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By Ekaterina Mironova

Orchard Fresh Eliquid brings you to an oasis of freshness! An abundance of apple from a distant orchard with freshly sliced kiwi and pear. Ingredients: USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerin, USP Nicotine, Natural and Artificial Flavoring Ratio: 70vg/30pg


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SMPL ORCHARD FRESH

what up YouTube man sample leave it some
flavor chase of vape reviews and today
got more ejuice reviews for you guys
McGirt dude is auto ok anyway today we
got more ejuice reviews for you and i
also got a bunch of hardware that I'm
actually gonna go ahead and get out to
you we got the juggernaut and by QP
designs I've been using that comfortably
testing this thing like unbelievable
with different coil builds single dual
coil and I finally found something that
works so I got my ups and I got my downs
with this thing but I've been
comfortably using this one here this is
the NL PWM version 2 by JW custom bomb
lipo 3s Bo 2250 mah it's really there's
a lot of power but as you guys can see I
did show you this in the last video it
does go up to like 700 watts guys it is
new it's but anyway I'm at 83 and this
is the juggernaut by QP designs and let
me give you a little too too this
finally found the coil setup now the way
this is set up you need to build and
find what suits you because I've tried
single coils the way the deck is show
I'll show you the way the deck is set up
it's kind of you got to get it right you
got to get it right by the air holes
I'll do the review for it after these
juice reviews to show you but I finally
found their excellent build it's around
a point to three I'm at maybe three
watts and it's been very very nice it's
got really smooth air flowing which
we'll talk about in the review but I'll
give you one last hit and then we will
go ahead and get into some juice reviews
for you mother this has got to be one of
the smoothest air flows that on an RTA
that I've tested so far really really
smooth really good flavor with that - I
don't want to go ahead and fog this one
up before we go ahead and get on with
the review I also have the sigelei snow
wolf 85 watt that's coming up for review
and remember guys I was telling you
about this VC go be turbot um I do have
this one here in blue and I'm gonna go
ahead and show you guys after these
juice review so trust me when I tell you
guys I got
reviews for days anyway back to the
juice review today we're gonna have a
good look at two simple that made sense
it's called simple SM PL not to be
confused with s MPO vapor but this is SM
PL tropical Delight Rema LeGrande in 3
milligram 120 mils really really really
clear juice you guys can see that right
through the bottle one thing I actually
really love and this this line of juice
has got a ball bearing that ball bearing
top they play with this one's called
tropical delight I have not opened them
but I will go on the site to go ahead
and get you a discs are up shop and then
we have SNP el orchard fresh alright so
we got ourselves a bunch of different
free crap some food speak English fresh
atomizers all whipped up and curled up
and we'll go ahead and throw it on I'm
just gonna use this beater box for now
the VESA go or I can throw it on my own
lpw/m but that one's gotta be it's weird
because it's got to be point to and
above so yeah it's kind of weird but
it's box we're gonna go and throw it on
the sigelei visa go umm I think this
goes up to 150 watts I've been beating
the ever-loving it out of this box and
it just doesn't want to break so I got a
I got a review coming up for this and
stay tuned for that but no cut in the
video let us go right to obviously this
is coming from a juice deals because
they got really awesome deals go check
them out the link will be in the video's
every juice review that I've done in the
past honest a past two weeks is from a
juice Todd deals because they got really
really good prices guys so I implore you
yes I'm using big words tonight I
implore you to go ahead and check them
out because check this out if this juice
is good I do have another 3 or 4 more
flavors to go get through and I'll do a
part 2 from sometime next week check
this out
ok SMP o juice 6-pack bundled now you're
getting six 120 mil bottles of illiquid
for 50 bucks if it's good and if I tell
you it's good and if you guys are
gravitate to the flavors that I'm
get through today then grab it because
it's 720 mils of juice are you kidding
me trial six incredible 120 mils from SM
PL for one low price okay but yet 120
mils is the same low price of 18 bucks
and I don't want to sound like a tool to
see what price you can get this item
don't miss out now and your chance is
only ten virgins hurry because be
available oh you know I don't want to
sell like that kind of tool guy but 18
bucks if the juice is good and if I
recommend it with the flavor anyway I am
a silly bastard so get used to it all
right I rent so we're gonna give this
