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Juicy Peaches by Rounds E-Liquid features exactly what the title describes: freshly picked Georgia peaches, bursting with sun-ripened sweetness. Enjoy the highest quality of peach goodness with this fruity e-juice favorite!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ROUNDS E-LIQUID | JUICY PEACHES EJUICE

watching us
I didn't let me press the button look
they're watching us or being lost right
tell people what you did out nothing
we're gonna do he woke up this one that
hey Bart it smells funny hey guys
why's that I'm bad a mountain and we are
big guys vapor views today we will be
doing peach rounds this is brought to
you by +1 vapors this was given to us by
one of our local shops for review what
are you thinking I think we've internet
for that cotton is nice and wait let me
just come sit stand proof it actually
just smelled like peach rings like
straight up tell me Boston's Doh few
turns okay if this tastes like shampoo
I'm gonna kill you to estimate okay so
me hope you a mess what would you
waterproof for cotton look at that two
LLC LEGO brick in the brush very keen on
gonna take a while all right I'm done
shut up the whole good one things how it
is morning here in Big Island
what's a fat man without coffee I'm fat
enough without coffee
let's know where to live we're not a
third world country here I mean come on
man has a right to bear arms and drink
I've already guessed bare arms until
this okay let's go do this three keys in
your kitchen okay I don't know I don't
know all right so it's definitely better
than the lab peach flavored something
that we've reviewed oh it's very sweet
it's extremely sweet
very very sweet what they hid it around
the nose I mean there's going for a
peach ring flavor and that definitely am
featuring flavor if I want a peach
you'll get peach something wrong your
brain then will you get just a bowl full
of fucking sugar those foolish you dude
okay so I get eat rings Alan gets sugar
lip sugar so it is very very sweet
almost that's that verge of too sweet
but it's for me I think they hit the
flavor that they were going for for Alan
I think like this would be the type of
stuff that you know if we smoke too many
cigarettes you need to get a headache
you have to like make too much Linda
shit and give me a pounding headache so
the word for somebody is too much sugar
giving them a head diabetes now he can
get diabetes from fucking bass play
that's your doctor anyway so other than
that I'm gonna bitch drip drip drip drip
to skip your curricular group I don't
see this as a bad news whatsoever I mean
it could have been a better mixture of
the you know vegetable glycerin and
propylene glycol it's got a 70% and 30%
mixture but so that being said it's
actually pretty thick I don't have
anything that is really bad to say about
it for the exception of the fact that
which is damn sweet it's it's key like
sweeter than I get my coffee like ours
tone down on the sweetness and be a
little bit more distinct on the piece I
think oh well it's got off my cotton
because I don't understand what's going
on excited teach all day okay see I
don't taste the peach on your bottom
just that's very odd now say that but
that's never happened before
that I get flavor and sweet and Alan
gets just a sweet and he's actually
firing in a better owners than I am so
that's quite on I have to I have to
admit that's never happened before it's
a little weird but so see that's how
things can be inconsistent that's why
you can never take our opinions too hard
because you might be like okay these
guys like this let me go buy this juice
and then you go buy it and you hate it
it all depends on your hardware all
depends on how you if you drip you know
how you built the cotton hyper how you
pack the cotton how you built your coils
if the coils were pre-built
you know what their metering at it's all
it's insane so everybody's going to have
a difference of opinion so with that
being said don't always think that you
know if we like that you're going to
like it we're giving you our opinions on
things and this is the perfect example
because I I like it
Alan doesn't get anything out of it but
sweet you got the peach off Mike wheels
up a little bit yeah so there you have
I want to joke though I was last time up
so he's trying to establish what it is
for the record
we had somebody ask yet Allen is naked
from the waist down under this table I
don't understand why he does it creeps
me out a little bit but he does
let's punch up my leg oh there's one
thirdly ha ha ha ha you fucking with
anyway there you have it that is each
round I'd give this a 7 out of 10 just
because a little overly sweet for me but
I'll definitely drip this I wouldn't
tank it hey thanks
I wouldn't tank this just because it
does continue I wouldn't tank this just
because it seems to be maybe something
you would get sickos after maybe a half
a tank worth and I really believe that
this would be a good dripping juice to
break up a flavor oh I've got a tank
full of something that I liked but it's
getting a little redundant so let me go
ahead and drip something to break that
up that's what this is this is like a
chaser for your drinkers out there
anyway um that is pretty much all I've
got to say about how and you got any
conclusive evidence I do in a fog like I
said I would like to see them tone down
the sweetness and bring out that juice a
little bit more than I'd like it all
right kind of like church you know there
they were in the right aisle wrong team
ha ha ha it's making a huge stick it out
in it no yes that's good carefully you
should all right I'm Dan although we are
big guys Dave reviews

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