Vape Review of Rocket Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

April 17, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of Rocket Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Vape Review of Rocket Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

This vape juice is the light treat you'll yearn for in your journey for the perfect all day vape. Tart greek yogurt leads this vape juice on the front note with a thick granola body. As the cloud leaves your mouth, a tart blueberry fills out the remainder of the flavor. One Hit Wonder strikes perfection once again with a vape juice you need to try!

Vape Review of Rocket Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Rocket Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

what's going on everybody out there in
vapor land yours truly
Maddy ice from convicted vapes back for
another ejuice review for you the vaping
public and tonight I'm doing something
by one-hit-wonder
a liquid one-hit wonder a liquid z' is
better known for their their muffin man
a juice and their milkman ejuice tonight
I'm going to be doing their new flavor
it's their third flavor in the one-hit
wonder lineup and it is called Rocket
Man Rocket Man by one-hit wonder a
liquid you know I already viewed the
milkman buy them I was a big fan of the
milkman not to be confused with the
vaping rabbit milkman in the white cart
and that shit sucks this milkman is good
by one-hit-wonder but anyway the Rocket
Man is supposed to be you know what I'll
just going to read you something off
their website I'll give you all the
information before I get into more of a
description on this juice this is coming
off of one-hit-wonder
a liquid calm this is their website and
this is where you could place orders for
their juice um it only all their juice
these guys it's a little bit strange you
have to commit to a lot of juice so
that's why they're working so hard on
these flavors you have to commit to 180
mils of juice and it's $59.99 for 180
mils so it's a great price 180 mils of
juice I mean that's uh that's a six
ounce bottle of juice guys six ounces of
juice for for 60 bucks not bad at all
basically what it says here is Rocketman
59.99 it's supposed to be a well this is
what it says it's balancing a lightly
tart Greek yogurt fresh mountain
blueberries and savory granola that
sounds fucking amazing
Rocketman is a Harmonists blend without
equal in the yogurt world from the
subtle sweet tartness of the inhale to
the palate
cleansing exhale get ready for a flavor
that's out of this world
enjoy the ride so this is supposed to be
a lightly tart Greek yogurt with fresh
Mountain blue berries and savory granola
loved blueberry when it's done right I
love Greek yogurt and I love granola in
real life so this sounds like a real
treat here it's right up my alley and
like I said it's $59.99 for 120 ml
bottle it comes in this nice packaging
they give you the six ounce bottle
filled with the juice there's the
there's the Rocketman and they also give
you inside here they give you two 15 mil
unicorn bottles which is pretty cool so
you could actually you know you don't
have to carry around this big bow I
carry around the whole bottle I don't
care I don't I rarely use the Unicorn
bottles I just use these to give some
people some samples if they ask to try
it but pretty cool labeling they got the
little rocket guy on there the
blueberries floating around on up you
can see a little astronaut very nice
labeling it's very enticing the labeling
very nice packaging they did a great job
on the presentation this juice
definitely impressive in the price it's
really a great price what am i doing
I'll put this away okay I got this
loaded up on the bully box awesome box
right here guys I just reviewed it on
the channel the bully box by wild bull
productions dual 1860 parallel box and I
have the the Bale v2 by El Diablo on top
of this thing awesome combination here
by the way guys I know this is a long
intro but you know I want to tell you
all about this juice it's made in
California they're using true neck USA
liquid nicotine so they're using true
Nick they're using good Nick they're
using good ingredients this is an 80/20
VG PG it's a
TV g20 PG all USP vegetable glycerin
natural and artificial flavoring says
shake well on the bottle so let me give
you a smell test here
oh man that smells good smells
absolutely delicious on the inhale I get
a fresh blueberry like a fresh ripe
blueberry very subtle not a strong
blueberry at all by any means and then I
get that granola that like fresh granola
and yogurt I was shocked that I can
actually smell the granola in here
because I said to myself when I read the
description granola how they gonna pull
off granola you know what I mean I love
granola so I was a little skeptical if
they were gonna pull it off but it
smells on point the yogurt notes are
very subtle the blueberry is very subtle
and the granola actually is a little
more overpowering than everything it
just smells like creaminess I get a milk
I get a milk smell out of here - so
let's drip some of this and see how it
clouds up it should be pretty nice for
an 80/20 as a matter of fact I know it's
nice cuz I vape the most of this bottle
already guys if you could see that I got
this bottle three days ago I'm almost
done with it I have maybe 60 mils of
juice left 60 70 mils left insane how
fast I went through this juice change
the light up here it's a little better
here we go
cloud production is absolutely wonderful
as you could see everything I expect
from an 80/20 PG juice uh max PG juice
excuse me not max PG a high VG juice
thick thick milky clouds that linger in
the air they sink to the ground
you could cloud chase with this juice no
problem man throat hit smooth as butter
no burning out the throat no burning or
