April 18, 2018


Reds E-Juice Iced Apple 60ml ejuice blends smooth and cool flavor with a crisp fruity apple ejuice. For all of our menthol lovers, this flavor promises a fulfilling fruit flavor goodness on the inhale and a clean icy hit on the exhale. Believe the hype you've heard about this flavor, it's really that good. And, enjoy this unique e-juice for all the days this bottle will last! If you really enjoy Reds E-Juice by Vape 7 Daze, also try their other flavors within this brand like Reds E-Juice Apple.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of REDS E-JUICE ICED APPLE EJUICE

what's up guys welcome to samples ejuice
reviews on this channel I'm gonna do
short sweet and to the point
Aegis reviews basically I'm gonna tell
you where you can get it what size is
prices what I think about it does it
actually tastes to me like the
description and what I recommend it to
others so I'm gonna do that for all my
videos honest and true opinions but for
today's juice is Reds iced Apple II
juice along in a company with their
other juice which is Reds apple juice
what is it you might ask it is literally
a apple juice flavor that is a
mentholated kick to it and the other one
is just a straight apple juice so
basically you can you can get in 60 ml
at 120 ml bottles that I found 60 mils
coming around 1999 and I found 120 s for
around 30 199 for the 60 mil you get
this box a 60 ml bottle hey 30 mil
unicorn bottle absolute yep
but what do I get from this let's smell
it real quick
I get Apple like an apple juice with a
menthol like note to it but as you can
tell I have been vaping this cheese for
a little while
because you know I'm not just gonna well
I mean I will maybe eventually tried
juice as I'm reviewing it but this one
that just so happens I've been saving it
for a while
but what do I get from actually vaping
it is straight-up apple juice with a
cooling menthol you know it's not like
that menthol you would get from a
cigarette or something there's some
companies to incorporate you know for
that purpose the mint all I get from it
is a cooling factor like if you drank
something really cold or like cough drop
with a heavy set menthol we're like
cools and soothes your throat that's
what I get from it but yeah I mean
that's like literally about it now what
I recommend this to others if you like
menthol juices and if you tried like if
you like kinda like Apple like style
oriented juices this is a go this is a
definite gun for me I can definitely see
this in a daily lineup because I mean
who doesn't like like apple juice and
when it actually tastes like a cool
apple juice a juice so yes I would
recommend to others and I think that
about covers it
so yeah to the next one

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