus e-liquids
they're now available on the website you
have any questions about these e-liquids
please leave in comments below as always
from David my friend smokes and Thank
You Irv ate them

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