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Ruthless creates some of the most unique and flavorful liquids on the market! Jungle Fever is a tropical fruit blend with a twist. Fresh pineapples and sweet mangos are topped off with a citrus finish! VG to PG ratio: 85/15 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Ruthless Jungle Fever BEASTLY BECAUSE Ruthless has become a staple in the vaping community with their many mouth watering blends that maximize the vaping experience! Not only do they take pride in their eliquid, but they only use the finest of ingredients! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of RUTHLESS JUNGLE FEVER

I have juice time time to reduce review
this is this is a ruthless review watch
this I am welcome back time for a juice
review as I said I will be a little bit
ruthless about this bitter the bee in my
bonnet really what I what it was
basically a couple of my subscribers so
Steve and you tried any liquids from
ruthless and vapor and to be honest no I
haven't and so I actually went to see if
I could get all of a bottle I did
actually try a local but nobody in the
local Psaltis and I actually went to the
roofless they website beautiful website
really flashy I think it's really aimed
at the youngsters out there rather than
as old folks like you know they bought
really good flashy website and other
words on the website and also don't
actually sell direct to the to the
public you know people like meaning you
for instance which was a bit unusual
really but never mind whether so clips
on the usual link you know store locator
find a store near you and it came with a
cookie asking me would I allow it to
click the old taking out my location
assault and so so we can find a location
they use sells their juice of you
understand sets up okay nobody's at all
clicked on it came up no resource
I mean Manchester England no results
nothing near me now I know that isn't
the case because they do Noah is a few
websites out there who do at least stock
ruthless yeah but the problem was is the
usually date clubs these what you have
to subscribe to so not really the
situation that I want to be in we're
about to subscribe to get some real
acquittal a month or whatever and I have
to pay for something that I may not like
so far nevermind while do is a constant
ruthless direct and just say you see if
it could get a bottle of juice from them
now to be fair to them actually they did
actually reply back to me I just did
reply quite roughly that's where death
surprise same day got a reply and there
was actually interested in sending me
some what it was an issue with shipping
and we all know in America shipping
charges to the UK out there on its own
so I said I said you know don't worry by
forget about it
once I get something for nothing I just
watch just saw give it a try view it
asked now that says I saw do a review on
it you know I made but no worries and so
ok above here we have ruthless ruthless
vapor and this one is absolutely general
fever so no idea why it's like I'm going
to give it a quick to and find out ways
like in a minute no I can tell you about
this because as I said I don't do a lot
of research before I'm what in this case
because I was pacifically trying to get
a bottle of ruthless to do the review on
I actually went on the website and it
went on there and give you a menu of the
flavors dinner has to look through
properly you understand say but wasn't
an awful lot of information on there for
me so whether it's just to keep you
guessing I've got no idea
well but how do you do they what I do
know about this is actually 90 percent
VG so it's not being a hobby but spent
more aimed at the dripper market in the
cloud chaser that sort of thing and what
I'm going to do that's what I want to
use it and I'm gonna stick it in a
dripper and see what it begs like now as
far as flavors concerned jungle fever
just cysts and me it's gonna be some
kind of fruit flavors you know it's
gossip he hasn't and the
should imagine that as more of a
tropical fruit than anything so what I'm
gonna do here stick it on a dripper
I'll stick some in me dripper and we're
gonna see what we get from it and what
its performance is like now is one thing
you can tell you about this I'm not
expecting an awful lot of the any clear
absolutely crystal-clear that obviously
no food colorings in one good good sign
anyway put a couple of drips in as I get
back to me again this particular liquid
am I expecting a massive throw it
because it's actually a free mg boy I'd
what I dunno I don't think we know this
when you when you go down the road and
dripping and you use I wattage and
you've got a loss of on coil you don't
need as much Nick in because you still
get a kick from it if you understand
what saying so hopefully that's gonna be
the case now just before I give it a
vape and it's gonna give it a quick
smell and see what aromas I'm getting
from the ball might give some secrets
away on what it is now to be honest them
temp spot on him why what might be
guesswork is you know jungle fever
it's definitely fruits I can smell in
there and what I can the prominent smell
back is smell from there is a it seems
to be pineapple
so I'm guessing pineapple or something
