Vape Review of Ripe Vapes Monkey Snack E-Liquid (30ML)

April 23, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Ripe Vapes Monkey Snack E-Liquid (30ML)

Vape Review of Ripe Vapes Monkey Snack E-Liquid (30ML)

Been waiting for a truly scrumptious peanut butter-and-banana vape juice, haven't you? Well this delectable little ‘monkey snack' is a fabulous pairing of these flavors, melding sweet, creamy peanut butter perfectly with the velvety silkiness of ripe bananas. It's definitely as delicious as it sounds!

Vape Review of Ripe Vapes Monkey Snack E-Liquid (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Ripe Vapes Monkey Snack E-Liquid (30ML)

overdose babes keep you awake sweat many
coils type
Josh suckers that's him
Josh motherfuckers yeah going down
that's a cool one today yeah pretty
awesome pick this up at our local spot
bill the ecig purchased it here the log
from the lost ball collection right it's
called Street it's the first one to come
out on that from the cosmic clock people
same people yeah this one is streak and
it is a fancy strawberry you have to go
look at the description yourself it's
some kind of fancy strawberry yeah from
a place you know parts I'm done no fancy
strawberry Greek yogurt strawberry
yogurt that's all you need to know Bo I
think that's all you do now so bang it
yep this one's a 60 VG 40 PG blends yeah
it's a little it's a little fucking low
there's a little high on the Fiji for us
a little low on the VG but I made it
let's check out the bottle very cool bar
great man
but I'm sure the whole collection will
have these bottles very nice wham donor
donor collection nice classic labels so
far be yeah I said this is Street if the
black got the black bottle which i think
is great
got the dropper tip that's a little
different symbols and doodads all right
we're back over those lips that's us
vaping up this lost fog collection
Street Street Strawberry Creek yoga baby
it smells hey that's why it's called
streak strawberry
creek street sweeping guessing you just
did that man yeah so it's supposedly
great on the bottle and as you saw the
bottles are really classic
Duvall and black this is like a really
good combination folding black oh yeah
other classes have done that speak class
and you know the only way you can tell
how much juice you got it
this gives us a cumin I love the New
York yogurt beeps coming down man I
really like him yeah you know horse was
the lion when they said yoga is that new
question yeah come on it's it's a new
thing yeah I don't know it's just yogurt
babes don't get old to me as quick as
custard babes go
maybe it's an original I'm still making
custard Victor for like three years
still custard in but I will see I'll
probably be vaping yogurt still in three
years to you but I'll probably still be
because I'm saying yeah I can't say it's
a good addition to the family
sure absolutely all right but we also
and we've been filming calls for a while
so you set up to some extent of course I
got 22 gauge just regular micro coils
and the old twisted messes RV I don't
know if I show you I'm gonna flow on the
plug flow and 44 yeah we can just say 44
or the 4x4 whoa he did it so all I'm
gonna say is if any of you have ever had
the yogurt the strawberry yogurt
popsicles I think like outshine make so
I'm sure there's a company a couple of
companies dryers that kind of shit but
they're there yogurt popsicles and it's
just strawberry yogurt that's exactly
what the book this is I mean this spot
on the sweetness level the yogurt level
the creaminess of it is is there I mean
it's easily the best strawberries type
yogurt iPad I like you but I definitely
like it more than the upside yeah yeah
absolutely yeah it's good baby I think
that it's a it's a little low in the BG
for me but I think that's not really an
issue unless unless you have an allergy
or something I think it could be an
issue for you if you have an allergy
it does a really good they smooth shit
yeah there's no PG throatier this is
milligram which I'm don't they I think
three and it's very smooth very smooth
almost like a three it's hard and it
would be hard to differentiate yeah no
you're right and you definitely I think
that the popsicle like the ice cream
kind of analogy works really well but
also there is this little bit of like
tartness from like that Greek yogurt
yeah it is definitely and then
definitely know the Greek yogurt flavor
a lot better than other Greek yogurt
this is like a little bit more on its
strain of Greek strawberry yogurt and
this one is more blended like it's a
strawberry oh yeah as opposed to like
sweet strawberries on top and freaky oh
yeah I know they're not separate flavor
girl no it's a beautiful strawberry it's
like a Greek flavor
during our they are one flavor they're
mixed yet it's got the right smoothness
the cream is there it's a spot on
motherfucking yogurt yeah they know the
yogurt pretty well it's got just that
right little bits Hartness does like to
differentiate between like a cream a
little tartness kind of sticks with you
yeah after you blow out the excel you
eat a lot of that yogurt and the
aftertaste is really heavily yogurt too
I'm gonna go straight nine it would be
probably nine five if it was a 70 or 75
yeah cuz I do I mean I don't taste the
PG but there's something in the
flavouring that it cuts away a little
quick like like a high-pitch you to
choose this doesn't have the same
density yeah that he would have from
something that was a higher VG right if
it was 70 or 75 I mean it would be a
knife point for easy 9.5 the flavor is
redic it's ridiculous you're right I
think it's definitely something you want
to add your collection um I think they
they only dropped one at first just this
streak but I think two more coming so
very exciting first first flavor from
the collection yeah and you know what
the more I made but I think that you're
right is up there it is probably one of
the better definitely talked to your
strawberry yogurt flavors you know
without a doubt I'm gonna give it
see I think that a lot of people aren't
gonna buy it just based on the fact that
it's only 64 yeah some people are just
snobs about their VG levels and I can
some people just want DG I understand
that I would take a shot on this but I
know it's not gonna be for everybody so
I'm gonna give it a date yeah Wow yeah I
think it's a really good flavor but I
don't think it's gonna be everybody that
ratio is gonna fuck people up yes in
this day 2015 I just don't think people
are just you know with all the really
really good juices you
you know besides noble because that's an
exception you're looking at 20 bucks for
a 30 yeah and people are gonna buy their
ratios I'm sorry but I mean there's a
lot of strawberry you're right I mean
there's a lot of strawberry cream kind
of things out there I just don't know
then we're gonna jump ship and pay that
much money for something that's not a
hundred percent what they want but no
the flavor is duh it is no 100% yeah I
mean I definitely recommend it don't get
me wrong and if you roll like because I
put it through the Goblin two or three
and the larger tanks right oh not a
problem it was fuckin delicious your
tank you should I say buy it it's a
great tank Judah which meant anxious
absolutely that ratio is really good for
things like subong tanks and even we
buildable tanks even if you use like a
kayfun and shit it has no wicking it
fucking zero air flow but if you're
dripping all day
you might wanna go with some and you
might want to miss it I mean that's just
my opinion
check game alright yeah subscribe do
that tell us if you tried it tell us
what you think tell us apart we're way
off the mark if we just don't know what
we're talking about let us know and also
go to the Facebook group we do things
there we do to the other people do
things we are gonna be at ECC huh 2015
Ramona California love saying oh the V
style baby all day every day until next
time keep the cause tight all right keep
your wick sweat

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