Vape Review of Remixed by Motley Brew Sampler Pack (90ML)

April 23, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Remixed by Motley Brew Sampler Pack (90ML)

Vape Review of Remixed by Motley Brew Sampler Pack (90ML)

By Elena Ognivtseva

Motley Brew's REMIXED line has dropped and delivered delicious and all day vape juices. Crumb DMC provides a scrumptious red apple front note filled with tart and sweet flavor. A flaky crumb cake back note rounds off this flavor finishing with perfection. The Drop captures the excitement of a dance party, right on your tongue! A face melting key lime cookie fuses with a blueberry front note filling your tongue with a light show of flavor. Upon the final drop of this juice a subtle combination of cookies and vanilla leaves an unbelievable back note. Bubble Pop captures a classic favorite from the comfort of your vape. A lush strawberry bubble gum fused front note immediately delivers a mouthwatering experience. As the vapor leaves your mouth a hype combination of kiwi and watermelon leaves a back note worth trying over and over again. Get your Remixed by Motley Brew Sampler Pack (90ML) today!

Vape Review of Remixed by Motley Brew Sampler Pack (90ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Remixed by Motley Brew Sampler Pack (90ML)

what's up guys rugged babes coming at
you with another evening with review we
are taking a look at a brand new three
flavor line from motley brew I know a
lot of you guys have probably heard of
motley brewing they're everywhere I see
my expose all the time but they have
just released a three flavor line called
remixed and I think it's pretty cool one
flavor crumb DMC bubble pop and the drop
one thing I love about motley brew if
you do nothing else take some time to go
over their website and read their
backstory they have a link or story
their backstories awesome these guys
were I believe they were roadies and
they were on the road and they just
really open up about who they are and
where they came from and why they do
what they do I love their story but I
didn't receive these for the purpose of
the review and the first one we are
gonna take a look at is crumb DMC and
I'm hooked on this flavor that's why
we're gonna start here
the other two are actually gonna be a
first look for you a lot of guys are
like come on take us back to the first
look videos so I'm gonna give you a
first look on the other two flavors but
I'm gonna let you know I have eight to
crap out of this one
so this first flavor is not a first look
and I'm absolutely in love with it it's
chrome DMC 30 mil bottles 15 bucks on
their website yeah I said it $15 for 30
mils rockin price from DMC is going to
be walk this way to discover a tight
blend of grain apple crumb cake and
light cream and if you're not a crumb
cake fan stay away because this shit is
dope and the more you buy the less I can
unless they're like stocked so which
they probably are they're big company
but crumb cake apple and cream I'm a
huge crumb cake fan
I was just watching a couple videos a
couple review videos on this juice I
wasn't too familiar with remixed I
haven't been in an expo where they
released this I don't believe but uh a
lot of people are saying oh this one's a
little harsh but it's not as nicotine
harsh I don't know what it is it's
freaking crumb cake guys have you guys
eaten crumb cake it's got that cinnamon
II feel - it's got a little kick it's
got that bite and that's what's in
capsule a captivate whatever you want to
say that's what they put right into this
juice and I absolutely love the way they
did it the crumb cake flavor is
overwhelming you do get a little apple
and a little cream but the crumb cake is
where it's at and I love that about this
flavor ABV all day vape for me all the
way huge huge fan I pray to God we're
gonna first look the next few flavors
I'm praying to God to come half as good
as from the MC absolutely loving it the
people I do know that have reviewed this
line that's their favorite and they
rocked it and it's the one I opened
right away and I couldn't stop babe and
it had to get this review up before the
bottle went dry but this is one I don't
buy you liquid I get so much you look
what I have my own line I did over a ton
of companies that take care of me and I
also get packages every flippin day to
review so uh I don't buy a lot of
eliquid this crumb DMC is one I will buy
for sure it's gonna be in my elite
rotation because that crumb cake is just
amazing but I'm also a big crumb cake
fan so if you're not a big cum crumb
cake fan it might not be for you
unbelievable next one we're gonna take a
look at is bubble pop bubble pop is
going to be a deliciously sweet
combination of strawberry Kiwi
watermelon and bubblegum and it says
this is on fleek so this is gonna be an
interesting concoction and bubble gum
and some fruits looks like strawberry
Kiwi water nan and bubble gum so let's
take one I don't chew a lot of ballgame