what we're going to do we now is gonna
give it a quick a quick suit or just a
listen to that
so way out love it so give it a quick
suit now and we'll see what sort of
vapor we get from it what sort of taste
we get from it and what sort of thought
we get from it all the three main
important components of any juice around
out so give it a try
whoa you can't argue on the amount of
vapor still coming out of your mouth
yeah you won't be amount of Dave for
that producers without a doubt as
absolutely spot-on
I it's a man let me give it a go I go
now for the throw it see what sort of
throw in getting from it have to be
honest I'm getting basically zero throw
me on it but then again you know you
you're actually listening to a guy here
who normally bakes 18 mg so I usually
have a very strong throw it in this case
I'm actually getting nothing from it so
even though it does state three mg
obviously my mistake I won't go out
there and judge it on that because
that's obviously my issue you understand
what we're saying I personally would be
adding a little bit more knit to that
and I will be doing to date the rest of
it now as far as flavors concerned with
another two again do you know what I
absolutely little love all of that
without a doubt I mean the flavor the
flavor is absolutely belting out
absolutely spawn with what I says it
would be which is actually a pineapple
it's definitely a pineapple in there it
tastes like a few more tropical fruits
in there obviously mango which is very
very similar to Japan a little bit more
on the creamy side so I'm getting
pineapple I'm getting mango I'm getting
all the fruits as well but what them
through sound I don't know now whether
this citrus I don't know because citrus
sauce gives you a bit of shine this
doesn't it and at the end of their
supposed plan opposed different citrus
in a way so it's an admin down there now
could I've ate this all day now I'll be
totally honest with you yes I thought I
could actually invade this all day the
problem is is that I don't really walk
around with a dripper when I'm out and
just too much of an inconvenience for me
too so I keep dripping in there now a
lot and all a lot of use out there do do
and he isn't an issue but just basically
with my old lifestyles I have to sort of
you know rely on little tanks now I will
try on it sank and I'm basically another
video I'll update you and let you know
what that that's like currently advise
you to go out there and get this now
this and I always say this taste is
subjective to the user isn't it but to
be honest if you like fruit flavor and
you like powerful flavors you're
definitely going to love this I mean I
can highly recommend it if you're the
person uses a dripper spawn absolutely
spawn and I should imagine this works
absolutely fantastic in something like a
sub ohm tank if you if you know where
I'm going there I still haven't bought
one for some reason basically it's
probably down to finances anything else
I can tell you about this juice now
personally I'd like to try a few more on
the range but at the end of the day I'm
just after one give out for that to up
and maybe I'll come across somebody
who's got another bottle and says they
ask they give that a try the problem is
with me is all I could find
other than these vape clubs you know you
look the sort of places where you
subscribed is nobody seems to be stuck
in it over it now I haven't done a great
search on it but the only option of god
is basically buying direct from the
states and this this juice is actually
made in the States on the person all the
products are used in it and actually
made in the States so a really good
pedigree made in California where they
Sonic boy do I wish it was Sony another
moment mass not going to happen anyway
go on the website listen to me I'm
telling you right now websites really
aimed at the young crowd down there is
enough lavas all vapors out there you
know we still want to try all these
unusual things but whether you have your
vapor in an old vapor and
you'll light through flavors you're
actually gonna love this a juice without
a doubt I am going anything else to say
on that once again ruthless and that one
was a jungle fever and it was three mg
and Nick not my ideal level but I'm sure
as time goes on I keep trying down it'll
do the trick
well there was a leave a link to
ruthless down below don't forget you
can't buy it there direct where you can
do a search to see well local to you
does sake and you know at the end of day
you might be an American viewer in
Australia Muir English word wherever
wherever you are in the world I'm sure
you're located somewhere I can strongly
advise that you give it a try because to
be honest I'm gonna give it another two
love it yeah I thanks for watching my
you all know me on YouTube as Professor
if you like the way I do my videos
please take time and press that button
there just subscribe because you never
know if something might come up in the
future that interest you
unknown only that if you actually take
time to press that board and subscribe
anything that I upload you're gonna be
informed on what's better than that
nothing so please take a little bit time
and press the book right now

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