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Apple Kiwi: Crisp apple and tropical kiwi are mixed together for a mouth watering vape experience. Peach: Juicy peaches blended together for a delightfully sweet vape. Bottle Sizes: 100ml each flavor VG/PG: 70/30


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ROUNDS E-LIQUID | 2 PACK BUNDLE

welcome back YouTube once again we are
back here falling out with a Batman and
I got another eliquid review what I got
for you today I've seen on Instagram a
bunch of people posted pictures of this
e-liquid so I've attempted to try it
just because of the names and the flavor
profiles them so today the Batman is
bringing you rounds round eliquid
I have their peach and their kiwi apple
we're gonna dive right in on this one
coming out with the Batman baby rounds
come on bitches oh ah
no relation you fuck you to the fucking
alright now we're back like I said today
we have rounds eliquid I have their
peach and their Apple Kiwi I've seen
pictures of this stuff all over
Instagram I've seen a couple reviewers
they reviewed it by their thumbnail I
don't watch other reviewers reviews of
before I do mine because I don't want to
be influenced on somebody else's liking
more stuff you know if I see the
thumbnail okay they're never newer
review that stuff I'm have to try it
that's how I do it but I will not watch
the review until after I do my own shit
because it does happen it happens to rub
off on other reviewers I've seen a lot
of reviewers repeat what other reviewers
say B and that's because they watched
their review before they do theirs
trying to make theirs better be your
fuck yourself besides all that like I
said I haven't seen nobody else's review
on this stuff cuz I'm gonna do my own
first so what we have I'm gonna do the
peach first and what the peach is
perfectly ripened juicy peaches give you
a sweet yet refreshing vape experience
this stuff comes in a 0 3 and 6
milligram negati they're 100 milliliter
bottles and as you can see they come in
these chubby gorilla bottles you've got
3 milligrams nicotine you turn it around
you have the logo the name you know it's
all pretty and neat you have your
warning and all that stuff and yeah
plastic chubby gorilla bottle I mean it
is what it is what you see is what you
get oh where did I get this stuff I got
it at WWF supply calm it comes in a
70/30 blend there you go so let's dive
in on this peach perfectly ripened juicy
peaches give you a sweet yet refreshing
faith experience let's try it out I'm
gonna use I got my cotton candy set up
with my MTurk RDA my rig mod USA yeah I
got a lo alien build in here so you know
it's going
this is going to be a little next you
like a piece got let me set the fuck up
it's sweet
wow that is good I like that I liked it
it's like in the summertime when you buy
some of them sweet it's like a sweet
sweet not forced ripened peach you know
and they let nature of ripen the beach
by itself that's exactly what this is it
reminds you a way fresh properly ripened
peach it's damn this is good and the
clouds like I said you see the clouds
you see them for yourself
it's as simple as that it's a properly
ripen fresh sweet peach very good this
would definitely be an all-day bait for
me I can definitely make this all day I
just like peach I mean yeah it is what
it is you you've seen my other pet
reviews you know I like I like peach mr.
Parsons exploded number this year and
what we got by rounds we got their Apple
Kiwi and you see it comes in the chubby
gorilla bottle nice neat same thing same
labeled labels the same this thing
no worried about copyright here you know
they kept their own idea and not a
copyright bullshit going on right now so
yeah got your warning and all that good
stuff we spin the bottle around that you
see it there you go it is what it is so
what does Apple Kiwi is it's a delicious
blend of sweet fresh red apples balanced
to perfection with a slight Kiwi
tartness okay so remember it comes to
the zero three and six milligrams
nicotine 70/30 blend premium base
fo WTB twenty will save you 20% oh now
I've got that let's dive in on this side
okay okay I'm actually using a bj box
mod series box just a regular series box
no big deal nothing special
and again it's a sweetie liquid if you
like sweetie liquids you're going to
like this stuff now you pop popping out
with the Batman right
it's a sweetie liquid you could
definitely taste the red apple in this
not the green apple green apple red
apple they take different red apples you
get that taste like if you bite into a
red apple on exhale you could take the
key weak that smooth sweetness sweet yet
bitterness you know bitter sweet sweet
the Kiwi on exhale that you found in how
you get the Apple
yes but the Kiwi you actually get it on
exhale and it's actually delicious it's
very good definitely enjoy this now this
is very good so cloud the clouds out
there is what it is
that's very good all right you enjoy
that the nicotine hey it's nice and
smooth it's a three it hits like a three
you don't have that hard scratchiness
nicotine throw hit you don't get that
from this it's actually very nice it's
blended hang your fucking flower you
shit both flavors are go with the Batman
I actually I'm glad I actually picked
these up these are very they're very
good very nice nice now for the
summertime summertime these are flavors
that are pleasant debate actually I
could enjoy these at a BBQ were you know
how to picnic or some I'll definitely
like these probably take these out there
on the rig with me
gets fucking hot out there so again they
come in a zero three and six milligrams
nicotine 70/30 but 100 ml bottles 1995
will get to a hundred mil bottle where
did I get it WWE emulate
remember always remember X heck out use
coupon code at flow W tb20 will save you
20% off your entire order at checkout
and yeah it is what it is remember to
comment like share and subscribe so we
can keep doing this leave me a comment
leave me a comment down in the comment
section read the description in the
description I have a bunch of links how
we could fight you know for right to
base the whole advocacy thing I probably
should talk more about advocacy
eventually well I'm I think I'm out to
get something up do a special video or
something about why vaping is important
to me we don't hear enough of its
stories we hear something but we don't
really hear enough and actually vaping
for me is it's something personal true
we'll leave that for another video I
want to thank you for watching remember
comment like share and subscribe fo w
tb20 premium vape supply and Rounds eat
lick wait and I'm the hell out of here
fog it out with the Batman baby come on
you two

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