but let's take a look at what we
experienced with this way
well the Bubblegum comes through my my
exhale is like pure bubblegum I think
the Kiwi the watermelon are definitely
coming through more than the strawberry
for me they're obviously stronger
flavors so if you guys can see my
Huskies back here Bristol Xie five year
old Siberian but couldn't couldn't stay
out of the office today but yeah
bubblegum me if you love bubblegum there
aren't a lot of good bubblegum flavors
from what I found
this definitely encapsulate a bubblegum
for sure so I've that's a flavor you're
looking for it's not my you know in my
top flavor list of what I look for so
probably not know they made for me but
still good very very very smooth
surprisingly with that Kiwi with that
sometimes you get a harsh tart taste and
I don't get that the heavy flavor
profile and this is the bubblegum with
slight hints of Kiwi water not I don't
get much strawberry but that might be
one of the flavors that's really smooth
in this liquid out lots of bubblegum
though so if that's your thing it's very
smooth no harshness that's why I'm not
surprised because the crumb DMC whatever
harshness people are calling that is
just that crumb cake flavor and I love
it that one unbelievable
but yeah bubblegum you're really gonna
have to enjoy bubble gum and that hidden
key we didn't water known it's smooth
it's good it's just not my top flavor
profile with the bubble gum in there not
a big bubble gum chewer so but if you
are I would definitely check it out for
15 bucks you can't go wrong that is a
very very reasonable price for a 30ml
and the last one we are gonna take a
look at is called the drop mamma Cruz
remixed the drop come on Bristol you're
alright the drop is a mash-up of Key
Lime cookies with the blueberry and
vanilla will have you throwing your
hands up so it's like a party line rate
you know music each one's kind of a
tribute to some music so I really like
that feel I like that vibe
it's always cool to see line you know
utilize different parts of our everyday
lives and that's pretty cool so the drop
key lime cookies blueberry vanilla it's
gonna have me throwing my hands up we'll
see about that
ooh very smooth vape okay so the first
two crumb DMC and bubble pop those two
were a very intense flavor profiles they
were in your face Nakia the Bubblegum
came through like pow Crum DMC very very
very very strong crumb cake profile
there at the drop what am i experiencing
so far is gonna be a little more mellow
illiquid with those flavor profiles it
does make sense though I'm definitely
getting some key lime cookie I like that
they didn't just put key lime or key
lime pie because I am getting a much
more cookie to experience the cookie you
know the flavors and cookies seem to be
a little more mellow but still smooth
and good I do like this wow yeah it's
just different much more mellow but I
definitely pulling some key lime cookie
a little bit of vanilla
not much blueberry which I like they
might have just put enough blueberry to
round out the flavor I say that a lot
but companies know how to do that I
think that's why the blueberries there
definitely get my key lime cookie
experience those they are spot-on with
their description in regards to the
cookie part man that is a surprisingly
great vape if you are a crazy flavor
chaser like me I like that in-your-face
flavors this might not be for you but
surprisingly they've over dripped a
little there they found a way to bring
this together to make it a smoother
lighter note but still excellent I'm
just I'm digging this key lime
he feel because I'm definitely pulling
that through excellently yeah I'm loving
the drop definitely Crum DMC is gonna be
my favorite
there's the Crum DMC bottle they got the
UPC made in the USA most of them are the
next one is gonna be the drop for me
that Key Lime cookie with hints of
vanilla and blueberry and third just
because I'm not a big bubblegum fan but
still a great juice is gonna be bubble
pop but overall this line two thumbs up
again I've been getting some high
quality ÿû liquid in I know the next few
lines are also pretty high quality but I
hey our industries come a long way I
love that a couple years ago it's hard
to find good e-liquid now we're finding
it everywhere great superior e-liquid
it's a tough market these days
everything is so good
but yeah remix for motley brew two
thumbs up from run good vapes if you
guys liked what you heard today please
hit the thumbs up if you didn't hit the
freakin thumbs down you're not gonna
offend me but most importantly if you
love the videos just like I do please
please please hit the subscribe button
and check out some future videos or
check out some videos that are already
up we're putting videos up in a pretty
fast rate now we got a lot going on but
uh this is what I do I love you guys so
as always vape on guys

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