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Ruthless creates some of the most unique and flavorful liquids on the market! Swamp Thang is a decliously tart sour apple that tingles your taste buds! VG to PG ratio: 85/15 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Ruthless Swamp Thang BEASTLY BECAUSE Ruthless has become a staple in the vaping community with their many mouth watering blends that maximize the vaping experience! Not only do they take pride in their eliquid, but they only use the finest of ingredients! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of RUTHLESS SWAMP THANG

hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome
to my channel today we're going to be
doing a juice review of a swamp Fang by
ruthless this was obtained from red
juice co dot uk' and the link will be in
the video description it's a six
milligrams juice and it's fifteen
percent PG 85 percent VG so it's very
thick juice and it's an apple sauce our
Apple Jolly Rancher apparently I don't
know what a jolly rancher is apart from
the fact it's American sweet but I
believe it's a hard candy so that's
going to be quite interesting so we've
got the usual daring Jetta set of 20
volts let's have a little break and see
what it's like ice our Apple all right
sharp yet sweet which is quite
interesting up to 25 Watts there's no
significant changer at rantin 30 as per
usual this is a 1 point 1 ohm coil in
here by the way single
doesn't really change we're take it up
to 35 makes it a little bit stronger as
you can see the vapor production is
excellent you can definitely get the
hard candy and the sour apple I'm just
going to put a bit more juice in before
we try it on 40 watts yeah that's what
you get for buying a clone in there good
anything right for God's sakes
right old-fashioned fix this bit it's
basically because the o-rings swell
slightly over time on these really
doesn't want to go back on there we go
that's how it should fit with no gap
anyway I digress 40 Watts Swamp Thing
yes it's quite it's quite an interesting
dish you've got the sour apple there I
can taste a hard candy type of flavor to
it's it is what it says basically as far
as I can tell I don't know if it's
honestly the flavor for me probably okay
in and out but I won't want to vape it
all day I don't think so for me it would
be an all-day Bank
but maybe it's gonna grow on me because
it seems to be changing I'll take it
back dancers a bit cooler back down to
30 boss I can't make my mind up whether
I like it or not it's the honest truth
but like I said it seems to be accurate
to the flavor profile which is what
we're looking for in these reviews is
whether the flavor flavor is actually
accurate or whether they've made it up
as they go along it's got quite a nice
aftertaste but I guess it's like some
sweet some you like you don't like and
when you start eating them and then as
time goes on you do like them and that I
think is what this juice is I think all
I can say is I really don't know I'll
give it a thumbs up from the point of
view have been accurate to its flavor
profile but I don't know whether it's
honestly the juice for me but I'll leave
that up to you guys to decide everyone's
different everyone's tastes are
different so on that bombshell thank you
very much for watching

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