April 24, 2018


Our Rocket Fuel Energiser brings you the flavours you know and love, but fuses them in such a way that the outcome is something completely new and vibrant. Upon inhale, you are met with the fruity-sweet taste of your favourite energy drink, but it gets even better. The fruity vapour enticing your taste buds begins to fizz, brightening the flavours that much more. As you exhale, revitalised, the flavours taper out. → At 50VG to 50PG, the ratio is an exact balance - and we mean exact. Our strict laboratory conditions guarantee only the highest quality. → E-Luxe has full TPD compliance, with careful quality checks throughout our processes, because you deserve the highest standards. → We only use the finest ingredients, locally sourced from right here in the UK and EU. When you choose E-Luxe, you choose guaranteed unparalleled quality - and that's precisely what you get.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ROCKET FUEL ENERGISER - PREMIUM E-LIQUID BY E-LUXE LONDON

hey everybody welcome to tactical vaping
blaim ejuice taste test review yeah
we're back today we're going to be
reviewing a juice from rocket fuel
vapors I wrote that on there it is
technically still a blind taste test
they didn't wrap it for us but I reached
in the bag and I got a piece of paper
and I was like I don't want to see it
and then when we taped it up and put
rocket fuel beeps right on the label
rocket fuel beeps calm they have a
beautiful website and very pro advocacy
very pro advocacy I actually miss
clicked and found their pro advocacy
page like that now Aaron had contacted
me from rocket vapes
like two years ago yeah and when we were
first doing the vaping thing here on
tactical vaping we did take a little bit
of a hiatus so I apologize that it took
so long but I'm very glad to say that
today we're gonna be reviewing one of
their juices we're already excited as we
know that they're very Pro advocacy and
their website looks legit so little girl
we're gonna take the top off and we're
gonna give it the old with and sniff not
not in this video all right so it's got
the child little doohickey there there's
the drip for the you know the tip on it
hmmm smells a little bit like grape
medicine that you might uh you know take
for coffee or robotize right alright so
we're gonna go ahead and put it on the
dot mod and then we're gonna beep it
alright it's kind of reddish pink I
don't know if you guys can pick that up
probably not but there is the color
reddish pink
I'll be vaping at 50 watts on the new
last week triad dna200 kind of looks
like over low then I have a review on
this one pretty soon this is a nice mod
and I found it for a really good deal
anyway this is about the juice though so
let's taste it first impressions like 50
Watts right
mmm it's got a weird nose flavor
Razzleberry don't know raspberry that's
it's an interesting flavor and I'm
trying to wrap my mind around what it
might be it does taste like there's some
berries in it but when I after I'm done
vaping just even now breathing out of my
nose I'm getting something just breathe
out of your nose no not with the bait
but raspberry cherry that's all
raspberry cherry not exactly sure hmm I
don't know what I want to read it yet
what are you gonna read it you want to
taste it again it's not in my flavor
profile no I literally go with I can't
be strong exactly what it is it does
taste like a berry or a cherry
smells like cough syrup doesn't taste
like cough syrup to me it does taste
like a raspberry cherry type of maybe a
little alcohol ewwww
I'm gonna give it a three yeah yeah
that's not too bad I mean and I think
it's probably I think it's probably a
really good flavor for somebody who
likes this flavor profile but it's just
not in my arena so that's why I'm giving
it a three almost tastes like a cherry
like Cherry Coke or a cherry Pepsi or a
chair like a cherry vanilla
whoo I'm going cherry vanilla soda of
some kind that's why I'm going with uh
as far as a rating that's tough that's
tough for right now at this part of the
video it might change by the end of the
video but for right now I'm giving it to
ya so for me I'm gonna say it's a
raspberry cherry slushy yeah yeah well
we are about to
I know what we've been vaping on perhaps
it's pretty good and the flavor we've
been vaping on is rocket pop rocket pop
supposed to be like those rocket pops so
the past pops bonpapa red blue yeah
right so that's your that's the berries
are the cherries you know yep that's the
the cherry the blue raspberry and the
wait so now knowing what flavor it's
supposed to try to be what do you think
yeah I'd have to say that it's a rocket
