Vape Review of Ruthless - Rise on Ice E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Ruthless - Rise on Ice E-Liquid

Vape Review of Ruthless - Rise on Ice E-Liquid

Rise on Ice by Ruthless is an e-liquid that features the flavours of two tropical fruits, lychees and mangoes with menthol. Available in a pack of 3 x 10ml.

Vape Review of Ruthless - Rise on Ice E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Ruthless - Rise on Ice E-Liquid

what up YouTube Felipe / here and I've
got a AG's review on rice from ruthless
pal so I picked this up from VIP club
cada UK I'll put a link to all the sites
or whatever that I mentioned in the
video I'll put all the links in the
description box below so yeah I got this
from VIP club Kaali UK for 9.50 and so
let me first tell you about the flavor
the flavor is mangoes light Chee and
jackfruit and this is a 15 mil zero
nicotine on their website the
description is as follows
let's see okay so with a delicious
chocolate of sweet light cheese exotic
mangoes and jackfruit rice is a
delectable and mouth-watering mingling
of food flavors that will leave your
palate refreshed and invigorated so
without further ado let's take a vape
delicious such a delicious way guys the
PG here is 40% and the VG is 60% which
probably explains the amount of vapor it
was really good vapor production let me
show you again see right off the bat you
guys I'll be you can really taste the
sweet light she's come through that's
the first thing to hit you first and
then at the end of your exile the subtle
notes of mango start to come through I
can't really get so much of the
jackfruit but the light is a mango are
really present there I guess the
jackfruit will only be present if in a
way way it was really smooth I think
maybe it's it's not so present because
the mango is almost I guess in my in my
opinion mangoes and jackfruit have the
same overlaying taste so probably that's
why I'm not picking up one of the
jackfruit because the mangos on top of
and yeah that's what I think of anyways
so if you guys haven't heard of roosters
before they a they are a
california-based company and let me
check their website now just in case so
I'm not doing I'm not miss informing you
guys yeah so there are a
california-based a juice company and
they have a background in culinary arts
and the juice makers create the most
unique and flavorful juices on the
markets that's so true guys this is this
juice has been delicious for me I mean
I've had this for about two and a half
weeks now I've not been able to put this
thing down ever since probably
everything in the amount of got enough I
mean this is this is a 50 ml bottle and
my juice is up to here now so pum just
goes to show how much I've been going
through it like a madman um let me tell
you a bit about how it smells anyway so
as soon as I picked this up I was really
really impressed by how it smells I mean
it's so sweet really really delicious it
makes you want to vape it because the
light cheese are so sweet and the scent
of it is really really good you'll
probably be hearing me saying really
really good a lot this video I'll
probably try and think more smart words
I need to break out a theas or something
but ya know the the flavors of like the
scent of the flavor the scent of the
Lachi is what comes and hits you first
and then as as you go and smell some
more the mangoes are really present as
well yeah so so smooth is so smooth so
sweet you guys really will enjoy this
baby if you guys like your food for
vapes you guys would enjoy this so in
this video I'm vaping the juice at 45
watts with 5.5 powers and at 0.6 ohms
it's great favorite production for ya
guys excuse me that such a delicious
very cuz you guys will not be
disappointed with this faith I mean
they've got loads of other juices that
they have um like they have available as
well but this this if this is anything
to go by I will definitely be picking up
more juices from ruthless and I cannot
wait but first things first girls let me
tell you what I think I think this is a
an amazing juice and a juice you guys
won't be disappointed with there it's
it's very fruitful there's nothing too
overpowering about it as soon as you
take a vape you're instantly welcomed by
the sweet Lachi notes and then you have
the smooth mango coming through at the
end of your egg cell that's what I was
trying to say if I get my words out
right today
Butthead guys pick up some wares from
ruthless over via club de Cody UK and
let me know what you think about it cuz
I'm really keen to hear about your
experiences with its with the C juice
because it's so delicious and I want you
guys to enjoy it too
thanks for watching my video guys I hope
you found it helpful I look forward to
making more videos since I've got a ton
of eg to be going through and I really
can't wait to share my thoughts and
opinions with you so if you want guys if
you could like comment subscribe I
really appreciate that you can find your
Instagram at Philly underscore vapor
again I'll put a link in the description
box below and yeah can't wait to see
y'all soon peace out
pow you better taste the sweet light
cheese sorry
so yeah the sweet light cheese is the
first thing that's gonna hit you and
then at the end of your Excel the mangos
gonna come through which really suck
subtly subtly suddenly something so - so

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