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yeah guys what's up it's a little bit past midnight I'm making the last video for this week I completely forgot I wanted to tell you guys before I go because it's a really great deal sample box and they sent me a shirt I never wear the shirts companies se


DeLemonFul Cake Eliquid delivers a cream filled and custard packed slice of cake with a touch of luscious lemon making your taste buds go wild. Ingredients: USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerin, USP Nicotine, Natural and Artificial Flavoring Ratio: 70vg/30pg


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SMPL DELEMONFUL CAKE

yeah guys what's up it's a little bit
past midnight I'm making the last video
for this week
I completely forgot I wanted to tell you
guys before I go because it's a really
great deal sample box and they sent me a
shirt I never wear the shirts companies
send me because most of July when they
do this it's always like an extra extra
extra large and clearly I am extra extra
extra large but sample box decided to
send me like a small and holy crap it
like pretty much fits so that that's
awesome I could always use more clothes
so sample box sent me all three flavors
that are part of this bill that's going
on right now they're having another
promotion it's 300 milliliters of a
liquid for 35 bucks plus you get like
two entry to win an Xbox or ps4 or both
of them something like that it's really
cool be honest I'm not really sure how
long they're having this promotion but
just click on a link down below and if
it works then it works I'm getting a
shot do a little bit of a review tell
you guys what I think this is sjz liquid
and there's Toro Nemo cookie craze bang
made in the USA and let me see if I can
find the VG PG Beedie Beedie Beedie
Deakins I can't find the PG VG ratio
which is really upsetting I do not like
when companies don't put that on there
I'll be honest first off let's try BAE
I'd like it first hit I like it
I'll tell you guys why I like it I have
been vaping the absolute crap out of a
mango flavored juice that I will be
reviewing sometime in the future I
absolutely love it this is also a mango
flavor and predominantly picking up
mango but I'm gonna vape it a little bit
more and see if I could pick anything
else up like it I love mango I'm getting
mango sorbet because I eat a lot of them
and it tastes exactly like that I like
it I like it I like it a lot I am going
to butcher this name terrine emo that
one guys I am getting like we're
roasting hot there's a bunch of Lights
in front of me I have three lights in
front of me and only one of them is an
LED light the other two are not I'm I'm
roasting that is good tastes like a
desert I'll be honest I've never had a
churro before but I'm guessing it's like
some sort of brown sugar sweet dessert
maybe I've never had it I'm sorry I'm
nothing to compare it to it's definitely
on the sweeter side I can't see myself
babying it all day long because it is
sweeter and I just I just don't really
mate sweet juices not for extended
periods anyway I'm picking out vanilla
bean brown sugar I can't quite pick up
the rest of it I wish I really knew what
was in a churro definitely has a sweet
dessert brown sugar vanilla bean maybe
it's an ice cream flavor because the
other one was sorbet so I'm wondering if
this is ice cream and if you guys are
wondering what I'm using my box mod it's
the cartel 160 by revenant babe atomizer
on here this is the apocalypse
generation 2 by Armageddon absolutely
long this RDA I'm picking up a Noah on
this one again I think it's vanilla
strawberry ice cream I think these are
all ice cream flavors I am going to look
at the flavor profile at the very end I
have it here turned upside down I have
not looked at it yet my guess is these
are all ice cream based flavors
I'm not picking up a cookie flavor I
will say that
it says um cookie craze on it but I'm
picking out vanilla strawberry ice cream
flavor I'm not really picking out much
of a cookie flavor maybe it's like that
ice cream cookie sandwich because I'm
looking at the picture now it looks like
it is it is right it's right there in
the picture this one's not overly sweet
it is on a sweeter side I've got a
sweetness to it but it's not
overpowering at all right guys so that
is pretty much it decide from there
whether this is something you want to
try oh and I forgot flavor profile so
Bay this is refreshing scoop of Tang G
mango ice cream sorbet
yay I got it sorry memo insane fusion of
vanilla bean ice cream mash between two
delicious Charles covered in sweet brown
sugar is sure to have you asking people
will you be the cinnamon to my churro
and cookie craze this is a milky
strawberry vanilla sugar ice cream
cookie sandwich will have you going
bonkers alright so that is it that
completes this review and if you guys
are interested in the sweet deal 300
milliliters for 35 bucks I will have the
link down below and I think they also
give you like a couple entries to
potentially win an Xbox or ps4 Xbox one
or ps4 alright guys that is it that
completes this video and if you guys
want to check me out also I'm also on
Facebook Twitter Instagram and my other
channel called just Sophie bye guys

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