Vape Review of Silent Pool E-Liquid by Pure Evil (10ml)

April 19, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Silent Pool E-Liquid by Pure Evil (10ml)

Vape Review of Silent Pool E-Liquid by Pure Evil (10ml)

From Pure Evil's 7 Deadly Sins collection comes Silent Pool. It might seem serene on the surface, but there's plenty of sour flavour swimming underneath. With tart lemonade and just a hint of vanilla, this is a great vape for cloud chasers who love strong, sour flavour. Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths Suitable for sub-ohm devices only About Pure Evil Made in the UK by industry-leading experts Vapour Labs, Pure Evil is their bestselling range of maximum VG e-liquids for great taste and maximum vapour. Flavours are inspired by the seven deadly sins to help satisfy your desires and create sinfully good cloud with sub-ohm setups.

Vape Review of Silent Pool E-Liquid by Pure Evil (10ml)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Silent Pool E-Liquid by Pure Evil (10ml)

sup everyone thank you tune in to vaping
treatment back today with another
eliquid review and i'm very happy to say
i've got a new one coming at you from
pure evil so when you guys and girls
whose watch my reviews before you'll
know that I'm a big fan of the pure evil
range I've reviewed the whole seven
deadly sins range I think and then yeah
this is massively exciting anybody
watches my videos seen any my previous
news reviews you know that I'm a big fan
of the pure evil ranger absolutely love
what they're doing great standard
liquids I've not been let down here and
pretty sure at one name it's not gonna
happen anytime soon this new one asylum
pool I pick this off when we were expo
was a few weeks ago now so sorry for the
delay a bit overdue on this Rumble very
excited to bring it out now yeah we went
down there myself a michael great their
expo and one of the highlights was
definitely meeting the guys i am guys
and girls from the pure evil / vaporized
team absolutely fantastic day and yeah
absolutely pleasure really to put some
faces to names and it was brilliant
really good i came away with a few
liquids and this one is the face 1 i'm
going to be reviewing so i'm going to
give you the description will have smell
and as a standard wheel without the best
but we all have ave anyone who's not
familiar with the pure evil range just a
quick overview of the company themselves
so the range is a Mac VG range its comes
from a company called vaporize they're
based in guilford ansari the ingredients
are all UK and EU sourced ingredients so
you're gonna you know these guys are
guaranteeing you getting good quality
ingredients there in your illiquid
usually comment in my pure evil reviews
absolutely love the packaging you've got
same old and black glass bottle with a
dripper and yet carrying on the school
theme at this time we've got like here a
golden yellow almost golden school as we
can see silent pool this is 3 milligrams
of nicotine and it is a 20 mil glass
bottle prices through m nine pound 99
and on the site on the
i sighs they do offer next day delivery
as well of yours before a certain time
you can get the next day in the UK which
is awesome no more waiting round so if
you like what you hear like what you see
today feel free you can jump on there
and you can have this you can have the
postman knocking next day to pop this
through the door ok so I'm reading the
description off the pure evil website
and i'll pop pop a link below it's
described as the surface appears serene
but the depths of spiked with sour lemon
a liquid that holds many secrets ooh so
yeah they the depths are spiked with
sour lemon but as there as usual there's
going to be something else going on in
there and what will it be so for today's
review by the way we're vaping on the
just standard review set up looking a
bit battered now good old r x 200 and
the brass little boy on top I vaping at
60 watts just standard standard review
set up single Clapton in there and we've
got a fresh fresh with going on as well
oh I meant to do that you couldn't
resist some sup smell see where we go
mmm okay so you get them you get in
there I suppose it's a bitter lemon like
it's our love sour herbs / bitter lemon
but this is it I'm getting a bit of a
sweetness going on now it's not not
overly sweet but you know if you were to
get like a honey and lemon laws and jet
or sweet I'm getting that type of thing
there's definitely a sweetness in there
too but it's a little lovely smelling
the hood very fresh it smells really
fresh the lemon yeah it's like a bitter
fresh lemon smell not i wouldn't say
tangy but you getting like a clean
bitter lemon and there's definitely a
hint of sweetness there as well it's a
lovely smell any liquid
very nice Melanie liquid so we're going
to going to crack on gonna move on to
the gore bay and we're gonna have a vape
so take a vape and we'll think about the
the inhale yeah let you know what's
going on mmm as you can see max BTW
range crazy clouds well compose myself
for a moment so okay straight away
there's a coolness coming from this very
