Vape Review of Royalty II E-Liquid by Vapetasia (100mL)

April 21, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Royalty II E-Liquid by Vapetasia (100mL)

Vape Review of Royalty II E-Liquid by Vapetasia (100mL)

By Elena Ognivtseva

Vape like a king with 100mLs of savory sweet satisfaction with Royalty II by Vapetasia. Take a draw from the most complex yet simply sensational blend of nutty sweet delight that will challenge your taste buds. The inhale provides a burst of savory smooth custard lined with hills of full bodied pecan nuttiness. A final impressive splash of sweet and delicious vanilla finishes this vape juice off impressively. Be sure to get your 100mL Bottle of Royalty II by Vapetasia today!

Vape Review of Royalty II E-Liquid by Vapetasia (100mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Royalty II E-Liquid by Vapetasia (100mL)

hey you do favors don't be Dave in here
coming to you with another any liquid
review that's right folks we are here to
talk about vivacious very own loyalty to
you we've got for you my darling
so to write up here in the club is
inside love in the turbo so we've got
going on now yes we are talking about
there so let's go ahead and get this
awesome little bottle of stuff here on
it and I do say awesome in the sense
that this is a tobacco babe now this
comes in a hundred milliliter bottle and
get a high-society more that
later and this is what the bottle this
is what the box looks like very very
portion deep my friend bring out the
royalty to my log now this is a light
tobacco with some custard notes and some
oak barrel oaky if you will barrel
finish on it
we've got nuts so if you like nuts this
is right up your alley
okay that's what we've got going on here
so let's get the bowl of the box and of
course we've got the infamous lovely 100
milliliter unicorn bottle blood down
I love these unicorn bottles they're
absolutely amazing a lot of people find
it a little bit distracting with this
little tip here though if you cut just
the tip that's right just the tip gonna
Jewish on that ass you can go ahead and
get rid of that problem that people find
labs is a little bit of even if we get
stuck in there then when you turn it
right-side up the air pressure
differential pushes that little bit of
looking out there a little bit of
science for you and it gets all over the
place all goopy and whatnot but if you
cut just tip that alleviate some of that
issue that you might be having with that
their bottle so this is what we got for
lazy oil let's go ahead and get it brown
Hill and this lovely lovely RDA
got the apocalypse' 20 millimeter dick
in that bitch got my competition battle
cap on top let's go ahead and give it a
bit shall we go back up to the top side
here Oh
by a damn nice trip so did I go ahead
and hit it so right off the bat you get
the nice custard vanilla nut suck inhale
then on the exhale you get the light
tobacco miss from it
let's go ahead and smell it as well oh
it tastes just like it smells how about
that the smell is is quite nice it's
very unique in that it's not a fruit
flavor this is a tobacco with savory
notes to it deep dark rich
I think of mahogany walls for some
reason like dark rich oak furniture ah
very nice lovely vanilla notes you got
some nuts in there of course Scott have
if you like nuts again right up your
alley mate right up your alley so very
nice smell I like a little crown on the
label there that's kind of nice this is
a 70/30 VG PG blend read another grab
nicotine my personal preference let's
make it soon where shall we
you almost get the killer custard on the
inhale you taste that kind of custard
you feel on the inhale there you get the
nuts in the background as well nuts on
the back of your throat hot no I mean my
is he or did dad get clever right but
seriously though and then on the exhale
you get the nice nutty tobacco Ness
coming through this is a liquid that I
would see more using out of a tank
rather than it in your freaking face RDA
so that would be my advice to you is to
rip this out of a tank and maybe a lower
wattage as opposed to an RDA and a
higher wattage and that's just because a
lot of times tobacco's a little bit more
overpowering than other other flavors so
having it in a tank and a low wattage
might actually balance that out for you
that's just me that's just my personal
opinion yeah what do I know I don't know
shit but that's just my advice to you
did let's meet for some more shall we
yeah I give it a nice little solid
thumbs up there it's a it's good for a
change of pace I made a lot of different
flavors most of those flavors that
create myself so tab this kind of break
tradition in the sense of having the
fruits the custards the creams and to go
with the tobacco I stay away from
tobacco typically but I wanted to change
it up a bit to experience that that
tobacco delight that you can get from
other babes and you don't always have to
vape fruits you don't always have to
make custards you can break tone so to
speak and get you something a little bit
little bit outside the box there so
that's what we got Danny you've ate this
stuff where do I go who do I talk to
what do I do to get this lovely tobacco
vacation done
let me show you that so here we are
folks here at higher society
so all you got to do here people is up
in the search engine you can type the
royalty to see there it is right there
you type it in there have it searched
for you boom Bob's your uncle click on
that dear Vic taser royalty 200 mil
unicorn bottle 1999 know about price
people not too bad at all and your
quantity Add to Cart share it on your
favorite social media royalty to 100
milliliter ages by baptisia
is the complex combination of velvety
vanilla custard nuts and night earthly
tobacco notes the complex and unique
flavor royalty to is appreciated by nu
vapors and veterans all the same
vegetation royalty to a liquid provides
earthy like tobacco and nuts if you like
nuts that's what we're getting at here
if you like nuts in the back here
throughout go with this one here then
met with a lush creamy and smooth
vanilla custard cream on the exhale
lovely little custard nuts yes
rated one of the best tobacco custard in
liquids on the market royalty to will
ensure sets will sure satisfy will sure
was sure satisfy that craving even for
the most sophisticated palates ready in
100 milliliter eliquid bottle 70/30 PG
PG mmm flavor probe our tobacco custard
nuts and burner I love that word nuts do
you like nuts
I do love nuts yeah both sides 100 mil
unicorn bottle so there it is folks
high society supply calm no need for
promo codes it's 19 freaking 99 that's
all you need there 1999 for her my
bottles pretty damn good as far as I'm
concerned let's go back to having a fake
shall we welcome back Fox so I'm
enjoying it this is a nice break of the
standard pace that I typically vape that
I like vaping if it vapes good I dig it
you know I'm not a huge discriminate
against custards against fruits against
bakeries what-have-you if it tastes good
I'll vaping so I'm the perfect guy you
want to you know review your new liquid
because it tastes good I like it
nice solid thumbs up good
unique tobacco flavor and I think that's
that's about it for you today folks that
about wraps it up here so I showed you
where to go I showed you what I do now
it's up to you thank you so much for
coming folks I am down to be vaping keep
on working on papers like beat you

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