Vape Review of Rice Pudding by Dinner Lady E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Rice Pudding by Dinner Lady E-Liquid

Vape Review of Rice Pudding by Dinner Lady E-Liquid

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Rice Pudding is exactly that, a bowl of rice pudding mixed with raspberry jam. Prominent flavours: Rice Pudding, Strawberry Jam

Vape Review of Rice Pudding by Dinner Lady E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Rice Pudding by Dinner Lady E-Liquid

don't adjust your screens or television
or iPads phones or computer screens
I do have an apron on and it's dinner
time not just kidding what up YouTube
Japan Sam from flava chase of vape
reviews and yeah we're gonna do an e
juice review on dinner lady rice pudding
dinner lady fuckin apron over heap up
some dinner lady alright yeah I just
wanted to go ahead and show you guys
that they did actually send me this
apron here it says dinner lady
WWWE beanie lady calm so it didn't want
to go ahead and show you they asked me
guys to do that so fuckin why not
alright so today we're gonna have a good
look at one flavor it's gonna be a quick
one this is rice pudding by dinner lady
okay and it's got look looks a little
fucking apron on it and that's pretty
much it so stay tuned till after the
intro and we will go ahead and dive in
to some dinner ladies so stay tuned guys
I'll be right back
okay guys we are back today we're gonna
have a quick look hopefully it's gonna
be very quick there's the apron thank
you very much I'd like to thank send the
special thanks to the people over at
veep dinner lady or dinner lady I think
they're out Lee UK they send me this
flavor a couple of weeks back and this
one is rice pudding
now this one's rice pudding with a
raspberry jam now this is a 30ml bottle
they don't have pricing or information
they have descriptions on their site it
just says the new dessert to add to the
menu smooth creamy rice pudding with an
irresistible add to the mixture
mouth-watering raspberry jam okay so
let's go ahead and see if somebody's got
it for sale let's just go ahead and go
to vape club UK so it's 1499 euros so
let's see if anybody else has got it
let's see eg says calm so it's 20 foot
well a 60 ml bottle for $24.99 okay yeah
so they have it here on e juice is calm
60 mil for third $24.99 okay so let's
see and that's on a juice a juice is
calm comes in zero three and six alright
so I got the Astro by Auggie are da here
really good atomizer and I think it's
fucking 18 bucks I got a dual transform
of doles on their homes out to around
so let's go ahead give her a good shake
again and let us go and well this one's
a yellow liquid you guys can check that
out - really yella alright so let's go
ahead and see what she smells like I
smell like rice pudding it's got like
that you have a smell like a hand full
of rice it smells exactly like rice do I
get the raspberry jam not really I
definitely smell like that rice like
that fresh rice so let's go ahead and
give her a shake here I'm not a shake
let's saturate my coils here my
wex stay tuned to the channel guys I'm
gonna be uploading tomorrow I got the
what is that the vapor Restless stuff a
lot of first looks I got the Tarot the
Tarot Pro the Tarot nano the attitude
mod and I got the nebula mod which is a
26-6 50 so it's not that bad really nice
offerings from vapor Rosso so stay tuned
for that this one a small right I smell
like that rice pudding aspect to it so
this one could be this one could be very
interesting they don't smell any
raspberry jam but let's go ahead and see
alright anyway 90 was point one six beef
dinner lady rice pudding blitz details
hmm that's interesting I'm getting the
rice pudding I definitely taste the rice
pudding but I don't taste raspberry jam
vapor production is good really it's
really good yeah I can't say that I
actually taste raspberry jam here I
definitely taste rice pudding so if they
were aiming for a rice pudding and it
tastes exactly like a rice pudding but
I'm sorry to say I do not taste the
raspberry jam aspect of this juice so
let's see what else let's try it again
let's push it up - lets go - 96 yeah if
you guys hmm you guys are into like a
rice pudding I'll definitely recommend
it but I don't taste rice pudding and
raspberry jam very sweet juice in the
vapor production is really good yeah
I'll pass this one but it doesn't have
the route I don't taste raspberry I'm
sorry definitely taste up bullshit sorry
I only taste a rice pudding so that's
good interesting flavor interesting
alright so that's pretty much it guys
I got the I got because one flavor here
by dinner lady if you guys are into like
a rice pudding vape I'll recommend it
but if you're looking for rice pudding
with raspberry not so much that's just
coming from me that's my opinion
taste this objective I get a lot of
trolls on the channel yeah whatever go
for you know you know you could do
alright so that's it
so rice pudding babe dinner lady dot-com
links will be in the video's description
they do not sell them on their website
I think they distribute them and then
people other vendors sell them but thank
you very much to dinner lady for sending
me this out to review maybe I'll give
this to my wife she said she wanted it I
don't know but that's pretty much it so
stay tuned to the channel I do have a
bunch of first looks to come up to the
channel some vapor isso offerings really
nice stuff there guys so tomorrow
there's a I'll be uploading so stay
tuned to the channel and I'll see you
guys in the next one peace

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