pop I mean it's a pretty much pull those
flavors right out of there right from
the beginning yeah but you're not I mean
it's pretty hard to tell from a fake
that it's supposed to be a ice cream
popsicle dessert yeah it would be much
better cold and on a stick I can see
what they're going for on this though
for sure does it change my rating mmm
why don't you tell us about the profile
look it up and find out what rocket pop
is all about just in case you guys are
wondering this is a three milligram
nicotine it's a 30 ml bottle of juice
I'm not sure what the oh it's max VG so
whatever max VG is I think it's either
80/20 or 90/10 all right so the other
thing you were tasting was lemon line
the one and only rocket pop combines red
cherry tart lemon lime and sweet
raspberry to create a spot-on version of
the timeless Americana popsicle I think
the lemon line might have been thrown me
maybe that's what I'm breathing out my
nose and out your nose in the thirty
milliliter amber glass bottle with glass
pipette dropper and childproof tamper
pop tamper proof cap all right how much
does a 30ml bottle go for the glass one
is $16 you can choose between plastic
and glass nice I see 10 milliliter
120 milliliter 30 milliliter and you can
do regular or max VG what's regular does
they say no it doesn't say what the
blend is okay so regular we don't know
what the VG PG is and you know Aaron if
you're watching which I'm sure you are
you can let us know what the regular
comes in PG VG ratio-wise alright so
basically you can choose between the
plastic or the glass 30 milliliter
plastic is 15 30 milliliter glass is 16
okay so dollar you're gonna pay a dollar
extra if you prefer the glass bottle
over the plastic I prefer the plastic to
totally be honest with you I am so done
and over with those drippers you know
trying to get that in a small hole
walking on the wife's driving the car
and you're trying to hold on for dear
life it's a pain in the butt
nicotine 0 6 12 18 and 24 it doesn't
come in a 3 no what
this is 3 milligram 3 milligram nicotine
okay so that was the TV that's 10
okay so different size bottles are gonna
come with different nicotine strengths
options yeah I guess so
and so yep the 30 mils you can get 3 0 3
6 12 18 or 24 I'm guessing the 3 is hard
to do in the 10 milliliter bottle yeah I
would imagine so alright well what are
we gonna change my rating they might
gonna change you know what I'm gonna
give it a little bump right you know I
don't want to say it's a 2 it's
definitely not a 3 but it is a 2 and a
half it's not a bad flavor it doesn't
taste nearly like cough syrup like I
thought it was from the smell when I
know the profile I can see where they're
getting that from and I can agree with
that so I mean if you were a fan of the
rocket pops or whether they cause the
bomb on pop bomb pops if you're a fan of
those as a kid and you want to try it in
a vape format I would definitely
recommend it even though I gave it kind
of a little rate
Lily tastes like a warm bomb pop yeah
it's not cold unless you're in temp
control but even then it's not
technically cold it's kind of you know
not hot so yeah I think that it that the
flavor profile that they gave matches
what what's in the bottle and I was able
to identify those flavors completely
so you know yeah you actually got them
some you know she got most of the
flavors blinds didn't get the lemon line
and you're not gonna it well the lemon
line yeah that was there's a lot of
flavors going on so it's kind of hard to
discern every single flavor but you
definitely got a couple of the flavors
spot-on real good for you if you're
interested in the juice there are going
to be links in the descriptions below ok
there's also going to be the links in
the descriptions below on where you can
fight for your vaping rights good on you
rocket babes for being such Pro advocacy
company and I applaud that but use
individuals watching this video please
visit the links down below sign up fight
for your right to vape contact your
representatives tell them to support HR
2058 and the cold bishop amendment don't
forget to check out not blowing smoke
org August 8 org
are to be smoke-free org I'm getting
better at that one and casada organizers
here rocket fuel vape stock and rocket
fuel beeps comm at least go check them
out if you like this video don't forget
to give it the big ol thumbs up and if
you want to see more content like this
don't forget to subscribe alright guys
well with that I hope you enjoyed the
video don't forget to vape hard but live
dime a dime a dozen died him at Essen I
think I think it's one or the other

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