Vape Review of Salted Caramel by Mr. Macaron E-liquid (60ML)

April 19, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of Salted Caramel by Mr. Macaron E-liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of Salted Caramel by Mr. Macaron E-liquid (60ML)

Immerse your palate with delicate delight with a truly unique dessert vape juice. Find yourself salivating to an Italian inspired favorite found in Mr.Macaron's Salted Caramel e-liquid. The inhale is loaded with a gooey caramel providing hints of salted undertones. As you exhale, a mixture of sweet boldness and savory satisfaction merge to provide a classic aftertaste. Be sure to buy a 60ML of Salted Caramel by Mr.Macaron E-Liquid today!

Vape Review of Salted Caramel by Mr. Macaron E-liquid (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Salted Caramel by Mr. Macaron E-liquid (60ML)

right welcome back to spit newtripper
reviews and today we're doing an a juice
review on a company called mr. macaron
now you can add these up at wwm estimate
cornet they're on instagram hashtag mr.
macaron votes these are a 70/30 VG PG
incoming nicotine strength since he
wrote three and a six and their bottle
sizes is 60 mil now one x bottle is
going to be $22 and free time but which
is gonna be $60 and the free flavours
that we're going to be doing a
strawberry cream vanilla marshmallow and
salted caramel now this company won the
2016 spin full choice award for 2016
best dessert AG so we're really looking
forward to doing these and what we're
going to do is we're gonna have a very
proper and we're never going to talk
about the profiles inside and whether
they do what they say on the tin and
we're gonna be looking around the
packaging and checking out the clouds so
catch it back in a minute right welcome
back to spin into app reviews and as you
see on the desktop we're doing this
company right up front here which is
called mr. macron as bigger crops were
in the t-shirt basically we've got the
free flavors out in front your like this
and we've got individual drippers or
waiting to go to have already juiced up
and ready to go as you can see now
basically the first flavor that we're
going to be starting with is gonna be
destroyed cream I know you're distraught
be mad so I'm gonna let you jump
straight in and I'll read a little bit
of a profile while you were and in fact
why you haven't it will bite with a
shadowbox as well and you can read the
profile back up if you don't mind what
game on www stomach or net into the
Grammys hashtag mister macaron vibes
these are 75 nicotine's and naught 3 & 6
and they come in 60 ml bottles 1 bottles
$22 free bottles for 60 dollars that's a
good price and the one with bacon on
there is strawberry creme I like the way
that for free bottles you get that same
pound of each one again so can
a 20-pounder bowl which i'm bad
considering there's a really smelling
lovely right this is shown a bottle
while you read the profile well imagine
a perfectly balanced macaron with a
crunchy meringue shell and smooth and
creamy ganache now head to sweet flavor
of strawberries and creme and your then
you've got mr. Macklin strawberry
employee that was lovely
that's amore I mean I do remember
tasting this Expo impermanence and
straight away it was like and the smells
not a bow it's just more houses absolute
high great premium something you are you
getting that macaron it's loveless ice
there's work and that's not getting and
then comes this lovely strawberry and
cream and it's a quality strawberry and
cream as well it's just tops off to Joe
so night really is mine you can see why
they won an award for best dessert oh
wow it really is off some egos it's
right out there with a good ones on it
oh yeah it's nice yeah really nice as
lot bigger caucus and it's got that very
creaminess going on to it on top of the
strawberry so I ain't just about a
strawberry on its own that's gonna
plainly go for a don't do that it's got
a macaron fill then it comes coated in
with this lovely juicy strawberries then
coated with tons and lashings of cream
wow what an awesome flavor yeah even now
it's the what a creamy strobing a star
non full of flavor quality concentrates
whoa but if used in Asia it reminds me
them old strawberry milkshakes from back
in the day be used to getting a cap on I
used to fluff it up for you and it's got
that big fluffy arm and it was like yeah
you know really nice oh love that one
can you carry on right the next flavor
that we're gonna be moving on to and
this one's called
vanilla marshmallow and this one's a
vanilla marshmallow flavored with a
twist and a balanced sweet hint of
with the smooth glad luck experience of
a marshmallow and a combination that
engages the senses
so there's your bottle I'm gonna have a
little toast up on this one
the smells are Mizen oh and it's ice
amazing as you see my bigger cock
becomes French trust me a lovely small
Renaissance yeah have one more that's it
before met these guys at Expo Oh No yeah
lovely people as well happening laughs
Wow and it just though I think finally
finally Berendt balanced with the actual
marshmallow you getting that nice sweet
you fluffiness that they're talking
about but to me
it depends like the predominant flavor
he's got beat of vanilla afterwards
because you get this lovely fluffy
marshmallow and then you get this burst
of real fresh lovely vanilla almost like
you scrape the pods out and put them
into your cooking you know you get that
smell from it mmm this is what it's good
