Vape Review of Rum Horchata Hooch E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)

April 24, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Rum Horchata Hooch E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)

Vape Review of Rum Horchata Hooch E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)

By Ksenia Sobchak

Indulge in your desires with a bottle of a milky sweet spanish treat with Rum Horchata Hooch E-Liquid by Vapetasia! This latin classic is blended to best emmulate your favorite adult spirits with a matchless blend. An inhale of milky horchata enters the crevices of your palate, painting endless delight with every draw. A back note of sugar cane crafted Rum adds an adult dimension that will please the palate every time! Be sure to buy a Rum Horchata Hooch E-Liquid by Vapetasia (60ML) today!

Vape Review of Rum Horchata Hooch E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Rum Horchata Hooch E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)

welcome to comment down there children I
have with me today Doug Peter said that
we are going to review something I'm
gonna put this out on Monday okay or
Saturday probably Monday so tomorrow or
Monday yeah okay yeah cool um and this
is like it this is gonna be a tasting
we're gonna do is Velvets in now we had
tasted and everybody was all crazy about
the last one we did which was that stuff
what's John from Charlotte oh the room
tone right so oh yeah
30s horchata with rum Oh Velvets this is
crucians version very practically the
same thing you like this one better she
likes it better so much cruising it's a
brand loyalty I would it's it's now when
it when it comes to like sweet things
like this if you're saying that you like
it I completely respect it so I know
that I'm she's a sweet tooth cream you
lately our sweet tooth cream girl right
she's the cream girl it's all about
sweet creams yes just be free me yeah
pretty well so something she likes cool
Swan yeah right um cream lemoncello very
good that she made and the I shoulda
said that cuz people are gonna go
where's our video and then oh yeah and
then the rum cream from Ron cream ello I
don't know if it was Barcella cream Elsa
I dream in it and this yeah so we're
gonna try this is the velvet in it
smells like carrot cake and alcohol do
you like Eric a well no I like the taste
of carrot cake it's the texture that
bugs me although I don't like to text
your carrots either I like him soft you
can't get yourself yeah there's
different kinds of carrot cake
there's carrot cake that actually has
like that like some of the carrot
shavings in it and then there are other
carrot cakes that donors it's it's all
smooth you need a smooth one I like a
smooth carrot cake so do you go into the
know you say I'd like my carrot cake
smooth like you're like a coffee wow
that's good yeah that's carrot cake and
it's a cinnamon heavy yeah like there's
definitely a write on like a sweet
yeah thick I had it in the frigerator so
it's got a little bit cooler to it it's
I like the spice that it has like the
it's but it's a little bit like a
cinnamon II maybe lot like cinnamon yeah
next but like I'm like I'm like like an
allspice maybe yeah thingy no definitely
I don't probably tell you what they put
in here I look at a thingy thingy
that's okay thingy chill and enjoy as a
shot over ice or add your favorite hot
drink see I don't know I don't know like
for in a coffee during the holidays it's
got sexy legs
it does have some hooks Coffee Holliday
could link up the Kurds on that discuss
it right together
the I think in a hot coffee during the
bug ties it well nerds Kintyre together
yeah Kurt and rape thing whoa
right a wintertime coffee or fall
seasonal coffee sure like I'm almost
like pumpkin spice but this instead
yeah um but I like a chill like they say
you can have height then they said The
Velvet inferno is just Velvets in and a
part of pinnacle o pinnacle it's crucian
they must be the same brain nobody ever
recommends another product right it's
not medical or Tomica mica yeah atomic
ups we have that each pour then it I
mean but that's like all cinnamon is
like overkill that's like it that's
probably why they call it Velvet inferno
it's like hey do you like the cinnamon
hotness of this that's a little hard
they'll have whole thing up with atomic
fireballs and just let it lace around
the top like a volcano of cream I was at
that and marketing meeting and that's
exactly what they you know we need to do
let's look at that good this is good how
