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By Nataly Komova

Reds E-Juice Iced Grape 60ml ejuice is the latest creation from Vape 7 Daze and this delicious mix of apple and grape and menthol is a fantastic combination. Bottle Size: 60ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of REDS E-JUICE ICED GRAPE EJUICE

today's review Reds apple juice great
T&S only the best company I'm coming
that job with a review know I'm 100 why
does you know I like the drip I like the
drip and drive I the drip and I like
observing walk you know that's what I do
50 wagons ain't enough for me look it's
like that you see that fine
hey John back I'm gonna treat you like I
do all other team no stick reviews now
I'm gonna do a steam tester for testing
the taste test then I'm gonna see if
this hassle free up the bar worth the
price then after that I will save this
team no stay proof - now you with that
I'm with that so come on y'all let's get
with that anyway I got send me intro
plays review is a red apple juice by 7
days great though boxes perk now I got
the ice Reds apple juice heist Norman
and then I got the great apple juice
grape apple juice ice grape apple and I
got 3 mg with that side though a once -
outside drop low you know I'm a 16gb bro
stand up boys yeah any blame I'm gonna
start out with the regular joint I'm
gonna start out with the breads apple
juice Burke great joint yeah I so got a
nice little box come with that chubby
though come with that seven days chubby
huh ain't put no apple juice man that's
gonna push them up something else going
on here
I've been a big fan of the glass bottles
guys they face the mouth though well
that's I don't I be dropping them jumps
anyway I let me shake your fake bank
again man
hear me put the steam on this joint I'm
using that whiz neck with low joint to
be up nice not to real o be tripping
sometime at night I'm using the arm with
smack um noisy cricket - you know I'm
out noisy grasshopper we call it you
know I got it on the arm
I got a parallel with that for rap 20
cage mad rapid-fire you know he got hurt
the whole bit though
let me get here with that steam test
though for you whoo
rowdy grasshopper is this the rowdy
you know aka noisy quickie feet twizzle
here we go
it's no good baby I smell arm smell the
ass no great apple juice
you know let's see what's up man let me
try to follow up test real quick though
fog tests
ain't a lot bill missing breakfast stuff
man laughter reviews I did it was break
something great this great that this
right here is great
apple juice grape apple juice man 7 days
baby anyway fog test I definitely had a
chicken intro toe
I can take the ACT apple juice and I can
taste the grape man dang a bad look for
me that break didn't take sight though I
was a big I'm a big fit at home the
regular Reds apple juice I got that over
there right there right there over there
yeah over here I got it
this right here to the side tastes like
grape apple juice man is fucking that's
what's up
I don't wanna think it's match DJ let me
see 60 mil 3 mg ya gotta be mad CG I can
rock with this man I can rock with that
alright now let me go on to the next one
baby this is same thing but it's so nice
so I guess like you pop some ice cubes
in it and rocked out like that man and I
never unicorn Oh like the guys gonna
kill the course and all that all right
this one is all right focus and then use
some little cool I know some minutes
right here I don't know which one you
know could they don't tell me all that
may be telling me to mind my business
gonna go dad takes the Jews daddy shit
taste you shut up Gary coma takes you
shut up hi
Oh losing my CBM a box pwm you know what
I asked James nuts and aliens in there
as well
caution James muscling aliens on the CB
of a box team no sleep on the side no
PWM and I got some james mcclelland
closing there guys cheese Mugler alien
calls and I'm rocking out with that goon
got them to an RDA on top you know I'm
tall male getting here going in killing
a bat against guys get a bat in here
before I finish the vid I was on ice let
me fall get up steam no smell the same
as that one hi I'll go with the fall
it's like better stands on I love the
way that I learn win it look when you
hit the button then they come up all
happy I might get there like the beats
big shots my whole point of meeting
cool Curtis you know my folio music
group and the whole team know State
Wolfpack out there chilling all right
what's good y'all how y'all doing man
happy I'll be watching the pins I like
doing him no for real I hear this cool
app I mean I don't
every time I think it ice cream is cool
la tormenta I don't know which one that
you say no miss I just know I'm gonna
say if it's good enough for test
I fan taste better after that
inhale got my whole mouth nice this is
great apple juice oh nice guys
I think the grape apple juice or ice is
better than the regular because this is
giving it that big thing I mean it ain't
is cold but I had some other joints that
was on ice
the chest was too cold my face was
heavy-handed on the kool-aid or whatever
they put them in a baking Jill to make
it chilling like that this is chill like
that decide this right here is like
hoodie Cece you don't um Ellen this is I
you know I mean like it's not too cold
but then again it ain't warm either so
it's like it's like a happy medium you
know what I'm saying this is lettuce
season right here I'm taking the one on
ice better than the other room there's a
hassle free I mean no doubt indeed man I
just got these matter of fact they test
prop so yall already know I just got
it's actually three years hassle-free is
it up the park
yes of the park now is it worth the
price is the question and gets something
in here real quick though now is it
worth the price now I got these
symphonies from Peter of a to
team no steeple bro calm your I'm saying
now we're gonna preface why that comedy
got these drugs for 1795 1795 guys 60
bill bottle a unicorn and some
you got going in now you know preface my
comments our team knows here pullback
console each cube by 13 and 20 it takes
women 715 1795 it's gonna make it 1 1795
take away 2 fan it's gonna make you what
affordable hey guys it's definitely team
those people prove and you know why cuz
your boy the trip angel hoodie season
cuz your boy the trip angel dynein
message e says so that's why do me a
favor guys like comment share subscribe
get online the team know steep tea in
this only the best and do me a favor
whatever you do don't do drugs drugs are
bad true one pack stand up cuz if you
don't stand for some you can fall for
tea in this only the best
I'm matter hey guys catch you on the
next video now lacrosse sadness hello
ma'am I can cross sorry I know right
he's all mouth

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