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Rounds Water Dragon 100ml is a refreshing watermelon and dragon fruit flavor with a mystery candy finish. Yum! Bottle Size: 100ml Nicotine Levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ROUNDS WATER DRAGON EJUICE

what's up guys lazy Tony Bates here and
today we're going to take a look at Rams
and this is well it's been manufactured
by plus-1 vapors but this was given to
me by central plug vapors it is City
California so if you're in the area go
check them out talk to the guy Lo and
Matt let's move on with the review first
off we're going to look at identical I
don't know I don't know why you even
tried so first off we're going to take a
look at Apple TV before we move on it
should be noted that all these e-liquids
here are at 3 milligrams of nicotine but
of course they come in a variety of
levels they're VG PG ratios 70/30 which
is actually in some cases better because
you get a little bit more flavor than
focusing on the cloud and well they're
just gargantuan bottles I mean this is
this is a hundred milligrams and can I
just say this is kind of out of topic
the eviews eliquid industry needs to
come up with the way in which I can vape
with one bottle but without having a ton
of residue on here because what happens
is that the residue builds up and then
it overflows and I got a liquid all over
my lap I know I'm not the only one
someone's got to come up with this or if
you have an idea let me know just the
Unicorn doesn't work either because that
has build-up as well too because of the
spout I'm leaving it to you guys because
I don't have the engineering background
but yes please do that for me thank you
very much moving on to apple and kiwi so
what I like about this is that first off
it's not too sweet definitely sweet but
not too sweet there's not a bunch of
added sugar in there that is
overpowering so it's not really a candy
date at all the other nice thing is that
you do taste those flavors the Apple and
the Kiwi I don't believe that there's
any other hidden flavors in this one you
know some of it was like the high
flavors this is purely just apple and
kiwi I'd say it's about 5050 I mean even
their logo on the bottle kind of shows
that it's beef at a 50/50 ratio in
regards to the flavor but it's nice it's
a nice vape it's been my adv for the
past few days so I got to admit from a
personal standpoint it's a nice
departure from some of the other
mixtures that I've tested this isn't
anything crazy like the
or Smith's go check out that review if
you haven't seen that from Steve but in
regards to being fairly common of the
different flavor profiles that have
mixed fruit this is a pretty good choice
next up we're going to do peach yeah
it's just straight peach that's it
I feel I can almost taste the fuzzy part
of the peach that's weird with regard to
matching the flavor profile
they do the bang-up job I not a fan of
peach as a fruit not a fan of peach of
e-liquids my wife is a fan of this for
us to be honest with you so good on your
round but for me personally with regard
to matching it it's definitely tasting
like peach there is a little bit of
tinge when there's the initial inhale
I'll explain I feel like there's a tiny
additional flavor in there and I can't
quite pinpoint what that is I clean my
palate that water and other stuff so I
know it's not the other stuff for me I
baked on this before prior to doing this
review so I know it's not just the coil
as well so I don't know what that other
flavor is they claim it's just peach
just pure peach but it might be like
nectarine in there as well - I don't
know it's not bad but it's a little
surprising so yeah if you want something
on a cool summer day and you're looking
to maybe have some peach alongside with
your sweet or unsweetened iced tea
depending on the type of person you are
give it a shot and last but not least
for now we've got water dragon not water
dragon water dragon watermelon dragon
fruit or fruit melon or water fruit no
just water it will go down now this one
in particular is very unique I
definitely taste the watermelon I'm not
quite sure what dragon food tastes like
by itself but it's good it definitely is
sweet it actually complements the
watermelon very well there's not kind of
a coolness
factor it doesn't have a juicy factor
I've had a liquids before where they
claim the watermelon is so juicy you'll
feel like you're biting into a big slice
of it at beg faith I don't believe that
they're claiming that with this but it
definitely has that same watermelon
filling a profile that you would expect
but the issue that I have with this is
the dragon fruit and it's too subtle and
maybe that's why the balance is so good
but I barely tasted where I really
really really want to taste it again
their logo is like 50/50 when it comes
to the water dragon so I'm thinking
maybe the favorite flavor profile should
be 50/50 but that might not be the case
it's definitely less than the watermelon
and usually when it comes to mixtures of
fruit you would taste it at least on the
exhale maybe at the tip of your tongue
again I taste it on the inhale but it's
so buried underneath the watermelon
don't get me wrong it's a great mixture
it tastes really good but I just wished
I didn't taste the watermelon so much I
want some more dragon whatever you guys
need to do maybe turn up the dragon to
like like eight if effect seven just
turn it up to eight or something
whatever you guys do turn up well that's
it for me guys thank you very much for
watching if you have any questions or
comments please leave it in the section
all the links to the e-liquids are going
to be in the description below as well -
if you are in the area of data to
California please make sure you talk to
the boys over at central cloud vapors
they are the sponsor of this video right
here so mat guy well thank you very much
Brandon shouts out to you buddy and I
will save this before I end this when I
do these eliquid reviews I do realize
that some of you might watch them and
say well I don't taste that I don't know
where the heck is coming from all of our
palates are different guys that's why I
like my input is going to be just as
good as well maybe hopefully better by
another youtubers input not gonna name
names but it's good to get opinions from
multiple arenas and then you come up
with your own thoughts and your own
opinion hey maybe you'll be
pulling up videos on YouTube as well too
so now you know something that's it for
me I will see you guys in the next one

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