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Strawberry Shortcake by Shakes E-Juice features a classic favorite in vaping history: a creamy milky flavor with strawberry added in makes it a classic favorite. So sit down on your imaginary bar stool, and fill up on this milky sweet goodness.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SHAKES STRAWBERRY SHORTSHAKE EJUICE

today I bring you strawberry shortcake
by shakes ejuice hey there ladies and
gentlemen KJ and EO is back in the house
this time I have an e liquid review of
strawberry shortcake from shakes ejuice
it's manufactured in Corona California I
want to give a big shout-out to Andy
thank you so much for sending it my way
to review I greatly appreciate it the
price you guys 120 ml bottles such as
this retails for $24 at ejuice deals and
don't just stop there they made a coupon
code for you guys my subscribers that's
right if you use the code KJ + EO you
get 15% off the already low price and
the shipping is gonna cost you five
dollars in ninety cents it's a domestic
shipping flat rate deal and the blend is
a 70/30 70 VG 30 PG nicotine strengths
available are zero three and six
milligrams I have mine in three
milligrams that's what I prefer there
are two flavors in the product line but
I'm going to go over this one today
strawberry shortcake alright the flavor
intensity is definitely above moderate
it's still an all day vape it comes to
you pre steep it's not really too
coiling cotton friendly here's what it
looks like after really like a whole
night of vaping on this stuff
you could purchase this e-liquid by
visiting ejuice deals I will leave a
link to them in the description down
below so you could easily navigate there
and get your own bottle today alright so
the description reads it is a spot on
strawberry shortcake milkshake featuring
buttery Shortcake's
ripe summer berries and sweet cream
enjoy these hundred 20 mils they go fast
comes in 120 mils chubby gorilla bottle
unicorn style bottle and it's a 70/30
blend as I mentioned here's what the
bottle looks like it is a childproof cap
it has all the warnings on it that needs
to be there it looks like it's good to
go in that department yeah so let's go
ahead and do a smell check you have
first and foremost I'm getting
strawberry shortcake okay I'm getting
like ripe strawberries but I'm getting
like the Strawberry Shortcake like the
buttery cakes that they're mentioning
there's definitely a sweet cream that
goes with it as well and let's do a
taste test when I first hit my tongue is
a little bit odd but as it's soaking in
definitely strawberry shortcakes you're
getting the ripe strawberry you're
getting that buttery shortcake and
definitely there's like a sweet cream as
it was done melting in there is a little
bit of sweetener here let just to let
you know I mean you guys saw the coils
in cotton obviously there's some
sweetener involved okay alright that
being said let's take it for a vape I
have strawberry shortcake loaded in the
crichton RDA by cyclone mods on top of
the ghost alive for 160 I have a dual
coil of juggernaut quails in there
resistances coming out to 0.27 and I'm
at a hundred twenty watts here we go
definitely smooth on the throat
it's definitely smooth out the nose as
well okay and on the way in on the way
and I'm getting the ripe strawberries
I'm getting a little bit of that
creaminess that they're talking about
let me go ahead and drip a little bit
more here all right on the way out
you're getting the ripe strawberries but
don't let it deceive you because as
you're tasting the strawberry the
buttery cakes come rushing in right
behind it and I'd say about like ah
maybe like half way maybe a little less
than halfway through the vape the sweet
cream is coming on also yeah there's
definitely a little bit of sweetness to
because it's a sweet cream I'm sure it
is if they made it just like a regular
cream and without the sweetness it
wouldn't have the sweetener and it is
leaving a little bit of a sweetener
taste on my mouth just to let you guys
know some of you guys like that kind of
stuff you know I personally don't like
it a lot of sweetener on my e-liquids
but a lot of you guys love it so that
being said based on everything that I'm
tasting it's a good solid flavor I'm
gonna give it a kjn do flavor rating huh
four and a half out of five now if it
didn't have that extra sweetener I would
have gone ahead and give it a five I
mean it's a really solid flavor okay but
like I said I'm not trying to scare you
guys away from it it's definitely good
stuff I give it a thumbs up for sure
alright so that being said let's go on
to the vapor production test right about
now for the vapor production test it is
a 70/30 okay and let's just do this one
this way one that way and here we go
pretty nice dense milky clouds they drop
down they definitely stay in the air a
they don't dissipate too fast here's one
for you guys yeah so it seems on par
with most 70/30 so I'm gonna go ahead
and give the vapor production rating at
kg and EO vapor production rate now 4
out of 5 stars that's where I'm at okay
so that is my take on Strawberry
Shortcake from shakes ejuice go check it
out I definitely give it a thumbs up
okay and you could get it again from
ejuice deals make sure to use the code
KJ Andy oh so you get that 15% off and
that's about all the time for you today
on this review so I hope you enjoyed the
review if you did and you have any
questions comments or concerns please
leave them down below I'd be glad to
answer you as soon as I possibly can
thank you guys so much for watching have
a stellar day be excellent to each other
and most of all remember me I'm KJ Andy
oh your host for the most take care and
I will see you on the next video peace

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