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By Ksenia Sobchak

This Eliquid hits by SAVEURvape is absolutely perfect! Tempting is a tasty deep fried churro stuffed with sweet blueberries. Fall into temptation and step your eliquid game up with a bottle of SVRF! VG to PG Ratio: Max VG This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of SAVEURvape Tempting BEASTLY BECAUSE Whether you enjoy, fruits, creams, or a mixture of both SAVEURvape has a profile for just about every vaper! These flavors are Balanced, Satisfying, and Refreshing! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SAVEURVAPE SVRF TEMPTING

what's happening everybody it's Jay Lee
guys I got another two-for-one Alegre
view to bring you tonight these are off
to dessert flavors from the new surf
line and I got the vine and tempting so
you guys already know to sit back relax
grab a vape and let's go ahead and check
it out
strawberry and that strawberry
alright guys at least two flavors work
so never send me from Andy a task
evaluation for purpose of review that of
course will never change my thoughts or
opinions on either of these two flavors
so 60 ml authentic gorilla bottle comes
in this box here we got the vine and we
got temptation divine is a strawberry
cream tart which I love strawberry
flavor so I'm looking forward to that
one and the temptation is a blueberry
stuff churro now those of you familiar
with churros or even if you're not there
basically those cinnamon twists looking
things they usually come warm and they
taste really good I'm not a big fan of
cinnamon flavored e-liquid so hopefully
it's not too overpowering ly too
overpowering on the cinnamon but I do
love blueberry and that one sounds like
it's gonna be really good blueberry
stuff churro sounds pretty damn good in
my opinion
alright so I believe that the red label
from the surf line is fairly new I know
they had their aqua line which is like
the fruit flavors so I was definitely
excited about these ones I also have a
lemon pastry flavor that I'll be
bringing you guys at a later I'll be
bringing you guys that review at a later
date we're gonna start it off first with
the divine which is the strawberry cream
tart and then later on in the second
half of the review we'll move on to the
temptation or the tempting I'm sorry I
keep calling it I keep wanting to call
it temptation tempting and then we'll
see which one I like more I'll let you
guys know and all that other good stuff
but we're gonna start it off here we'll
smell it first late guys know what I get
from the smell will vape on it go over
to vapor production throat hit flavor on
the inhale and the exhale I'll let you
guys know what then all day vape for me
if of course I recommend it to you I'll
tell you guys why I would or why I would
not go out and buy it
well grade each category ami and the
best FB Norse and then we'll go ahead
and wrap it up so here we go and again
there's your little authentic chubby
gorilla on the bottom let's go ahead and
open it up here so I have been vaping on
these a little bit periodically
throughout the last day so I do kind of
have an R an idea on what to expect
already but this smells really good I
don't get a fresh strawberry I
absolutely get that whipped topping and
it's like a light whipped cream that you
would get in a can it almost reminds me
kind of like a strawberry shortcake
without the cake portion of it but um
it's a nice light strawberry strawberry
smell I get from it definitely follow it
up with that with that whipped cream so
it smells really good I'll go ahead and
give it a solid B I'm definitely
enjoying the smell now we already got it
ripped and ready to go when it's
dripping a little bit more here on the
dead rabbit
a pair of dual twist and fuse Clapton's
in here oh man out of point 1 5 ohms 90
watts let's have a faith as you can see
guys for a 70/30 vapor productions on
the money it's pumping out the clouds
doing what a 70/30 is expected to do so
we'll go ahead and get a solid B throat
hit extremely smooth on the inhale
smooth exhale smooth even out the
nostrils all around this is a very very
smooth e-liquid so flavor I'm gonna be
honestly in the beginning when I first
started dripping on this a little bit I
wasn't too keen on it but now I'm
starting to really become more
accustomed to it and I'm starting to
enjoy it a lot more I absolutely get
that strawberry
excuse me pretty much like I was
explaining from the smell I get that
light strawberry topping flavor on the
inhale basically like a like it maybe
like a strawberry syrup that you would
put on pancakes it doesn't taste too
overpoweringly sweet whatsoever so I
definitely think a lot of people would
be able to vape this all day now the
whipped cream comes in on the exhale and
and it really ties in very nice it
balances out the strawberry really well
so the whipped cream ties in with that
strawberry on the exhale and it makes
for absolutely really nice light all day
vape in my opinion now guitar I don't
know if they were going for like not so
much you know what tartness like almost
like a sour I think they meant more of
like a tart like I said like a pop tart
a pastry but I don't really pick up on
that at all mainly I just pick up
prominently on the strawberry and on the
cream so it's pretty much a mild version
of a strawberries and cream in my
opinion let's go into a couple more
and the reason I say I could vape this
all day even no dessert flavors usually
I'm not able to do all day is because it
is a light flavor so I don't know how
it's gonna be on the coils or on the
cotton of course I will do a follow-up
if I have any issues with that but so
far so good for those of you looking for
a super sweet strawberry and creamy
liquid you're it's not gonna be like
that you're not gonna get it over over
pound sweet flavor from it you're gonna
get a nice mellow strawberry flavor
follow it up with a nice light whipped
cream on the XL and that's really all
there is to this e-liquid I don't get
the like I said the tart they were over
like a pastry portion of it I don't
really get that at all I just get a
really nice subtle strawberry and cream
flavor I'll go ahead and get the flavor
like I said it's not it's not completely
blowing me away but it isn't really good
all day vape in my honest opinion so
we'll give it a big so we're not gonna
waste any more time guys we're gonna go