stinging sensation out the nose nothing
it's light clean and crispy it's
delicious no throat hit flavor guys this
is this is where it gets interesting
okay when I got this bottle you know I
looked at it I said you know what this
is just gonna be another everyday
blueberry yogurt cuz I figured you
weren't gonna be able to taste the
granola and I figured just the blueberry
and the yogurt would stand out so I
figured it's just gonna be another
blueberry yogurt well it's not it's not
just another blueberry yogurt I haven't
experienced anything like this stuff
really um it's in a class all its own um
you get this beautiful beautiful light
crisp refreshing milk like drinking a
nice cold glass of milk it's not menthol
or anything like that but that fresh
milk flavor you get with this like a
cream like almost like a half-and-half
type milk um I get
a beautiful fresh granola flavor yes I
get the granola and it's it's rich but
not overpowering
it's a beautiful granola taste followed
by like a ripe sweet blueberry just the
essence of a ripe sweet blueberry they
didn't overdo the blueberry it's the
perfect amount of blueberry the perfect
amount of cream and yogurt
it's a parfait it's not a yogurt it's a
great they have Greek yogurt in here but
it's not a yogurt it's an actual
parfaite you get everything it all comes
on the exhale it's absolutely beautiful
and for you guys that aren't familiar
with parfaits it's that dessert that's
like layered inside a glass I don't know
if you ever seen it they'll do like
strawberries or blueberries with the
with the the glaze like the gelatin and
it'll be layered like yogurt or ice
cream and then a layer of blueberries or
whatever fruit you're using and then
another layer of ice cream and a layer
layer layer and they top it off with
whipped cream usually I get that it's a
blueberry parfait
all day long this stuff is absolutely
delicious I cannot put this down this
bottle hasn't left my side for three
days since I got it will I order another
180 mils of this yes did I pay for this
yes I paid for this I ordered this with
my own money and I'm glad I did this is
a wonderful e-juice they really nailed
this flavor it's light crisp and
refreshing not overpowering but you
still get a lot of flavor and the exhale
really does cleanse your palate
that blueberry yogurt with the granola
is just so good it's so creamy it's so
light yet it's so flavorful it's got a
nice sweetness to it it's a little bit
on the sweet side not too not as sweet
as the milkman by these guys it's
absolutely perfect I'm very happy with
it they did an excellent job you know
one-hit wonder these guys popped out of
nowhere and they're just killing it man
killing it yes it's a lot of juice to
commit to 180 mils of juice 60 bucks
it's a great price and I think a lot of
you guys will like it it's a nice change
for you blueberry yogurt fans go out and
try this it's a nice change of pace from
the regular everyday blueberry yogurts
this stuff is absolutely delicious does
it make me feel funny or feel like shit
when I vape it for a long period of time
chain vaping it no it doesn't make me
feel like shit it doesn't doesn't get me
nauseous sick feeling nothing you're
using great nicotine I love this juice
it's absolutely excellent I recommend it
it's good stuff how they pulled off the
granola in here I don't know I haven't
had anything like this I've seen Trail
Mix e-juices I've seen all types of shit
I never seen a granola and the granola
notes in here mixed with that fresh
Mountain blueberry and that Greek yogurt
brings it all together it's a parfait
it's not a yogurt vape it's a parfait a
blue berry parfait all day
excellent juice guys this is getting a -
thumbs up I'll be ordering another 180
very shortly very happy with it I will
say that you guys are going to want to
let this steep it's starting when I got
this bottle it was almost totally clear
it's starting to dark up a little and
the flavors getting a little bit more
intense it's getting a little bit better
so I would say guys you're gonna want to
let this juice steep for a little while
you could go right into it but you know
if you let it steep for a little while
halfway through the bottle let it steep
it's just gonna get better everything's
just going to come out more so - thumbs
up on the Rocket Man by one-hit wonder
illiquid you guys did a great job with
this juice you guys over there in
California one-hit wonder
great job can't wait to see what you
come out with next awesome
that's got my seal of approval you guys
should pull the trigger on this and give
it a try especially for you blueberry
yogurt fans do it do it pull the trigger
pull the trigger I dare you check out
ww1 hit wonder com order yourself some
Rocket Man get some milk man where
you're on there give it a try that's my
review guys until next time subscribe
comment like share thumbs up thumbs down
leave a comment negative or positive we
don't care you could reach me at my
email mega head Emmie gah EAD at Comcast
net check out the convicted vapes
Facebook group all capital letters were
up and like we're 6,000 something
members were almost at 7000 members
there's a couple clone groups so watch
out just make sure you join the one with
the convicted vapes banner on the top
and that's really all I got for you
check out our convicted vape celina
juice at shop ecig outpost calm we're
having a 20% off sale once that 20% off
sale is over with and all the juices
sold out we're scratching that whole
line and we're doing something totally
new so get on it what you can that's all
I got for you guys until next time keep
calm vape on and please do me a favor
take it fucking deep to the bottom heavy
metal and stay crazy catch you guys on
the next review

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