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By Elena Ognivtseva

Morning Sin Eliquid unleashes your desire and cravings with a hot freshly made donut topped with a sinfully sweet and delicious glaze...Yummm! Ingredients: USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerin, USP Nicotine, Natural and Artificial Flavoring Ratio: 70vg/30pg


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SMPL MORNING SIN

hey what's going on everyone out there
in YouTube land so today I got a review
on a mechanical mod that's coming from
infinite and it's going to be a clone of
the ever so famous simple mod now I'm
pretty sure a lot of you people out
there a lot of you vapors are very very
familiar with the simple mod you guys
are actually the ones that kind of told
me about this mod I've heard about it
I've known about it but I've never
actually used one or seen one in person
now just recently I did a few reviews on
a few mechanical mods a head hybrid top
caps on there and mechanical mods or
should I say these hybrid top caps are
becoming very very popular lately for
many different reasons actually one
because they cut down in the overall
length of the mod 2 because they look
better when you can eliminate the top
cap and your atomizer sits perfectly
flush with the mod itself and then 3
having a hybrid top cap where the
atomizer comes in contact directly with
the battery it improves the overall you
know connectivity and you're less likely
to get voltage drop I mean there's still
going to be voltage drop there but it's
going to be very very minimal the more
parts and more pieces and more threading
that you have on a mod the more voltage
drop you're going to get okay the more I
mean there's just more points of contact
for that voltage to kind of leak out and
you know for you to get voltage drop now
I'm sure this has voltage drop every
mechanical mod error every mod has
voltage drop okay I can tell just by
vaping on this that the voltage drop is
very very minimal compared to my other
mods even compared to my mines that have
a hybrid top cap now this has a hybrid
top cap on it but what's different about
the simple mod is the hybrid top cap is
built into it okay so it's one complete
there's no threading at top for your
hybrid top cap to go onto so they're
eliminating the threading on top the
only point of
this mod or the only part on this mod it
has threading is where your switch
screws into so there's just one point
that's it your atomizer comes in direct
contact with your battery so we're
eliminating a top cap we're eliminating
a 510 pin and I mean it doesn't get more
minimal than this real quick I want to
take a quick vape off this at the moment
I have my el cabrón
I believe you pronounce it el cabrón
RDA on here and that's want to give you
guys a quick look what that looks like
that looks awesome with the heat fins on
the bottom of the RDA and the way it
lines up with a simple mod I think looks
beautiful beautiful beautiful I got a
dual coil in here I think it's a point
30.3 on on this particular mod is really
really satisfying now using this
atomizer on a different mechanical mod
say my nemesis I love my men I love my
nemesis don't get me wrong but I do
notice a voltage drop I could feel some
sort of decrease in the satisfaction I
get out of the vape but real quick
taking a quick feet
mmm beautiful beautiful beautiful
just love the way this thing is
performing right now and the switch the
switch is very very minimal I'm talking
take two or three quarters all right
stack them on top of each other that's
how thick the switch is this switch is
is just tiny and it has a great great
throw to it and you do all your battery
adjusting through the switch all right
guys so without talking your ear off why
don't we dive down get up close and
personal with a simple mod and let's see
what makes it so simple all right here
we go
all right guys so here we are up close
and personal with a simple clone by
infinite as I stated earlier it's very
very minimal you'll notice we have
absolutely no lines for no extra parts
or pieces this is going to be an 18 650
only device but the overall length of
this mod at 18 650 mode is only going to
be 78 millimeters so it's going to be a
very very small mod for its battery size
now it is a 22 millimeter diameter so
all your 22 millimeter atomizers are
going to fit completely flush and inline
on this and if you'll notice on the very
top that the top cap is built-in to the
tube okay so there's no way to remove
this the top cap and the battery tube
are all one solid piece that is going to
give you improved performance improved
connectivity throughout the device on
the bottom right here you're going to
notice the switch and if you can tell if
you can look on the switch right here
you're going to see that we have some
holes cut out for battery ventilation
now infinite decided not to go with a
logo list clone so they did copy the
logo from the authentic version so
you're going to notice it says epic
design studios on the bottom cap right
there below that you're going to see
simple and then made in the USA of
course we know that this mods not made
in the USA since it is the infinite
but that's not really a deal-breaker for
me then in the center right here you're
going to see a little slot and right
there is where you can stick a coin you