one a good shake this one is orchard
fresh now gathering by the name it
should be an apple vape but let's go
ahead and double-check that orchard
fresh $18 for 120 mils orchard fresh
brings you an oasis of freshness who
sounds Verna son didn't some apple from
a distant orchard not a near one a
distant one um what freshly oh this is
this is all it sounds good isten orchard
wood freshly sliced kiwi and pear that's
a nice combination so you got Apple Kiwi
and BAE 70/30 PG of VG 70/30 VG PG
excuse me let's check out their labels I
did give it a shake and it did get a
little better focus um you see the juice
I did give it a shake and it did get up
fill up with air bubbles but nice clean
you know straight to-the-point labels I
can appreciate that s MPO orchard fresh
three milligram nicotine 120 mil get all
your warnings you know all that good
stuff they are good to go oh and by the
way I do want to go ahead and shout out
a subscriber John a for recommending the
Panasonic Lumix G 7 which will be my
next camera so it's mine you don't have
to see me fiddling back and forth with
this damn lens hate it but shout out to
you my man thank you for the suggestion
I checked out all the reviews I checked
out a lot of stuff on this camera and it
is my next camera I'm gonna go and get
the bundle I'm gonna do a whole spiel
about it but thank you very much John
you are the man buddy alright so we've
got that like I said we got the Unicorn
bottles and make make sure that this is
good because that dad ever very
when I got and give this one a good
shake this is Oh got cloudy it did whoa
that smells this one here I'm getting
now all right now I'm getting that Apple
like I said from the last video cuz that
didn't one-hit-wonder kind of apple
scent but you got like that a little bit
of a like a scent on the end it doesn't
smell like it smells like fresh apples
but you got that little I want to say
chemical cuz I don't know what it is but
it's got that after after the smell to
it where it it almost smells like like I
don't want to say this but I got to say
it almost smells like nail polish
remover but it's not okay I'm getting
apples pear and I get a hint a Kiwi on
that scent so let's go ahead and give
her a hit over here
well that's strong ooh that's kind of
really strong like let's see yeah when I
taste that on my hand I'm tasting like
that Apple and that taste that I was
smelling before and the pear all right
so we're gonna guide and use the visa go
here from sigelei I hope it don't
translate 12-8 because if that tastes
like shit I'm gonna be real upset
alright so let us go ahead and use the
original goon you're nothing but a
stupid goon not a stupid gonna actually
like this Adi how'd you guys can see I
did bring it back to play hope you guys
are doing good yeah all right so we got
0.12 on this bitch right here I think
this is an alien clapton you guys can
see from them not focusing alright alien
clapping this one is dual alien clapton
0.12 on the Richter Richter scale isn't
that for earthquakes you dumb schmuck
alright so I hate these things that I
keep forgetting to take em off every
time I go put the juice on it
it just falls off and hits the atomizer
alright so let's go ahead okay you know
what I'm doing alright take a wild guess
what I'm doing
saturate my coop
you've a little low we X all right that
on that smell I do get Kiwi pear and
apples so it did get all three flavors
on just on the burn so let's see if this
is a good juice a taste so we're gonna
do two air holes on Z goon or shadow and
we are at 79
what 79 watts 0.12 this is SM Pio
orchard fresh let's do the offs clouds
up really good this one tastes weird
all right no throat hit it is smooth
three milligram nicotine but I am
getting a weird taste on this one and I
don't know what that is I don't know
maybe there's just the first V do get
apples and I do get pear like on the
back end
I do get apples and I do get pears I do
get Apple here's the Apple here's the
pear and here's the key I didn't mean to
do that to you but like there's the Kiwi
like right in the middle that's what I'm
tasting so there's a visual aspect of
what I taste buddy no bavette that weird
taste diminished I do get apples and I
do get two pair and there's a very
middle note I want to say it's like a
middle note it's like a middle note of
hint a Kiwi so let's put this beer let's
just go up to 80 watts
what are you sorry I do get apple pear
and kiwi and it's very sweet too and
that taste that I smelled on this juice
I don't get it in in the vape so that's
good maybe it's just the smell so I
don't know that's not bad I'll pass it
it's a very fruity very you know very
like tropical fruit is kinda like vape
and by the way this liquid is now after
I shaggy you see how how it is how it
looks so it's all thick and cloudy
reminds me of pear juice for some reason
so I don't know maybe that's what they
were aiming for but we're gonna figure
this one out
one more vape and then we move on to the
next flavor because only two in the eat