can we make it better
okay that'll do they really did yeah
that's a little light in their name is
Jim and Jim was like oh it doesn't
really here you go
really I went all that I was just trying
to find the flavor it just says real
dairy cut you just had to pour chocolate
before though no cinnamon natural stress
over time I I would but it's we don't
have any New England you can get it yeah
I just doing the rhubarb thing because
every time I say that all said he just
shows up tomorrow on the front door is
gonna be like a board shot up distillery
thing Creamery is gonna be there and
then fans will be sending in homemade or
shot and it's gonna be like work shot it
all up in the hizzy it's gonna be
this by the way figure 18% alcohol so
you're gonna be safe yeah drinking this
safe you know you do that for safe right
mind the baseball what 1999 I think is
the the suggested value therapy MSRP
which is she was looking at this 1999
for this something that's good not a big
deal I don't I don't see a problem
I know that Cruz is wrong if you just
had rum it's like 10 bucks so you're
adding nine dollars when you add the
cream and I don't know if the dairy is a
more expensive thing or what goes on
with that but whatever yeah okay i its
billion dollars for the sexy curtain
links and you know what it's 10 bucks or
more cheaper than a Bailey's or even a
cool one so it's it's probably because
it doesn't have the same stature of an
Irish cream yeah but you could use it I
think in a lot of the same way if you
don't mind the cinnamon heavy as opposed
to whatever Irish cream brace you give
it a little chocolate this is definitely
not more chocolate that's more cinnamon
that's really good yeah are you pulling
one of those two you want oh yeah
what do you think of cinnamon based
liqueurs great question cuz I I will ask
this what do you guys think of these
based spirits personally for me not a
big fan like this is good like it's
funny cuz they just did this I'm all
excited today but overall I don't care
for cinnamon in cocktail
I like those you're gonna manhunts vodka
though that was pretty cool I don't know
like like a Rumple Minze like a sauce
like that atomic fireball ooh or
fireball whiskey which I think with use
this week too
those aren't bad but they're they're so
niche that it's like what else do you do
with it fireball whiskey and anything
what's it taste like fireball is gay
like cinnamon over bears a lot of things
like mint does so you're not considering
like Goldschlager no that's totally
cinnamon so like a shot of like I could
do that like same vlogger that's below
and then over ice and nice paps after
that yeah or the gingerbread man the the
Christmas we did the gingerbread man we
have one that has had like gum that's
that crazy stuff with wings Red Bull and
cinnamon and some other stuff crazy
stuff yeah links there's just certain
things I don't like itll cinnamon I
guess if I'm looking it's a mindset
cinnamon to me is like it's whatever
you're drinking you're focusing on
cinnamon if it's a cocktail like a
general based cocktail like name a
cocktail and I've had a lot of strong
sentiment I wouldn't be a fan uh-huh I
like my cocktail Sansa and the less of
making him in the cinnamon mood then I
was cinnamon all over I want to bathe in
that stuff yeah keep it clean yeah it's
a fit of sugar you get an a cease
infection or something not good you
bathe in it can't be go ahead do dis
little soy sugar in there ass yeast in
something's gonna help me doesn't exist
but something's gonna happen if you're
bathing in that much sugar this is all
sugar or cinnamon schnapps all sugar and
vodka so you stay healthy
cinnamon not have siddhis cake it's big
cinnamon let's see it's like yogurt but
like cinnamon and sugar ask yeast
dude it sounds awesome it sounds like a
really bad thing to get and ask you some
questions they get out and bad have a
cream for that hey there you go folks
don't mean this stuff definitely Velvets
it is definitely a cruise you're gonna
love that one
definitely something I would highly
recommend picking up if you could find
it I don't know if we can get this yet
they tend to do us so good job guys
very no additive in the market against I
guess just wrump not at this point I'm
sure you'll see there's no doubt in my
mind you'll see other brands popping up
with these so headed if landscape their
society it's called a radiators calm you
know done here we're teaching out how to
drink that's a real ad

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