can use your nail you can use the back
end of a pair of tweezers and that's
going to help you loosen and tighten off
your yourse which as I said you could
just use your nail you can use a coin or
whatever but what I'm going to do is I'm
just going to take my end of my tweezers
and as you can see it fits right in
there and then you can just unscrew it
or you could just you know use your
fingers and unscrew it like so now
here's that switch I was talking about
very very tiny switch very very little
throw to it easy to press very smooth
and this is a spring-loaded switch like
a lot of the infinite mods that are
coming out lately they're all using this
lock ring that goes around the the
negative connection and what that does
is that pretty much you know locks all
the internals into the switch rather
than using a threaded negative
connection or a screw or nut to tighten
everything down infinite is starting to
use these lock rings and these lock
rings are really nice because none of
the connections are going to ever come
loose you know over time when you're
using your mod you'll find that the
negative connection will sometimes
loosen itself up but with this design it
will never come loose the only negative
I find with this design is that these
lock rings are a real pain to get off
sometimes so I will not be removing this
lock ring simply because whenever I do
try to remove these lock rings I always
end up scratching up the the material or
banging up the mod so I'm going to leave
that lock ring in place but as you could
tell from the switch you know it's a
very simple once again just like the
name of the mod it's a very very simple
design you have your switch that just
feeds through the housing has a spring
inside and that's pretty much it now the
switch and the switch housing are going
to be made of all brass which is going
to improve connectivity and then you'll
like I said there you notice your your
bed revenge Latian holes you could
actually see through the hole
so it does have proper battery
ventilation now if you look down in the
battery tube you'll notice it's one
solid piece it almost looks like it's
not one solid piece like the top cap
actually is threaded on but it is in
fact one piece so it's just a straight
stainless steel tube with the hybrid top
cap built into the tube so it's all one
solid piece then you can notice the 510
threading right there the threading is
beautiful I've had no issues threading
on any of my atomizers everything is set
down flush I'll keep in mind that
there's no air slots or air cutouts but
chances are if you're purchasing a mod
like this you're going to be using a RDA
or an RTA where the atomizer itself
provides its own airflow
I actually prefer mods that don't have
the air slots because a lot of atomizers
nowadays don't even require airflow from
the bottom so I just think it looks much
cleaner and just overall better looking
with a flat solid top like this as
opposed to having you know the air
cutouts and that's pretty much the
battery tube it's just a really really
simple you know like the name States
design now all these mechanical mods
they have a hybrid top cap or have a
hybrid connection like this where the
atomizer comes in direct contact with
the battery you got to make sure you use
an atomizer that has the correct 510 pin
now for instance here's my el cabrón or
el cabrón and as you can see that 510
pin you can see that it's protruding
away from the threading okay you see
that how that pin is sticking out when
the battery comes in contact with the
atomizer that 510 pin is going to be
touching the battery not the threading
now let's say for instance you have an
atomizer like this where the 510 pin is
flush with the threading now as you can
see you notice how you don't see the 510
pin sticking out it's actually flush
with the threading if you put an
atomizer like this on a mod that has a
hybrid top cap you're going to get a
hard short so for instance
your battery is going to come in contact
with it and you'll notice the positive
of your battery is going to be touching
those threads and the threads on an
atomizer are considered the negative of
the ground so you're going to have a
hard short and trust me a hard short is
something that you don't want to
experience it will burn the hell out of
you the moment you fire your mod you
will get the most painful escape you've
ever gotten in your hand I've burned
myself a few times screwing on the wrong
atomizer and it's nuts it's not fun
trust me it's not fun at all so you want
to make sure that the atomizer you're
using has a true ting 510 pin so with my
el caballo atomizer like I said it's
sticking out there the way this would
work is we would take it screw it on the
mod like so screw totes all the way down
flush take your battery positive side up
slide it in and then take your bottom
switch and you start to screw it in
you'll notice you know I don't have it
screwed in all the way and there's some
battery rattle now the way to get rid of
battery rattle is going to be through
the switch pretty much you just tighten
the switch up until it snugs up against
your battery and it stops your battery
rattle so this is where you're going to
need a coin or a tool of some sort
I'm using my tweezers and just give it a
nice snug you know got a crank on it and