very smooth you know i'm not getting any
throat is I don't think about the throws
it offer a pure evil liquid and for me
that's a good thing I'm not after after
a big throat it don't mind a slight
throat a poor it's very smooth now
getting the coolness i was a bit of
menthol in here it's got to be as a
coolness coming through and then i'm
getting up with a lemon on meeting the
lemon itself there is a business to it
but we're not talking like an acidity
there's no acidity to it it's a sharp
lemon I think sharp is a good way and I
was described as a sour lemon and yet
you're getting a sharp lemon flavor
coming through there but very nice very
clean flavor and and it's full really
good flavor I'm getting a lot of flavor
from as well we take another vape mmm
and drip a bit more down that's good so
yeah you you really are getting that as
it says sour lemon up sharp clean flavor
coming through I'm just going to drip a
bit more and then we'll let you guys
know what is left on the on the exhale
what I did know didn't show you actually
when we were down our expo got given a
few of these like mod stickers I also
must that look so just shows we're even
then even wrapping these guys on the RX
I'll kills are absolutely badass South a
little babe
yeah off the fresh trip there and get
them getting that coolness getting the
hint of man football don't you know
don't take this as a menthol veep I know
menthol really it really divides people
I know you'll get a lot of people say
you know no not to internment all please
don't take this as a menthol vape
there's a coolness in there but it
certainly isn't a menthol veep on the
exhale is where i'm getting the
sweetness as well and i can only like in
this too I what I said they around with
the with the smell if you think of like
a horny and lemon larger that you've got
that honey sweetness and it is so this
is sort of sweetness but I think the
balance with the lemon being like bitter
/ sour the the sort of sweetness really
helps and gives it a really full flavor
as well it's good stuff cloud for days
clouds with a use a view into your Kyle
Jason and get back onto my other videos
as well there's reviews for loads of
these pure evil liquids into the same
story right through clouds are crazy max
VG clouds but yet the M this is this is
fantastic I think I'm left now with a
bit of lemon on the back meeting and
then a mouth like Colton of that
sweetness which I had only like into a
light honey it is literally like you've
been eaten like a honey lemon laws
injure that's what I'm left with in my
mouth tasted that this Expo and since
that I went down there with high hopes
to think it was a few days before the
the juicer has announced these guys
bought a few pitches up said you're
going to be releasing the two new ones
and we've also got cold blooded which
I'm going to be doing in a moment that's
going to be separate video though so
please tune in but yeah we we tasted
these expo and certainly wasn't let down
a goddamn got there and you know
hundreds of vendors and this was a
highlight for me i went there i went
there literally looking for the the pure
evil stand to go have a taste of this
and as i was lucky enough to be given
and given some bottles review so cheers
to mike for that and it's awesome i
always appreciate
yeah I'm not let down at all so we view
into you give you into year I suppose
like lemon citrusy vapes also like I
said you gettin a hint of coolness but I
wouldn't class it as a menthol it's not
a menthol vape but those are coolness
running through it and then you left on
the exhale with a like sort of sweetness
which I can only like unto like a horny
it's a fantastic vape it really is a
great vape as I said you can get it for
19 ein link will be below I love these
guys I think just as it as a company for
me they're fantastic to deal with and
your mathematics ball very welcoming it
great to actually catch up with them
have a chat and I think on a customer
level as well for you guys absolutely
great company you know great company if
you've got any questions jump onto the
social media I'll pop links below ask
them some questions go and find them on
Instagram ask them some questions but
their brilliance did the liquids you
know I know it's am with any eliquid I
understand it so it's gonna be
subjective and just because I think a
bit of lemon with a hint of sweetness is
good it might not be for you it could be
totally against your profile ball I'd
hoped that you'd understand that I'm
wouldn't go for something that is
completely against your you know your
profile what you like but for me I think
this is a great great quality juice
fantastic flavor full flavor as standard
with the pure evil liquids and yet it
certainly is just carrying on the
tradition of these gray full flavor max
BG as well you know the you'd expect the
PG to carry flavor pack and flavor into
these Mac VG like what I'm already do it
brilliant really good really good liquid
very enjoyable and I'm going to leave
you the vapor will see you soon

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