but it's not giving you that burnt taste
for me what you normally get from you
know this one's got a really nice creamy
again like following the strawberry it's
got that creamy overdose at the end of
you so it goes marshmallow vanilla and
cream and Wow
not let me down that one we all love
these packages as well and again this
one's got the little picture the
macarons on the back there rule nice mmm
you can really taste the last meal on
write a start and then then you get this
burst of vanilla and then an even push
of cream at the end this Wow and this
company one 2016 spin full choice of all
for 2016 best dessert Agee so and it
must be good to win prizes you know if
you haven't seen our expert video check
it out cause we actually zoom in on the
prize that they got on stuff like that
and show you off the prizes and and we
get to make the guys you know well know
if they caught all of these LED
marshmallows in food it does go really
well and that vanilla mmm you are you
getting that vanilla pod II taste but
not with known about which is great and
it is of a creamy rather than a Bernie
and his scarf luscious cuz we're not get
a lot in with the vanilla yeah a little
white goes exactly wila like that sadly
last one in this range is salted caramel
and if you want to show him off to
follow on our little
about this one oh this one's a salted
caramel flavor with rich silky caramel
as well as lightly hindi traces of sea
salt and the result in aroma is a warm
and sensational fight now basically you
know yourself when you add an ice cream
we talked about this in the review
before didn't we will you have an ice
cream a little while ago to add that sea
salt in it and you was like I didn't
expect it to be as well.when as it was
and then all of a sudden you tasted it
was like wow the seats look really
worked so I'm hoping this has got that
same sort of vibe you know that sort of
creamy saltiness color this is it
because you did it with the caramel it
throw me now the big question is is it a
caramel norm or is it at the X so this
is what I want to know whether it's one
of them that lingers in the nostrils or
whether it's just a creamy caramel but I
mean following the two first ones
without criminis you know why smells
lovely again the salt and the caramel
there's nothing exhale what's this
lovely yeah yeah the caramel so rich if
you want another one you'll know it's
big pop not saying it goes sodden say
from origami yeah and that's when you
know that you knew I mean nice the guys
have won prizes so you know we don't
have to sit here and tell you they're
good they really are good because you
can tell by the prizes they've won but
it's still nice to go through them stage
by stage and feel what they're doing and
and as you know from the first to it
what we thought was gonna happen was
double I didn't and ended up being
creamy and nice and not burning so but
with that yes a lovely rich caramel not
burnt caramel DX there so ah and that
this sort complements it for like when I
first saw that ice creams like sobbing
ice cream chocolate I mean yeah but it
goes and this event alone this and that
caramel was like the middle of you know
love when you pop up in a caramel
chocolate bar got a gooey caramel it is
just that with lashings and lashings of
creaminess going on again they seem to
get that lovely creaminess going on all
the time but then like you said that
salt just gives you that nice little
feeling and it's car while luscious
and it stumbled on putting caramel with
soap I know it's like you said back up
about like chakra and she knows when I
really goes it does someone hmm what you
reckon on this one it's not less than is
it God it feels good like yeah it's
really nice now you can add these up in
WWE history macron dotnet as we said
before now on instagram as well
mr. macron pipes and these are all 73
Knicks of 0 4 and 6 and bottle sizes 60
mil and I think they're fantastic like
you know like if you did a bit of
caramel and gone when you've gone down a
safe side and come in this and you've
got all the salt when you dip so yes
yeah it's exactly like that but in a
good like stumbled upon a really good
and punchy and good looking and in all
your flavor profiles are on the back
there or whatever pulls up but I mean
wow they've not let me down so I'm
really really sort of happy with how
they go in and you got will see white if
you know they've won awards for their
ingredients inside in if done really
well damn ixr of balance ease going on a
perfect it's not one really just stills
the Viton they've all got that liars
they all do it I say on the tin you know
like oh no it's not getting smooth as
well yeah you know whatever Nick videos
in this it's a smooth it was no
harshness there yes so ever and we've
got these in a free but luck bad copper
saying there's no bad cop man because
you can see all your juice right down to
the bottom the actual dropper goes right
to the bottom and I think they're a
great company and don't forget to
subscribe to us don't forget to tell
your friends about as well add a stop
once we are Instagram Facebook as well
as YouTube this has been mr. Mac Ron
we've loved every minute of this leader
but I mean I'd love to bike these all
day long but do please go and check them
out and if you've tried them as well get
some information down in the show more
and let us know what you think about it
and catch us back next time has been

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