Vape Review of Ruthless - Jungle Fever E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Ruthless - Jungle Fever E-Liquid

Vape Review of Ruthless - Jungle Fever E-Liquid

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Jungle Fever by Ruthless features the tropical flavours of mangoes, pineapples and other citrus flavours. Available in 3 x 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Ruthless - Jungle Fever E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Ruthless - Jungle Fever E-Liquid

what's up guys JTG back here with
another review for you in the daytime
yes my first daytime review I'm fuckin
pumped and this is actually a very good
review I wanted to tell you guys about
something I've been vaping all day today
I got it last night
it's called jungle fever by ruthless
vapors and let me tell you this flavor
is ruthless
indeed mmm I went to Henley vape Orion
for those of you that don't know that is
in in New York City and I you know I
didn't have much time but uh mmm the
feel I got from the shop it's a very
cool shop the people that worked there
seemed very cool I don't remember who
the guy was I talked to I talked to the
one vape ologist Tristan he seemed like
a cool guy they actually turned me on
the cotton wicking which I now kind of
really liked but um I wanted to try a
flavor I hadn't tried before a brand I
hadn't tried before company I tried
before and they had one which was
ruthless so I have ruthless jungle fever
that was the flavor recommended to me I
didn't smell it sample and I was just
give me a bottle give me a bottle and
you know what normally that doesn't work
out for me but this time it really did
because this is unreal the flavor is
unreal I love it it's a quality liquid
the flavor is great the cloud production
vapor production is amazing as well um
the I was actually online earlier
looking up what the VG PG ratio of the
liquid was and here's what I'm going to
say I'm on their website right now like
I'm scrolling through the background to
check out their website and hear what is
what I find particularly interesting a
lot of their liquids have different VG
PG ratios and that's actually one of the
first I don't know off the top of my
head any other companies that vary their
VG PG ratio from juice - juice
I really don't this is the only one that
I personally I think I've seen that that
does that where that advertises on here
that they do it now the jungle fever is
actually a ninety percent VG ten percent
PG mix but if you look at it in the
bottle like it looks a lot more a lot
more liquidy than you would assume for a
a ninety percent VG juice it seems a lot
more like a lot more liquid but it is it
says it's 90 percent VG ten percent ten
percent PG the flavor is great it's
described as a taste of pineapple mango
and other citrus flavors and I'm telling
you what the guys at ruthless I mean I I
applaud you the flavor is great and I
cannot wait to try your other flavors I
can't wait I'm looking at some of the
flavors on there right now and they look
they look delightful you definitely get
a pineapple mango like a pineapple mango
there there are other citrus flavors as
the website says
now a couple people I know I let them
try it and they said they tasted a hint
of menthol I just think it's the citrus
this the citrus in there that's maybe
confusing them because I don't taste any
type of any type of menthol at all now
I'm vaping this this is six mill
nicotine because I I'm dripping I drip
six mill if I'm using a tank even a
kayfun or whatever
I use twelve or eighteen mostly I try to
do twelve because I was kind of trying
to lower my nicotine level hmm but this
jungle fever is something special the
flavors great so if you're into fruity
flavors I recommend it I can't speak for
all their juices because this is the
only one that I have tried so far but I
gotta tell you I am looking forward to
trying them I I applaud the flavor Ike
if you if you want to try ruthless the
only one I can vouch for right now is
the jungle fever if you like pineapple
mango citrusy kind of things you're
gonna you're gonna enjoy it I love it
I've had pineapples before that were a
little too sharp tasting but this is
this is real smooth at what then again
it's at six Nick's on an RBA with I
wouldn't say they're huge holes that I
have in there but you can see the whole
two air holes I have they're not I don't
go too big just because I just don't
it's it's a nice sweet fruity vape that
I can vape it all day I've been vaping
it all day and I will continue to I got
this bottle yesterday and I don't know
if you can see that yeah you can see
that's how much is that this is a 15 mil
bottle and I've only really I started
yesterday and I've been vaping it all
day today the day is not over yet
I'll finish this bottle today and I'm
gonna be shit out a lot cuz I have no
more but I recommend them guys give up
give ruthless vapors a whirl they're
I do recommend you try them and I will
be doing other flavours from them
eventually once I once I order some more
because I know I'm gonna want it after
finishing this bottle they're great
they're great and I really wish I had
more thanks for watching guys if you
like our videos subscribe like comments
thumbs up thumbs down you know whatever
whatever you feel like doing you know
what I mean if you like them you know
contact us all right you know what we'll
comment you back as you've seen on some
of the other videos like we're we're
ruthless I like it I even like the name
ruthless because it reminds me of you
know how I feel cuz i ruthlessly review
victims of eliquid if it's good I'm
telling you it's good if it's a okay I'm
gonna tell you it's okay if it's shit
I'm gonna tell you a shit you know what
I mean
ruthless Azur good vape guys enjoy vape
on and don't forget to take a deep a

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