Vape Review of Ruthless - Swamp Thang E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Ruthless - Swamp Thang E-Liquid

Vape Review of Ruthless - Swamp Thang E-Liquid

Swamp Thang by Ruthless is an e-liquid that features the prominent flavours of sour green apples and hard candy. Available in a pack of 3 x 10ml with varying nicotine strengths.

Vape Review of Ruthless - Swamp Thang E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Ruthless - Swamp Thang E-Liquid

what's up YouTube Tyler vapes here I'm
back with another juice review today I
want to be doing a review on ruthless
Swamp Thing
I don't know Swamp thing rather than
thing whatever it is on their website
excuse me it is advertised as a sour
green apple it's supposed to taste just
like the green Jolly Ranchers that I'm
sure a lot of people know what I'm
talking about so I'm gonna go ahead and
give it a drip tell you guys what I
think you know again I'm using my stool
err on the copper mutant 26 650 and I'm
the build I'm using is a twisted 26 dual
coil sleeper coil so that means it's one
continuous piece of wire wow that's
pretty good
hmm I did let this juice steep for about
a week before I even tried it cuz with
ruthless juice if you try them right out
of the bottle they don't taste the same
as if you let them steep you gotta let
them get some air now let him breathe
essentially so let's get into this um
on the inhale I get that that Apple that
that candied apple tastes almost the
ones you would get out of fare like the
granny smith apples that are candied
kind of tastes just like that and then
on the exhale you get that sour it's
hard to put my finger on it but take a
sour taste like a sour mix almost like
yeah I don't know how else to describe
it really it's just sour like it like
when you take the Jolly Rancher out of
your mouth you know that aftertaste you
still get that's what's there that's the
taste I get um very good it's really
spot-on it's very sweet though it's
definitely a sweet juice it's not
usually my my go-to
it wouldn't really be a go-to for me
because I like smooth and creams like a
custard almost but it's still very good
I really can't complain about that
matter of fact I'm gonna have another
taste and as you can see the cloud
production is very good as well it's not
an 85 15 blend which is amazing it's a
very smooth it leads me to another thing
with some juices that are really sweet
and their souls have this sour taste
it gives you a kick right here but with
this one it doesn't um it's it's very
smooth the strength of the flavors there
though it doesn't lose anything with the
higher VG blends that some some of the
juices I've tried to have it doesn't
lose any of that flavor it's still right
on spot-on
I I can't complain about this juice the
only thing that I would say about it
that really irritates me what some of
the juices that ruthless put out and
maybe I only can taste it I don't know
I've asked other people and they we kind
of agreed to disagree but I want to tell
you what I think the only complaint I
have with it is that when you after you
get that aftertaste of the sourness like
you were taking the Jolly Rancher out of
your mouth like I said earlier you get
this taste of an artificial sweetener
now many juice companies use it but
ruthless I don't know what it is about
the juice but its prime it's more
prominent than other juices I've had but
other than that it's it's amazing it has
that it's perfect its spot-on to what a
jolly rancher should taste like so it's
it's sweet it's good the flavors there
the strength is good and it's not sharp
it doesn't kick you in the throat which
I love um you know look at the cloud
production off of this
I mean that's great I can't complain
about this juice except that little
artificial aftertaste that's the only
thing that really bothers me but um
flavor out of ten solid eight definitely
maybe even a nine cloud production
definitely nine and a half lien towards
ten kids in 8515 so you get the cloud
production but you also get the taste
which is really really really good I
love that um again builds are coming you
know any questions comments you want to
know how to get to them I'm gonna leave
the link down below in the car
and the description if you guys have any
questions please ask and don't be afraid
to hit that subscribe button thanks guys

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