ahead just papal and a little bit more
see if we pick up on anything else and
then we're gonna move on to the straw or
the blueberry stuff churro so let's go
ahead do a couple more it's really
consistent guys that's not changing at
all I'm picking up on the same flavors
very nice though
very pleasant I'm definitely enjoying
this e-liquid alright guys so we're
gonna move on to the did a blue I would
keep want to say strawberry stuff short
oh that would be a good one too
we're gonna move on to the blueberry
stuff churro and I'll give you my
thoughts and opinions on that one
argument tempting which is the blueberry
stuff Giroud now one thing I left out
with the divine I forgot to tell you
guys if I would go out and buy it again
or if I would not my honest opinion I
would number one it's another strawberry
flavor and I love strawberry number two
it's an all day vape number three
I feel the strawberry combined in with
the exhale of that whipped cream topping
just balance each other out beautifully
so I would go out and buy that one again
now for the blueberry churro here what
we're gonna do first smell it of course
then we're gonna vape on it go over to
vapor production throat hit flavor on me
and how the exhale let you know it's an
all day vape for me of course I
recommend it to you why I wonder why I
would not go out and buy it and we'll
grade each category hey being the best
at being the worst and I also will let
you know at the end which flavor out of
the two I prefer more soda bottle looks
no different only difference is the
flavor profile
and I'm using a single coil it's a
staple stagger fuse Clapton by mr.
Sherlock Holmes I'll put his link down
below the dude makes amazing coil so
here we go let's open it up the smell on
this is fantastic
I enjoy the smell from the tempting more
than the divine um it's pretty much the
blueberries not a fresh blueberry like
it states in a flake flavor profile I
get more of a blueberry pie filling but
it blends in very well with that
cinnamon sugar and it's not an
overpowering cinnamon whatsoever so they
really complement each other very nice I
can definitely see a scene I can
definitely see where they're going with
the blueberry stuff sure all right so
here we go point 1 8 ohms 95 watts let's
have a vape so vapor production as you
can see I feel like I get more vapor
production from this single coil than I
did out the duals the dual coil setup
for a 70/30 blind that's doing exactly
what a 70/30 s expected we'll go ahead
and give it a big throat hit there is a
slight little fruit hit with the with
this e-liquid and I believe that's
pretty much coming from the cinnamon
aspect of it it's nothing overpowering
at all not anything I don't think you'll
be able to handle but you do get a
slight bit of a throat hit there now
flavor on the other hand we're gonna go
ahead and vape on this just a little bit
more and then we'll touch on that so on
the inhale you absolutely get first and
foremost that that cinnamon sugar in its
not not overpowering at all just like
the smell it's a it's like a light
cinnamon sugar but you definitely know
it's there really um it kind of sticks
to the back here mount there a little
bit the exhale is where that blueberry
comes into play now the blueberry is
absolutely a blueberry pie filling in my
opinion it tastes fantastic guys and for
me not being a huge fan of cinnamon
flavors I'm really glad that I'm
enjoying this one because that blueberry
combined with that cinnamon sugar again
just like divine they just balance each
other out beautifully and they uh they
work really really well together let's
go into a couple more
I can definitely see where they were
going with the churro it pretty much
does it takes like like a cinnamon sugar
churro with blueberries and blueberry
stuff in it maybe even possibly like a
little bit of whipped cream
it absolutely reminds me of a blueberry
churro now taste is subjective of course
we all have different different taste
buds you may not pick up pick that up
from this but I'm definitely picking up
all the flavors that are all the flavors
that are in the profiles so I'm gonna
get the flavor on this one I'm gonna
give it an egg I'm definitely gonna give
it an egg I'm picking up all the flavors
it's another really good dessert flavor
although I don't think I could vape it
all day it would just become a little
much for me over time cinnamon just
starts to take its toll on me but even
though I can vape it all day I'm still
gonna give it an a because all around
its a fantastic flavor what do I prefer
more in all honesty even though I can
vape the divine more and I can make that
one all day I'm liking this one a little
bit more it's a little bit sweeter not
overpoweringly sweet at all but it is a
little more a little more on the sweet
end but um it's just fantastic and I
don't have too many flavors that involve
cinnamon that I'm a huge fan of so
really happy about this one let's go
into a few more very consistent just
that blueberry actually I'm starting to
even pick up more on it kind of sticks
to your lips there too on the end it's a
really nice blueberry flavor guys they
did a great job with this one in my
opinion so yes I would recommend this
one to you if you're in the blueberry
flavors if you don't mind a little bit
of cinnamon and if you like churros hell
yeah I'd recommend this one to you now I
also forgot in the when I was reviewing
divine the strawberry cream tart I
forgot to reckon if I forgot to say if
I'd recommend that one to you guys as
well and I would also recommend this via
divine to you as well if of course
you're in a strawberry and you like a
light whipped cream then yeah I would
recommend that one but this one guys if
you like churros and you like blueberry
and you're okay with like a blueberry
pie filling flavor then yeah I don't see
why you would not like this one I don't
think you can go wrong so don't forget
guys smoking takes lives vapor saves
lives once we get a thousand subscribers
when I had that giveaway
and we're gonna be giving away some RDAs
we've got some tanks we've got some
juice so please guys if you liked this
review make sure you subscribe it would
really help out the channel greatly hope
you guys have a fantastic day
fantastic night fantastic week and see
you on the next one
take care

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