once you snug it up your battery red
will be gone and then you could fire
your mind so in reality what's going on
is your battery is coming in direct
contact with your atomizer and your
switch right here is going to be where
you adjust for your battery rattle so
you just want to Snug your switch up
just enough to where it's firm and
there's no more battery rattle and just
make sure that you always screw your
atomizer on first you don't want to
screw the battery in first because then
the battery will come in contact with
the top cap and ground itself out so
always make sure the atomizer goes on
first and if you look down in there
you'll see the 510 pin for my atomizer
and the battery will come in direct
contact with that if you ask me this is
the perfect name for this mod the simple
mod because it's very very very simple
there's nothing to it
very simple connections very simple
design everything about it is just
simple I strongly suggest that you
always remove the battery from the mod
before you remove the atomizer so if
you're not going to use the mod and say
you take the atomizer off then remove
the battery also because of the positive
on the battery comes in contact with the
mod itself and you go and fire the push
the firing button you're going to ground
out so just make sure you remove the
battery and that's pretty much it for
the simple mod yeah pretty simple all
right so let's jump back up let's vape
on it and let's talk about it a little
bit more alright here we go
alright guys so there you have it up
close and personal with a simple mod by
infinite I'm gonna have a quick V
mmm-hmm loving it loving it loving it
this setup right here is just ah
awesome when you get the perfect like
dripper with the perfect mech mod it
just makes me start loving mech mods all
over again this is the kind of stuff I
like right here alright so let's talk
about the simple mod one thing I forgot
about in the up close is the batteries
that this thing can accommodate I've
been using strictly sony VT c flat tops
in here and it works perfectly
now if you're using the nipple top
purple FS batteries they're not going to
fit they're going to be too long I mean
it will work but you're you're firing
switch your bottom button is going to be
sticking out a little bit alright so I
do not recommend using the nipple tops I
did put in a you know a standard aw IMR
18 650 nipple top and it actually fits
beautifully it fits perfect to where the
switch is perfectly flush I do not
recommend using a wim our batteries the
amp rating on these are too low when I
use a mech mod I always recommend using
a 30 or 35 amp battery just for safety
it's always better to be safe than sorry
alright so for size reference if you
have an AW IMR 18 650 battery and you're
curious if your batteries will fit in
here um as long as the battery is not
taller than a standard aw IMR you're
good to go
but purpley fast too long not going to
work also another thing is it was
probably obvious in the up close but I
kind of forgot it is that there's no
locking switch now with the way this
button is designed it sits flush with
the mod itself so when you set it down
you know it's perfectly flush it doesn't
rattle it doesn't rest on the button it
actually sits on the actual tube itself
so the mods not going to fire and the
button kind of goes up you know it kind
of goes up in the tube a little bit so
if it's in your pocket you know you got
to just kind of be careful because the
throw on it is very minimal so
Oh chances are if you've got something
in your pocket I mean I never throw my
mod in my pocket you know with keys or
anything I always put it like in the top
jacket pocket or something like that but
the chances of pushing that firing
switch you know it can happen if you
have other things in your pocket since
there's no locking ring but you know
they want to keep it simple so they
didn't you know I I it really doesn't
need a locking switch a lot of mods
nowadays are doing away with locking
switches just because they have the
button going up inside the battery tube
and it just makes it a lot easier to
vape it and set it down like when I'm
sitting at my desk I get vape it set it
down as for with my nemesis or a few of
my other mods I got to turn the ringing
and lock it up and it gets kind of
tiring and annoying after a while so I
do like the fact that it doesn't have a
locking switch the overall quality of
this I really do like it
once again infinite hit it out of the
park quality on this is beautiful I love
it the engraving on the bottom switch is
a little kind of it's kind of crowded
alright there's like too much engraving
going on on the bottom switch and it's
just it just seems like it's just
they're trying to fit too much on that
switch so the engraving isn't like
really precise but it's a clone and I
really don't care about that not a big
deal the threading on the on the button
is perfect the threading on the 510
connection is perfect the overall finish
of the stainless steel tube is nice and
smooth there's no jagged edges it's not
sharp anywhere what else can we talk
about I mean I think that's all I can
talk about I mean really it is a simple
mod it's very very simple and like I
said since it doesn't have parts and
pieces and threading hair and threading
there your connectivity on this one is
