Vape Review of Ruthless - Rise E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Ruthless - Rise E-Liquid - E-Liquid Reviews

Vape Review of Ruthless - Rise E-Liquid

Rise by Ruthless is an e-liquid that features the flavours of two tropical fruits, lychees and mangoes. Available in a pack of 3 x 10ml.

Vape Review of Ruthless - Rise E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Ruthless - Rise E-Liquid

or garnish welcome to destiny Vipers on
down hi guys and today we're reviewing
ruthless Rory
now we both fight this for quite a while
oh got through a bottle asteroids what
are your thoughts about it I've had this
a while now and I'll put it in the tank
and Nevada creeper both times with high
DMV six milligram in my tank I actually
did like it was really nice
we've been on the trip I find it's a
very warm heat it's quite strong yeah
you won't think to the east six
milligram you'd think he was caught in
my v12 writing yeah I'm just gonna read
off the website what it is with
delicious tropical blend of sweet like
cheese exotic mangoes and jackfruits
roses and delectable and mouth-watering
mingling of fruit flavors that will
leave your palate refreshed and
invigorated yeah it is it's a nice
flavor yeah what page every time yeah PG
VG 60 VG for PG you can get in 0 3 6 12
and 18 milligrams of nicotine 15 ml
bottle as well on this one but then I
want to think about another song good
each one of them again no very nice you
know you get you get that mango there
it's just - it's quite harsh I can't get
a long tape for me what's the title in a
tank compared to the or do you see more
dormant at least I didn't get a good
flavor from no I didn't find it strong
good hits from maybe obviously because
when it's proved attack you're not
getting it as much of it through you get
a lot more of a flavor so we probably
use more
and grunge liquid then instead of a
trooper yeah outside so especially we've
been out 60/40 it's gonna work lovely
thank you wanted to plug it operator
would no no you know it's the Rufus
flavor it is nice I think it would be
better than 0.3 muggy but no point for
it so do you like flavor it's very
strong looks smells against witches
jungle favor and a Szeto Szeto
yeah it smells nice it smells probably
better than white actually tastes and I
do like the smell of our local vape it
it's just very strong I think you get
after repeated get a bit bored we would
be another dripper yeah I like it
ok again goes this is on the OST kale
850 walked with the museum veto one of
our normal setup for a look well I've
got all three of em you take your big
one down big Network and get the very
for nothing else
yeah I believe so hopefully we can get
reviews upon all our they and also
different liquids in them at the same
time phone use the same liquid in each
one say well it's our throat deep from
Troy's well going back to the siege tank
base well it's a ruthless ejuice it's
nicer than as I say oh I would have it
again if I was to do it in a tank
well wouldn't repeat so I've said in one
of our other reviews that he does he was
number two out the road was frying
Duchess knocked it to number three using
these now because for my orchid group
the whole surprised using this not every
day on a dripper eat will be logged as
it sounds differently tired from a-z
duty well not fun of easy does it but
that would obviously go there yeah it's
in the middle of the bar well obviously
my favorites jungle through the top and
then farmer Joe's which we've heard your
review so I see the TV from brands there
know what goes please like share
subscribe and comment on the video and
I'm done from destiny Vipers my Jays and
remember it's your destiny to buy it

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