video so let's just do it make it nice
and short and sweet
yeah I get apple pear and kiwi so the
smell on it and that taste on your hand
was a little weird but I will pass that
that's an orchard fresh that's actually
a nice combination of Apple Kiwi and
pear so I'll repeat myself but that's
just what I do here on flavor chase of
April reviews or not that's not a bad
juice nice and smooth 70/30 it's
clouding up not bad all right so I'll
give that to I'll pass that to thumbs up
SMP L s MP L orchard fresh three
milligrams 120 mil bottles good to go
like I said on the taste you I just gave
me all right let's move on to the next
flavor let us go to tropical delight
that's the next one up for RFA again
same thing clear liquid nice clean
labels nice clear unicorn bottles very
good you got all your warnings SM oh you
can follow them on Instagram SM PL juice
at I guess at s SPL juice on Instagram
plots give me this one a good shake so
there it is before if you get you all
right let's get it let's go description
of all this I will make you believe that
you're in paradise come combine freshly
cut mango no mangoes juicy pineapple and
orange you cannot go wrong ingredients
yeah but 70/30 alright gave that one a
good shake this one's got mango in it
not a fan of mango ah I guess in these
juices they taste harsh when you put it
on your hand you obviously you're not
supposed to be doing it but that's just
what I do for you crazy mother alright
so I put on my hand tastes like like
really harsh pineapple orange and that
mango hit me right and faced ya mangoes
there and this one doesn't amazingly it
doesn't smell like the feet of the ass
of a mango so that could be good alright
next atomizer up for Aziz
by ah bleep so we're gonna use all right
so this one here and I tried to adjust
the airflow on that one last time not
gonna do it point one five and this one
is a dual fuse Clapton 0.15 let's
saturate them weeks this is a mango
juice but like I said it doesn't smell
like a bag of gorilla nuts all right
doesn't smell or taste like that so
maybe they use the different mango II
not so feet II kind of kids are up so
you're gonna get a review when I do
reviews at night you're gonna get the up
close and personal look of the children
in the background all right
yeah that one pine I don't know if you
should mix see this this is the thing I
don't know if you should mix pineapple
and orange because that smells really
weird so I'll let you know how that
tastes if I like it I may not be honest
with you pineapple and orange doesn't
belong together
yeah it's got that pineapple mango and
are yeah let's let's see how this bitch
is gonna do so this one's wide open on
the airflow because the last time I
almost want that I fling this bitch
there we go
0.15 we're gonna need more what's cup
1090 who wets pineapple and orange not
so much mango surprisingly pineapple and
orange very smooth but I don't know if I
like that combination be honest with you
pineapple and orange
I taste pineapple and orange no mango
pineapple and orange I don't know if I
like that taste sign apples and oranges
clouds are really nice really smooth no
throat hit that tastes like pineapples
and oranges there is no mango that I
taste that I can distinguish in that
juice I'm if I'm not not a flavor I like
but taste is so subjective guys so I
can't really stress that enough East is
very subjective if you guys like
pineapple and oranges I'd say get it but
I don't like pineapples and oranges
together I just don't like that taste so
like I said I can't say it's a bad juice
cuz I don't like it because taste is
you like pineapples and oranges go for
it be sure it
it's good it takes like pineapples and
oranges but I don't like that taste
I don't like fine ice I'm sorry I sound
like a broken record and I will stop I
think I'll stop yeah tastes exactly like
pineapples and oranges so like I said
I'll pass it because like I can't I
can't say I can't say I don't like
something if you like something that I
would taste is subjective so it tastes
exactly there is no mango in this that I
taste okay that I taste I taste oranges
and pineapple and it's mixed together
like I don't get pineapple first and
oranges I get pineapples and oranges
together alright so take what you want
away with that let's take away what you
want with it
Oh what take away from that what you
how about that yeah let's do that
pineapples and oranges if you guys like
that kind of thing do it this one I
liked cuz it was apples pears and Kiwis
so this one was actually better than
that one I like this one better so if
you guys are into that flavor go pick it
up a juice dot deals video the link will
be in the video's description thank you
so much for watching stay tuned to the
channel I have a smorgasbord full of
reviews and stuff to review for you guys
or reviews all next week you guys
already know I'm back bitches I'm back
thank you so much to my man Andy for
sending these juices to me to review for
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