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By Ksenia Sobchak

This Eliquid hits by SAVEURvape is absolutely perfect! Nothing is more Satisfying than an ice cold beverage! Raspberries and dragonfruit create a surprisingly full flavored iced tea! The profile on this blend is just right for an all-day vape! VG to PG Ratio: Max VG This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of SAVEURvape Satisfying BEASTLY BECAUSE Whether you enjoy, fruits, creams, or a mixture of both SAVEURvape has a profile for just about every vaper! These flavors are Balanced, Satisfying, and Refreshing! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of SAVEURVAPE SVRF SATISFYING

what's happening everybody its Jaitley
thanks for tuning in and once again guys
I got another either preview to bring
you today and this one's gonna be on one
of the many flavors that are out now
from surf liquids and it's made by a
company called savor vape this is going
to be on satisfying let's go check it
alright guys so this bottle is surfy
like what what's not everything me from
Andy and Aspen Valley babes for purpose
of this review that of course will not
change my thoughts or opinions on this
liquid so it uh it's basically
pronounced I believe it's pronounced
surf that's what I'm hearing most people
call it but it is spelled s vrf but it's
got a little wave up there nice classy
packaging nothing too crazy there so I
really like that now I have a bunch of
flavors from I'm gonna call it the
bluish green label lines that's what
this color looks like I have a bunch of
flavors to bring you out reviews on they
also have a red label line Mellon Aspen
Valley based which is any more towards
desert flavors so I'm looking forward to
trying them out too and letting you guys
know my thoughts and opinions but um
this one's a 70/30 VG PG comes in a zero
three six milligram then katene $24.99
60 mils I will give you guys a coupon
code to get 25% off if you use code AAA
TV you'll get 25% off for this or any
other flavor from Aspen Valley babes so
let's get down to it guys now the
packaging on this one did get a little
messed up has nothing to do with the
company or Aspen Valley babes just
probably have to do a USPS and there was
a lot of you look what's in one box so
it did get a little messed up there but
nothing nothing to be worried about
here's the bottle guys it looks pretty
much identical to the outside of the
packaging they're nice and classy still
so we're gonna open it up smell it I'll
let you know what I get from the smell
well vape on a corporate throw it hit
vapor production flavor on e and how the
exhale I'll let you guys know if then
all day vape for me if of course I
recommend it to you I'll tell you why I
wonder why I would not go out and buy
this and we'll grade each category a
being the best at being hoarse and then
like always we'll wrap it up so let's go
to smell definitely pick up on the
raspberry I'm gonna shut the whole thing
off my nostril because my nostrils are
so big that it just almost went all the
way up there but definitely has a good
raspberry on the initial smell I pick up
a hint of the dragon fruit but more or
less I just pick up on like a raspberry
iced tea smells really good I'll get the
smell on solid B we already got it on
loaded up here in the fire luke tank
fire luke sub ohm tank you guys normally
see me use our TAS but I wanted to
switch it up here this looked like a
good good juice to use in the tank so we
got it in the fire Luke here and I got
one of those sextuple coils be rated
between 60 140 watts this is came with
the tank I've got a review coming on the
fire Luke as well soon
90 watts let's have a vape
extremely smooth no throat hit
whatsoever on a scale of minimal to hard
it's minimal pretty much non-existent so
absolutely no throat it very smooth on
the inhale very smooth on the exhale and
even out to the nostrils
it just really smooth all around vapor
production as you can see for a 70/30
it's pumping out the clouds let me go
ahead and show you guys again nice dense
milky clouds a linger around for a while
some good the vapor reduction of solid B
flavor I'm gonna go ahead and just vape
on this a little bit more and we're
gonna touch on all the different flavor
notes and I'm picking up here from this
I'm telling you man this fire Lube
really has it it's got plenty of airflow
it puts off a really nice vape I'm
really enjoying the sub ohm tank if you
guys have used this tank comment down
below let me know what your thoughts and
opinions are on it so only in halide I
pick up basically on that raspberry but
pretty much prominent on the inhale on
the exhale I pick up a sleepy to
dragonfruit be 100% honest with you guys
so far from my experiences here with the
satisfying it's been more or less just
like a raspberry like a raspberry iced
tea I don't get that that cooling or
that cool lotta effect on the throat hit
so you're not gonna really pick pick
that up from it I know a lot of people
are probably gonna wonder since it is a
raspberry iced tea flavor if you're
gonna get that culatta
and I don't get that from and I just get
like a nice semi-sweet raspberry iced
tea flavor on the inhale and the exhale
what a tiny hint of that dragon fruit
just popping out there on the exhale
let's go into a couple more
all day vape absolutely 100% I can
easily vape this all day I would prefer
a little bit more flavor dough to be
honest I would like to see you I would
like that taste a little more that
raspberry a little more that dragon
fruit it's definitely an all day vape no
doubt about it I believe this is
probably gonna be extremely good on your
coils in your cotton but I do wish that
it just had a little more raspberry
flavor and a little more dragon fruit to
it other than that it's a really good
e-liquid in my opinion so I've had
plenty of raspberry flavors out there
that that were better that had more
flavor but it's still a good one that's
still good all day vape this was really
good for summertime I mean pretty much
any time of year to be honest with you
but it's a good one guys I do enjoy it
now why I wonder why I would not go out
and buy it again I'm gonna say if it had
just a little more raspberry you had a
little more dragon fruit than I
absolutely would go out and buy this
again as of right now I would I would
probably not just because I would I just
would like to have a little bit more of
a sweeter taste to it but it's still
really good vape that I can easily vape
all day and who knows maybe if I they've
been in my RDA I'll pick up a little
more flavor but as a right now out of
the tank anyway I'm gonna say it's just
a semi sweet nice raspberry iced tea
flavor but it would a small little hint
of dragon fruit they're all in the XL
and as time goes on if I start to pick
up more flavors from this guy's I will
of course comment down below and let you
guys know in the description if I'm
picking up anything else let's go ahead
just do a few more I am very curious to
know though what this is like in an RDA
if any of you guys made this out of an
RDA please let me know because I do feel
like if I just got if I baked it in the
RDA and I've got a little more of that
raspberry a little more of the dragon
fruit that I would enjoy this a lot more
it's missing that little kick of that a
sweetness to it in my opinion but it's a
good one guy so I would recommend it to
you if you're into raspberry flavors if
you like a little hint of dragon fruit
and if you like ice tea flavors and yes
I would recommend this to you now a lot
of people out there just like a nice
semi sweet smooth vape and that's fine
you guys would probably love this but if
you're looking for something that has a
lot of raspberry flavor a lot of dragon
fruit you're not gonna get it from this
one in the tank in my opinion anyway
even though it vapes completely
even though they've beautifully out of a
tank it's not really loaded with too
much flavor in my opinion so if you're
just looking for a nice nice mellow
relaxing vaped and I definitely would
recommend this to you guys and of course
you can use that code and get a couple
dollars knocked off so can't go wrong
there but that's it guys please like
comment subscribe at a thousand
subscribers will be doing another
giveaway giving away some hardware some
so please make sure you guys stay tuned
for that one and remember smoking takes
lives they being saved lives I'll see
you guys on the next one

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