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Apple Kiwi by Rounds E-Liquids features a crisp red apple blended with tropical kiwi for a sweet exotic flavor that will take your taste buds to an exotic paradise, full of sunshine and happy memories.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ROUNDS E-LIQUID | APPLE KIWI EJUICE

you too yo what up shit boy felonious
bringing you another aegis review and
today we're going to be taking a gander
at kiwi apple and peach rounds around
Zealand now for you detailed oriented
individuals out there grounds eliquid
both of them do come in a zero and three
of the six nicotine strengths but if you
vape anything higher than six god bless
your little R but I just don't fuck
school oh no no I definitely do
understand it just depends on what kind
of smoker you were you know what I mean
so I dig it I dig it
these do come in 100 little chubby
gorilla plastic bottles they are 70/30
VG PG they go for 25 bucks on a liquid
calm not bad for a hundred mil hundred
mils of juice still selling 60s for 25
bucks so there you gots a pretty good
guild I do believe it else you have a
bundle if you want to get the two so you
might even be able to save some money in
there try both of these out there's only
two juices in the installment on the
rounds first one being the Kiwi apple
the flavor description on that is
actually Crisp apple tropical Kiwi mixed
together for mouth-watering experience
while the peach or juicy peaches blend
together for the life to leave the
speech first I'm just going to go ahead
and say this about the peach I really
didn't care for it it reminds me of
peach rings and I don't like peach ranks
I know somebody that's gonna enjoy it oh
fuck out of this and they're gonna be
getting this one
Kiwi Apple it's definitely legit some
legit shit right here you know I'm
saying I definitely do rock with this
one it's pretty simplistic I mean
however I will add that both of these
juices definitely have like a candy
finish which I actually appreciate it's
rocking out with the ipv6 ex pocalypse
RDA you know basic simple bill with some
like phone man
excellent you get some nice vapor
production out of there yes these the
nicotine is definitely a three it's a
true three if you get the three I would
definitely you know suggest that you
check these out oh my information is
coming from a liquid calm and also the
flavor card that did come with the
juices themselves like I said the Apple
is a go for me the peach ring I really
didn't care for it too much because it
reminds me of a peach ring and I really
don't like peaches period not in real
and definitely not in vape life so
alright Oh fucker peaches I do suggest
you grab both of them because if you
like peach rings you'll definitely dig
this and this one just speaks for itself
it's alpha you keep really can't go
make sure you stay tuned to the LRC
Network for those giveaways because it's
about to go down I'm gonna let y'all get
the fuck out of here and do what you do
but in the meantime if you like this
video please don't forget to Like
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