Vape Review of Ruthless - Ez Duz It On Ice E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Ruthless - Ez Duz It On Ice E-Liquid

Vape Review of Ruthless - Ez Duz It On Ice E-Liquid

Ez Duz It On Ice E-Liquid from Ruthless features the flavours of strawberries, watermelons and menthol. Available in 3 x 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Ruthless - Ez Duz It On Ice E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Ruthless - Ez Duz It On Ice E-Liquid

what's going on everyone in the
congregation its Pat here Matt back to
you guys with another juice review mmm
so tonight you guys we're gonna be
bringing you ruthless this is easy does
it on ice I'm not sure if you can see
that little kind of like snowflake or
water drop or whatever it is right there
Ice Cube but it's easy does it on ice on
ice I mean kind of puts it right there
in your face that it has menthol now
just because it has menthol doesn't mean
that it's gonna be overpowering right
not with this fucking juice I mean I've
had some beeps before that had menthol
in it but this fucking shit gives you a
fucking headache right here this shit is
disgusting it's exactly like fucking
beeping on like fucking an Altoid like
you know my strip search yeah you know
some hella strong like way too strong
way too strong we're gonna rate this I
go aways you can't even tell me either
yeah that's why we'll do the way we do
it will smell it we're gonna give to
taste cess vapor production and let you
know what we overall think about it you
guys saw
easy does it Oh weird now since okay I
didn't smell the menthol at first but
now since I baked a little bit of it
from before I could smell a little bit
more so what this flavor is it supposed
to be a strawberry water bait now when I
bought this I totally didn't even see
that on ice they have it not on ice and
on ice so they have a without menthol on
the label look at tiny that yeah it's so
tiny it's just that little blue fucking
drop right there that's how I didn't
even notice it so I mean ruthless you're
fucking retarded for doing that shit but
so that's gonna smell it when I first
melted all I got was a nice strawberry
watermelon that's what I got really nice
subtle strawberry water
but that's all I really get swear I get
my men ball and you just describe like
when you first got it but yeah the
menthol doesn't stick out to me maybe it
like the slightest like I mean mostly it
just smells like a strawberry like
watermelon that's really what it smells
like I don't know I do smell menthol in
it yeah I'm not gonna taste this on my
finger Andy now it's got a lot of
menthol in and I'm actually really doing
that shit but um so we're gonna be
firing this up this is a 85/15 mix you
guys just like the grape drink so it's
supposed to be a max VG doesn't look max
VG to me I'm gonna say this one's a
little bit thicker than the grape drink
I'm gonna say it's more long on the
lines on the 70/30
maybe even a little lower we're gonna
fire it up on the xq2 by Smok I got the
haze just already a this is not the haze
dripper it's just their original RDA
that they came out with before the
dripper she's uh he's like at I think
it's a lemon wrap on a three millimeter
screwdriver she's really knows about
point two two ohm's 48 watts take a nice
big babe
like the menthol and it's like it's
really good when if you're like sick and
you need something to cool your throat
maybe yeah cuz baby to be honest maybe
percent cuz right there that menthol is
so fucking overpowering so fucking
overpowering it's like just a Listerine
trip I barely tasted like I get a little
strawberry and watermelon tiny bit tiny
bit but on the inhale you just get all
fucking min and it burns your throat it
does it's so fun that much menthol it
burns your throat now I know what some
of the juices like Space Jam has I
forget what flavor it is and stuff and
add a little bit of menthol - I think
it's like peach strawberry mint or
whatever and it's just a little bit
enough mint that it actually kind of
cools it so you can take a bigger baby
you won't get that any throat hit off
whatsoever this is so much fucking
menthol it does give you a throat head
this is disgusting I mean let me just
get one more for you I mean you guys
whoever you are I mean if you want to
pay for the shipping and take these two
bottles contact us please
warning charge of the Jews just for the
shipping to send it to you we'll send
these guys right your way I mean there's
barely anything baked off of them so
mm-hmm these will be yours not a problem
I mean this is way too much menthol I
mean unless you're really into menthol I
do not suggest this whatsoever like if I
wasn't gonna if we were going to give
this away or whatever I would throw this
in the garbage right now but I figured
fuck it if someone wants to pay for the
shipping maybe someone can actually get
a little bit of use out of it but
otherwise I mean this is gonna get like
a 2 out of 10 like the menthol is just
way too much it's overbearing
overpowering disgusting
yes here oh yeah maybe I'm gonna agree
with him just as I'm getting it this is
just disgusting I do not recommend this
we're not posting a website where you
can get this nothing now if you really
want to get this go ahead and find it on
the web remember easy does it oh nice my
friends easy does it
ah nice fucking absolutely fucking foul
anyways you guys make sure to like share
comment subscribe I don't want to say
anything and just stay tuned for more
reviews stay tuned and giveaways in the
future as always always always will make
sure that me will make sure to give you
guys the best content we can and not
this junk that we just reviewed yeah
we'll have some good reviews coming up
you guys so stay tuned we got some
reviewing some gumball vapors pretty
soon we'll be reviewing the rest of bait
milks line here soon to the Rio and the
Paris so we're gonna have some good
reviews coming up you guys stay tuned
give us about another three or four days
we're gonna have quite a bit of good
reviews posted you guys on quite a bit
of good juice so good one good ones good
reviews you guys good juice we don't
really like getting shitty juice on the
channel and stuff who wants to buy
shitty juice I mean we'll buy it if it's
recommended by subscribers but otherwise
we don't just pick up random shitty
juice it's got that chapter I in some
way make us want to vape it anyways you
guys thank you so much for watching you
have one

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