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Tropical Delight Eliquid will make you believe you are in paradise. Combine freshly cut mangoes with juicy pineapple and orange. You cannot go wrong. Ingredients: USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerin, USP Nicotine, Natural and Artificial Flavoring Ratio: 70vg/30p


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SMPL TROPICAL DELIGHT

alright guys what I got for you today
new additions that you got is use family
you got a little tropical delight and a
little summer breeze so the summer
breeze actually had such a nice
description I'm gonna read it to you
verbatim a sweet strawberry and
cantaloupe creme vape with a nice
menthol accent that reminds you of a
cool summer breeze here in New York we
don't get cool summer breezes the only
thing that travels on the breeze is
usually smells like piss so I hope well
you are you have a nice summer breeze
because we don't get the nice summer
breeze so I haven't tried this yet got
some fresh cotton on the indestructible
let's see let's give it a smell
definitely cantaloupe and cream that's
what you smell everything yes strawberry
in there to not get much of the menthol
well we'll see I'm gonna get this bad
boy gone oh yeah oh I spilled some
already so juicy it's gonna get that all
nice and wet for you guys you know how
off to get it nice and wet yeah
the rest I could do from up top there we
go there we go let's get this shit nice
and wet I'm gonna open up the air phone
a some wine on this thing there we go so
you guys get to see me do everything I
don't hide then I fucking terrible with
I just embrace it
so let's see damn smells pretty good not
gonna lie I'd be a good one
sometimes it skeptic let's hit a miss
with uh you got a fuse so we'll just do
this on 60 maintain the integrity of the
oh goodness yeah one again what a mental
on the on the exhale let me just resent
my air for a little bit I don't like the
way that was there we go much better so
you get a lot of menthol on the exhale
the fruitiness is fruitiness is there
but it kind of you'll lose it a little
bit the menthol might be a touch too too
potent but not bad now it's actually
mixing together pretty nice and getting
a lot of the fruit flavor it's not it's
doesn't exactly something exactly how
you know how they describe it with the
strawberry cantaloupe but it's kind of
mixed in nice though mixed in nice with
the Mentos this is pretty good pretty
good rate not bad way to go that's
actually pretty good hopefully it stays
good and it doesn't change flavors like
the other ones I've had but it's good
not a bad beep I've been vapor
production with that 70/30 all right so
let's reset now we got the we had the
tropical D light so it's a perfect blend
of pineapple pomegranate to satisfy your
fruity and tart desires I like fruit
I like tar hopefully I like these guys
together let's see
why you can actually smell pineapple and
pomegranate I'm impressed
they're stepping this shit up let's see
it they're nice and see how she see how
she reaps oh shit it was just a test
just to see if it was in there it's in
there yeah you getting on the inhale you
getting a more Pama ground on the exhale
you get a nice pineapple flavor it's
actually really fucking good shocking it
two for two today nice clouds great
fucking flavor that's read that fucking
this tropical delight is fucking
excellent try to give that one I'd
actually give that like a seven and a
half eight that's that's pretty fucking
good so the vapor production you can see
is there nice clouds grateful even the
cloud snow oh my god
clouds will fucking green so there you
go if you look after if you tried that
you got any juice yet I've been go
running it through there at that lineup
I got the I believe this is the 120 mils
20 bucks it's five dollars five dollars
a 30 so it's not bad good deal three
milligrams I get to have everything on
that and I not everything then we go su
or three six I've said that before but
uh that's some good juice
surprising so thumbs up on both of them
the summer breeze was good menthol II
not a menthol in there but not was gonna
burn your throat pretty good
I give that one like a six and a half
you know it's good but way above average
that six-and-a-half is way above average
the other one I'm giving a seven and a
half to an eight because it was actually
that's really really surprisingly good
so I'd recommend both him and thanks for
watching Legion - beeps and getting out
of here don't forget to subscribe like
whatever you people are doing out there

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