going to be just flat-out awesome vaping
my Elka Braun on this mod right here it
just it's very satisfying if I put it on
my nemesis or another mechanical mod
that has you know various different
parts and pieces it you know it's still
satisfying but you'll notice there's a
little bit decrease in
in the way it hits in the way performs
okay it's not going to be night and day
and I don't have a way at the moment to
test the voltage drop on this but I'm
going to say that judging by the taste
the flavor the vapor production the
voltage drop on this one is going to be
very very minimal from between all the
mods I own this has the least amount of
voltage drop that I can you know that I
experienced while vaping it the tension
on that switch is beautiful you only
have to push it in I don't know maybe a
millimeter if that or a half a
millimeter you can actually use your
pinky to fire this mod it's very very
comfortable hold it like this use your
pinky no problem you don't strain your
fingers the locking ring that Infinite
is using on a lot of their mods on their
switches I really do like it
because it locks all the internals in
place and nothing comes loose over time
but if you're one of those guys it likes
to take your switch apart all the time
it's going to be a pain for you because
trying to get that locking ring off
without scarring up the mod itself or
you know scratching it or bending it or
something like that is probably not
going to happen but when a switch like
this it's so small and minimal like
there's no reason to go inside of it the
spring in it I can guarantee you is
probably a tiny microscopic spring I
could just tell because I could fire
this mod with my pinky without any
effort so overall I'm really really
really super impressed with this simple
mod by infinite out of all the other
hybrid top cap mechanical mods I
reviewed I'm going to give this one top
priority just because the top cap is
built in its integrated less pieces and
the only piece I got to worry about is
that bottom switch and it just seems to
perform a lot better than my other
mechanical mods I really really do like
this and the fact that it only takes 18
650 it's not a deal-breaker for me as
you can see behind me I only use 18 650
batteries one thing that really bothers
me about mods like this that
the hybrid top cap on them is that mod
makers and companies never really give
you enough documentation about the
correct atomizers to use in a few my
other videos i commented and say you
know if your atomizer has an adjustable
510 pin you can use that on your on your
hybrid top cap but a lot of people are
telling me no it's not a good idea
because over time that adjustable 510
pin on your atomizer is going to screw
itself back up and it's going to lose
connection so i I learned a little
something from everyone right there so I
think a lot of these companies and mod
makers really need to put a little
documentation or a little warning on
these mechanical mods that have these
hybrid top caps and inform people hey
your 510 pin has to protrude a little
bit away from the threading for for you
to be able to use it on this mod if not
you're going to short it out and people
always say oh short you're going to get
a short short I mean we've all had a
short and you know the Kanthal wire
would just snap or burn up but if you
get a short on a mod like this where the
510 pin is not all the way through it's
going to be a painful short they never
comment and tell you that it's a painful
short okay it's like an instant zap like
a burn to your hand I've done it a few
times and I've burned the tips of my
fingers eyes f my pinky before not on
this particular mod but like on my first
mechanical mod that was a hybrid I
wasn't really you know thinking of the
510 pin has to protrude away from the
atomizer I didn't really think about
that I screw the mod on I go to push the
button in like old shit and the bow just
fly for my hands because the thing would
zap and burn the hell out of me so I
really think companies kind of need to
put a little warning to let people know
what atomizers to use that's why I
really stress that fact in my videos
because I don't want someone to go out
and buy this and pop on you know an
atomizer and it's going to zap the hell
out of them because that's not it's not
fun trust me it is not fun at all if
you're in
stead of picking up the infinite version
of the simple mod head over to subsonic
vapes they got a really good deal going
on on these right now that's where I got
my net and I mean really it's an awesome
mechanical mod I love it and like I said
I'm not really big into mechanical mods
anymore but this one is really
impressive and I just love the way it
looks I think the selling point for me
on this one is the fact that it's one
solid tube and the top cap or the hybrid
top cap is built into place I think that
was the selling point for me right there
so I appreciate all you guys out there
letting me know about the simple mod it
was a really good choice and I'm glad I
got it really good really good
alright guys so that's all I got for you
today if you have any questions or
comments about the simple mod please
leave them below please hit that
subscribe button and I'll talk to
everyone very very soon build safe and
vape on

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